Do not get the location from the kid's watch.

There can be multiple reasons for this, such as:

  • Insufficient funds on the SIM card in your kid’s GPS watch;

There are multiple ways to check the balance on the SIM card depending on a mobile carrier. Please, insert the SIM in a phone and dial a number to check the balance. Sending an SMS-command to the SIM when the latter is in the GPS watch (pw,123456,call,0000#, where “0000” should be replaced by the aforementioned special short number), or log into the account associated with the SIM card’s phone number on the mobile carrier’s website. Contact the SIM card’s mobile carrier for more details.

  • No Internet connection;

The GPS watch indicates that it is connected to the Internet by such icon: ↑↓ or by E letter. The lack of Internet connection is usually caused by a network coverage problems (the approximate list of the zones covered by the cellular network can be usually found on your carrier’s website).

  • No mobile network at the child's place.

Try to call the number of the SIM card in your kid’s GPS watch, if the answer is “The subscriber’s phone is not available”, then there is either no networtk or the watch is switched off. If the answer is “Network busy”, then the network is overloaded with traffic or it is currently under maintenance.

If the problem persists, contact us via support chat in the app.