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Being parent is tough, but we have a simple solution to ensure their ways of exploring the world are safe

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3 simple steps to be sure your children are safe

You will need only 5 minutes and your child's phone or GPS watch

Download the Findmykids app on your smartphone
Install the Pingo app on your kid’s phone or buy a GPS watch
Keep tabs on your kid’s safety 24/7

Your kid is too young for a smartphone?
Use a kid’s GPS watch

Kid’s GPS watch

  • Audio and video calls
  • Accurate GPS location (up to 15 ft.)
  • IP67 waterproof - wash hands without fear
  • All benefits of the Findmykids app subscription as a gift forever

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Millions of parents worldwide already use the Findmykids app

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  • How to set GPS Tracker for my family’s devices?arrow-down

    Install the Findmykids app on your phone, then install the Pingo app on your kid’s smartphone or smart-watch, connect them and manually customize the app’s settings. More guidelines and information can be found in the FAQ
    There are no limits on the number of kids and adults in Findmykids! All the members of your family can take care of your child, install the Findmykids app and add their devices to the Family account
  • What devices are supported by the Findmykids app?arrow-down

    Findmykids can be installed on iOS and Android smartphones. Please note that parents can use the Findmykids app when children’s devices are connected to the family account after installing the Pingo app on their smartphones or GPS watches for kids. The app is also compatible with Apple watch and pet trackers
  • Can I track my child's location without them knowing?arrow-down

    You will need to install the Pingo app on the child’s device and connect it with your app. Please, have a conversation with your kids before using the service – trust is really important.