Have you ever talked with your child about how he should behave when he meets a stranger? Did your child promise to give up sweets, gadgets and other baits of an attacker? Do you believe that your children will keep their promise at a dangerous moment? No? And you are correct!

As the statistics have shown the problem consists in incorrect drawing up of a portrait for children of the «dangerous stranger». Moreover, by using cunning, attackers can use other children for their own gain. A potential kidnapper does not have to offer sweets or toys to a child, he can play on childish naivety, put pressure on common children’s complexes or fears and so, your lovely child is in danger!

Absolutely each parent understands that it is better to take some measures to protect their children. That’s why the GPS locators are so popular now, they help to track the location of your child.

How can we protect our children?

The application for tracking children «Find my kids» is a modern program for protecting children from malefactors via GPS.

The functions of the app for protection:

  • Demonstration of the location of the child;
  • Listening to the sound around the child;
  • Record of kid’s movements;
  • Control the smartphone battery charge;
  • Creating «trusted places» and much more.

You will always be aware of your child’s affairs with the help of this app.