Nowadays, we can’t imagine our life without modern technologies such as CCTV cameras, GPS-navigators and other gadgets. However, since the first tracking devices appeared our life hasn’t been in safety. In this article we are going to analyze if GPS-devices mean secure or control.

GPS-devices are widespread among modern businessmen who use them to control their employees’ work. Ordinary people use them too to monitor their relatives’ movements. In this term, it usually revolves around children who usually become the group of risk.

You can easily find out where your child is via the special application set on your child’s mobile phone. With this app you will be able to learn your child’s location whenever you want to and be completely sure of his or her safety

Today such applications are produced regularly. One of this kind is the app Find My Kids. Why is it special? To start with, it is available free. Besides, it is pretty simple to use. Moreover, you can add as many children to monitor by GPS-control as you want.

If you have no time to monitor your child every single minute — there is a history of child’s routes and movements which your child has passed.

If you still have a problem with monitoring your child you should definitely download Find My Kids app. However, you should always keep in mind that a constant monitoring may lead to worsening of trustful relationship between you and your child.

So what are GPS-devices? Safety or control?

Every GPS-device is taken controversially by the society. On the one hand, such technologies let us feel calmer especially when it comes to the health and lives of our relatives. On the other hand, GPS-programmes somehow limit the private space of those who are monitored.

We don’t advise you to use GPS-programmes secretly from your child because soon or later it may lead to a serious conflict. Try to use such programmes only in case of real necessity to let you child feel free and independent about his or her actions.