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How to subscribe? What is the price? What benefits will I get?

You can buy a subscription on our website.

The following types of subscription are available:

  • Monthly subscription - charged monthly via the payment method you've selected. Available for one parent device only;
  • A year subscription - provides an access to the main features of the app for a year. Available for 3 parent devices;
  • Forever subscription - a one-time payment that gives you an access to the app's main features forever. Available for 3 parent devices.

*Each subscription type allows to connect an unlimited number child's devices (ex: watch, phone, laptop).

Please, pay attention that Live-listening is not included and should be paid additionally. 

If you buy a subscription you will have an access to the following functions:

  • track the geolocation;
  • get notifications when your kid comes in and out of the place you've added (ex: shool, home);
  • use the function of recording the sound around the kid for 20 seconds;
  • send a loud signal that the kid will hear even if the phone has a silent mode;
  • check the statistics of the applications that were used by the kid;
  • live-listening if the childs has an Android device.

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