You must always keep a close eye on small kids, but teenagers can cause a lot of trouble for their parents too, skipping classes and running away from home to meet with friends. If you do not want to waste your nerves and break your heart, the Find My Kids app for iOS or Android will make sure you are always able to track the location of your child on the phone. Having got acquainted with the features of the application, you will surely want to take advantage of all its benefits:

Round-the-clock monitoring of child’s location

After downloading and installing special software on your phone and your kid’s gadget, you can rest assured that you will be aware of each of your kid’s step. Moreover, it’s totally unnecessary to look at your smartphone for hours to see where your child goes. The application records detailed location data for the last moth and displays the routes on the map.

Setting up a safe zone

If there are certain streets or specific places where you don’t want to let your child go, they can be preset in the settings of the Find My Kids application. As long as the child is within a safe zone, the app will simply record what is happening, but once the kid leaves the designated area, you will be immediately notified.

Recording sound around your child’s phone

The Find My Kids application can record an audio file on demand with sounds and conversations that occur around the child, and immediately send it to the parents. This way you can find out who your kids are interacting with, if they are in trouble or have fallen into bad company. The app for iOS or Android not only tracks the child’s location using a cell phone, but also provides parents with other useful data.

You can try all these and some other features of the application today, securing your restful sleep and keeping your child safe. Get it on GooglePlay or AppStore.