A lot of work, a busy schedule and daily problems make it impossible for us to spend time with our children. All of these increase fears about kid’s safety and comfort, while we can not control the child while we are at work. However, is there something impossible in our world, when we live in an age of high technology.

GPS tracker for children

Today many developers of mobile applications have already created the programs that solve the issue of locating children remotely. Now you can control the safety of the child even in another city and send him messages. If you have the phone on Android or iOS, you can use the GPS application to track the children «Find My Kids» and see the information about the location of the child at any time of the day.

How to control kid’s safety with the help of application?

  • See the location of the child or several children;
  • Listen to the sounds around the child. Learn about what he talks far from parental control;
  • See the history of your kid movements;
  • Create «Safe» zones — when your child leave them, you will be notified;
  • Opportunity to monitor the child from several devices.