Findmykids Parental Control App

Know that your kids are safe and secure


rating based on >1M reviews


rating based on >1M reviews

5+ years

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Accurate geolocation

Always be aware of your kids’ whereabouts – Findmykids parental control app uses GPS tracking with data being updated every few seconds. Receive notifications about the places that your children visit and keep tabs on their routes

Parental peace of Mind

Make sure that your kids are safe and secure. Listen to what is happening around your children if they appear in a bad company. Receive quick SOS signals in case of dangerous situations when a kid cannot call you — you will know the exact location

High Compatibility

Install Findmykids on iPhone or Android devices — it is compatible with the latest versions of operational systems and works regardless of smartphone model. Is your child too small to use a phone? Use the app with our branded GPS watches for younger kids: they support all basic functionality

No Interruptions

Track your children’s location on the map and monitor their screen time without bothering them. It’s perfect if your kids want to be more independent. App works in a background mode on all devices. You will need only 3-5 minutes to get started

Absolute Security for Personal Data

Findmykids does not share yours or your kid’s private data with third parties. Confidentiality of data is guaranteed by COPPA certificate

No Limits On the Number of Kids and Parents

Findmykids is the best parental control app for big families! Track routes and activities of all your children – it does not limit the number of connected devices on one family subscription! Invite grandparents, spouse or elder siblings to keep an eye on your child together

Real-time Location and History
Real-time Location and History
Track your kid’s route to school or their walks with friends – it can be done in real-time or by accessing the history of locations. The location information is stored in your account for as long as you need.
Loud signal
Loud signal
Sometimes kids forget to deactivate the silent mode on their smartphone. In this case, you can reach out to them by using the Loud Signal feature.
Sound Around Your Child
Sound Around Your Child
Do you worry if your kid is in bad company or in a dangerous situation? Activate the app and listen to the surroundings in real time. Buy packages with a fixed number or unlimited minutes to access the feature.
Place  Notifications
Place Notifications
Also, Findmykids will send you push notifications about the kids specific whereabouts and places they visit. Want to ensure your kid gets school in time? Findmykids is the best parental control app that allows you to make sure your little one reaches the destination in time.
Manage Child’s Screen Time
Manage Child’s Screen Time
Monitor your child's online activities and screen time remotely via the Findmykids app. You will see detailed reports in your account: which apps your child used and how much time was spent there. Get notifications about overtime.
SOS Signal
SOS Signal
If your kids cannot call you in critical situations, they can quickly reach out to you by sending a signal from a smartphone or GPS watch – you will receive it even if your phone is in silent mode. It takes just one click and does not draw undesired attention
Receive Notifications When Your Child’s Phone Battery Is Low
Receive Notifications When Your Child’s Phone Battery Is Low
Track your child’s phone charge at a distance. If the battery is low, you will receive push notifications, and can ask kids to charge their smartphones.

Simple Steps to Set up


Download the Findmykids app on your smartphone


Install the Pingo app on your kid’s phone or buy a GPS watch


Keep tabs on your kid’s safety 24/7

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Choose your plan

Free Plan
  • сurrent location
  • 1 day of location history
  • movement notifications for 1 Place
  • 3 loud signals
Premium Plan
  • accurate real-time location
  • unlimited movement notifications and routes history
  • unlimited loud signals
  • monitor apps and games usage
  • SOS signal from child


  • How To Set Parental Controls For Your Family’s Devices?arrow-down

    Install the Findmykids app on your phone, then install the Pingo app on your kid’s smartphone, connect them and manually customize the app’s settings. More guidelines and information can be found in the FAQ
  • How Does the Findmykids Parental Control Software Work?arrow-down

    Our software uses GPS for high-precision location tracking. If allowed by settings, it also tracks a kid's screen time and accesses the microphone of their smartphone or GPS watch.