The hardest round-the-clock job in the world is to be a parent. The question of how to monitor the child’s phone was absolutely irrelevant for our fathers and mothers for the simple reason that children didn’t have such gadgets.

But today you can choose from at least three effective ways to track your child’s location:

1. Monitoring a child’s location through special services provided by mobile operators

Unfortunately, not all mobile operators provide their customers with such an opportunity. However, many people extensively use this type of tracking. How to track the child’s phone in such a case? For a start, you will have to subscribe to a paid service on your phone and your child’s device. To track your child’s location, you will have to send a request. In this case you won’t need an Internet access but you will have to splash out as your every request will be charged.

2. Special GPS-tracker

Some parents buy for their offspring not ordinary mobile phones, but special GPS-trackers, which are specially designed to transmit data about the user’s location. The device guarantees a sufficiently high tracking accuracy, while some models are capable of receiving incoming calls. However, these gadgets are rather costly.

3. Mobile application

Statistics show that modern parents buy iOS or Android smartphones for their children from an early age, and this means they can monitor their children’s location without purchasing a tracker or paying a huge monthly fee to a mobile operator. If you don’t know how to monitor your child’s phone, download and install the Find My Kids app. Its user-friendly interface, broad functionality and smooth operation make it a real catch for parents. You won’t have to worry and call your child all the time to find out where he/she is, as all the necessary information will be displayed in real time on the map of your city.