Trace the location of the child online

Mobile Application «Findmykids»

It is intended for parents who bother about their kids and want to know exactly how their children spend the day, and how much their walk around the city matches to the usual route. The application reports about the kid’s location, shows the way that he has made for any period of time, sends notifications to your phone and also allows you to associate with each other in a common family chat.

See the history and detailed route of child movements on the map

The app of GPS location “Findmykids” allows not only to locate the child at the moment, but also accumulates information about all his movements. Using the data collected by the child’s location tracking service, you have the opportunity to get information in time about the missed school lessons, skipping sports trainings or additional classes with tutors.

Reviews about the app

Best app ever tells me when my kid left and entered home or school.

— Syed Abuakram Ahmed
Syed Abuakram Ahmed

Fantastic! I can track my child 24 hrs a day, send and receive messages and phone calls and get Support (I did struggle setting things up initially, but the online support got me through step by step). I can let my child play out feeling reassured I can see where they are, and they can simple press the SOS button in an emergency.

Lisa Rouse
Lisa Rouse

It’s very useful Install it fast and see whether you’r children’s are safe or not.

Kiran Bora
Kiran Bora