How to switch the GPS-watch to the factory app "SeTracker"?

Kids GPS-watch cannot support two mobile applications at the same time, so we have changed the server's address of the GPS-watch to our own in the process of your connection to "Find My Kids".

Unfortunately, the "SeTracker" app cannot do it automatically, so we have created this instruction for you.

1. Automatically (not available if you are browsing this page from a computer).

2. Manually

Send the following SMS command to the GPS-watch's SIM card:

1) pw,123456,ip,,8001#

2) pw,523681,ip,,8001#

SMS message should be sent in the form as it is written above (bold), without adding spaces or missing any characters. Send the second message only if the GPS-watch did not respond to the first one!

If you were unable to switch the GPS-watch to the "SeTracker" app for any reason, please use the technical support form in the "SeTracker" app.