Modern parents can no longer worry that their child will be out of sight. A special child tracking app for Android and iOS called Find My Kids will easily take care of that. Just install the application and set up all the necessary custom settings to get access to the round-the-clock monitoring of your child. This GPS tracking app will help you save your time and nerves.

An exact location of a child on the map of your city is pinpointed by triangulating a mobile device. Data updates every fifteen minutes so the system ensures a few meter accuracy. However, this GPS tracking app not only allows parents to see their child’s location online but also get other valuable information:

Location history

Every evening, you can view all the routes your child has travelled over the day. Therefore, you can find out where and when he or she was. Typically, the system stores the information for the last month.

Smartphone battery charge monitoring

It’s hard to get a child used to checking his/her phone battery status, but you can do without it. The GPS tracking app called Find My Kids will do everything for you. As soon as the battery level starts approaching its minimum acceptable value, you will be notified.

Setting up safe zones and notifying when a child leaves them

Having worked with the app settings, you can always set up boundaries of safe or restricted zones. Once the child goes beyond these limits, his/her mom or dad will be immediately aware of the fact. The GPS tracking app will send a special notification to your phone.

Recording sounds around a mobile device

If your child isn’t answering the phone, you can not only see his or her location on a detailed map of the city, but also request an audio recording which records the sounds surrounding your child at the moment.