Tracking a child with the use of a mobile phone has long been available to modern parents. Mobile network operators make good money providing such services, being in fact well aware that moms and dads are ready to pay a lot to stay abreast of the latest movements and events in the life of their child. All you have to do is access the service on parent’s and kid’s phones, and then if necessary send paid requests to track the current location on the map. You have to pay regularly for the use of the system, while the user options are severely limited.

Is it really worth dealing with such mobile services? Of course, tastes differ but why pay money for it if you can just use a free app Find My Kids to monitor children? For its correct functioning you need an Internet access and an iOS or Android smartphone. Such gadgets are very popular today, so you can monitor your child’s movement on the map without any additional cost. In addition, the basic features of the application are easy-to-use:

Pinpointing a child’s current location on the map up with an accuracy of up to 1 meter

You can keep watch over your child in real time in the working application. This is not only very convenient, but also helps to calm your nerves. If you had an argument with your daughter or son, which led to running away from home, it will be easy to know where the child has gone after the argument.

Location history for a month

The interesting thing is that your moody teenager will no longer be able to hide from you their visits to places and friends you disapprove. It’s completely unnecessary to open the app every minute to see where the kid is going. You can view the location history. Moreover, this function makes it possible for you to look after your child while being on a business trip.

Possibility to add any number of kids

If you happen to have a big family, you must pay even more attention to your children. The app Find My Kids will help you keep track of walking routes of all your kids at the same time. Just imagine how expensive it would be to use specialized paid services provided by mobile network operators.

Remote recording function

Worried that your kid isn’t answering the phone and remains for too long at the same point on the map? You can calm your nerves by sending a request to record what is happening around your kid’s mobile phone. The audio file will be soon sent directly to your phone, so you will be able to listen to it almost immediately.

Setting up safe zones

In big cities, children often get lost leaving familiar areas, missing their bus stops or subway stations. To be able to know about an emerging problem before-the-fact, you should set up a safe zone for your kids in advance. Once the designated boundaries are crossed, you will be notified.