Many modern parents are concerned about how keep an eye on the child’s location through a phone. This isn’t very difficult thanks to the large selection of modern technologies developed for this purpose specifically.

For example, a few years ago it was common to use a mobile operator’s service to track a particular user with a help of his or her phone number. Now it had faded into the background, since now there’s many mobile applications in Google Play Market and App Store to keep a track on the kid’s phone. One of them is Find My Kids app.

Who can use such a program for tracking?

Find My Kids is available to all users with Android and iOS phones and it’s completely free for a trial period. Besides, using it you will be able to monitor all your children through the one program, without any third-party services.

While your kid is at school, Find My Kids app will monitor all of his movements. You will immediately receive a corresponding notification when he have gone to a zone, located outside of its daily route.

It is very important to reach a consensus with your children, otherwise the GPS-tracker might become the prime cause of disagreement within your family. Before using aforementioned program, try to explain to your children that this is used for their safety and your calm, and not because you do not trust them.

As for the list of the functions of Find My Kids app, it contains a standard pack that is required for this kind of mobile applications. It does not only track the kid’s device through your phone, it also keeps all of his movements in its history. You can even make a record of all sounds that are currently surrounding your child and make an appropriate conclusions about kid’s leisure.

The main function of Find My Kids application is the swift detection of the kid in case of his sudden disappearance. You shouldn’t turn such a useful device into a tool of total control though because your children can stop trust you otherwise.

Are you afraid that the kid can lost the phone? Just buy him a watch with GPS-tracker

If you are afraid that your kid can drop a phone somewhere exactly when you need to know about his whereabouts, then do not focus just on tracking programs installed on a kid’s phone, but also on a gps-watch that can track a children’s whereabouts just as well and can be used in tandem with our app on a children’s phone. The GPS-watches features a simple functionality and interface. Besides, they’re often better accepted by children.