Available payment methods and possible payment errors.

To buy a subscription is possible via Google Play or App Store using your card or mobile payment (available not for all the countries).

In Play Market and App Store you can add and use the following cards: American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron. If your card is on the list but you still have payment issues, please contact your bank. 

If you do not have a card or can’t pay via a card on our website you will find plenty of other payment methods that you can choose.

Mobile payments are also available but not for all the countries. If you get any error notifications, please contact your mobile carrier and clarify the reasons.

Using PayPal is also possible to buy the Find My Kids app in Play Market and App Store.

If you buy on the site, please, provide us with your email and we will send you an activation link. After that on the parent’s device follow the link and activate the code.