When parents don’t know the current kid’s location for more than 5 minutes, they may start to panic. In most cases there is no cause for concern, but mother’s imagination tends to exaggerate. She starts making endless calls and inquiries. And if the child is already pretty tired with the importunity of the older generation, he or she may simply decide not to answer the phone. As a result, parents try to keep phoning, and even look for other ways to find out where the child’s phone is.

Using GPS data via mobile phone to track child’s location has long been popular in European countries and in the United States. This method is practical, reliable and effective; it makes no sense to lag behind the more developed countries in this regard.

A parental control app Find My Kids could simplify the solution to this problem once and for all.

How to use Find My Kids app?

Track location of your family

Need to make sure your child doesn’t skip school, dancing or any other sports training? The app will provide you with relevant visual information on the map. If your babysitter has taken your child for a walk, it’s possible to determine their movement trajectory with an accuracy of up to a meter on the streets of your city. You will also know where your teenager hangs out with his or her friends, and even how long he or she stays in certain places.

With the application, you can also track movements of your parents suffering from memory problems.

Recieve relevant audio data

No mobile operator with «beacon» services provides their customers with such ample opportunities as the ones offered by the up-to-date practical application «Find My Kids». At the request of the child’s parent a child’s smartphone can automatically turn on the recording. This way you can find out what your child is talking about with his/her friends, if he or she is treated ill by his/her peers, and if the child is in serious trouble.

Be notified when your child goes beyond a safe zone

At their own discretion every parent can set safe districts and streets on the map of their hometown being in which is considered safe. As soon as the kid leaves the area that has been marked by the parents as safe, the parents will immediately get a notification on their phone. Then they will be able to take the required actions and will know their child’s location.

Be notified of a low battery status on the monitored phone

If your child forgets to charge his/her phone, or nearly discharges it, you will know about it. It is a very useful feature for those who constantly forget that a smartphone battery is not eternal.

See history of movements

The application memory stores the history of all the earlier movements of your kids. You can view data for the past 48 hours.