No notifications about entering/exiting from places

If you do not receive notifications about kid's entering/exiting from places, it can happen for following reasons:

  1. the kid's device does not send the location due to lack of Internet or for another reason;
  2. GPS signal is not available and the kid's location is formed by mobile network, that's why it is not possible to find exactly where your kid is because of a large imprecision;
  3. notifications are switched off in the parent app.

If notifications do not come, try the following:

  1. check if the Internet is working on the kid's device or there are funds on the SIM card;
  2. check the type of location that came last from kid's device, you can see it on the screen with the map; if the location is formed by mobile network (LBS), then notifications may not come;
  3. open the settings for kid's device in parent's app(on the screen with the map in the list of functions, there is a function of settings), check if notifications are switched on.

If you can not solve the problem, please contact support chat.