If your child has a Xiaomi brand smartphone running MIUI 9, you’ll need to change a few settings on it so that the «Chat with parents» app can function properly. Firstly, agree to any permission requests «Chat with parents» app makes. Then follow the instruction:

On the kid’s smartphone, open Settings > Installed apps:

Open the settings for the Chat with parents app and scroll down to the Permissions section:

Switch on Autostart as shown on the picture below and confirm with OK when a message pops up:

Then, select App permissions and make sure that Location, Microphone and Storage permission options are switched on, as shown on the picture below:

Go one screen back, select Other permissions, and make sure that options Change Wi-Fi connectivity, Show on Lock screen, and “Start in background are ticked off, as shown on the picture below:

Go one screen back again and select Restrict data usage. In the opened popup window, make sure that both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G options are ticked off as shown on the picture below (the 3G/4G option might be replaced with Mobile data (SIM #) in some MIUI versions):