Best GPS Watches For Kids in 2024

Want your kids to be able to make video calls to pre-approved contacts, like Grandma and Grandpa? Trying to find a way they can play fun games, or even use an activity tracker for kids?

Enter the big wide world of smart watches for kids.

Embarking on the search for the perfect smart watch for kids unveils a world of innovative technology and safety features, each catering to the unique needs and interests of young users.

Kid’s smartwatches are the perfect way for parents to stay in constant contact with their children and give themselves peace of mind, particularly if you choose a kids’ watch with tracking features like real-time location tracking.

There are many types of GPS kids smart watches on the market today that are specifically designed for little ones, each with varying functions, purposes, and features. With so many brands and models to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which smartwatch is the best fit for your family.

In today’s technological age, choosing a smartwatch for your children is a rite of passage for many. We’ve made things easier for you with our comprehensive guide to the best smartphone watches available and the features you should look for when choosing a watch for your children.

We checked the popular kids’ smart watch models on the market today and selected the best ones, describing their functions, pros and cons. Keep reading for our fresh reviews of the best GPS watches for kids to buy in 2024!


How to Choose a Kids’ Smart Watch

smart watch for kids


Ready to take the plunge and buy a kids’ smart watch?

The first thing to note is that you shouldn’t spend a fortune on a luxurious device like an Apple Watch for kids. There’s nothing wrong with the Apple Watch, of course—in fact, that will be a great option once your child gets used to tech gadgets. But for now, you’ll need a simple watch packed with safety features.

For example, kids don’t need an advanced daily activity tracker for kids specifically, but a step counter with the target goal could motivate them to be more active.

Although adding some educational games sounds fun, ensuring there’s no access to social media and the internet with some built-in quiet times is more imperative.

Here’s an overview of the features to look for in a kids’ watch!

GPS Tracking

As parents, our biggest fear is something happening to our children. We have all experienced at least once or twice the sheer panic that runs through you when you have no idea where your child is. This is a nightmare that no parent wants to experience.

Luckily, there are many watches available today that are equipped with GPS for kids, allowing you to track your child in real time. All you have to do is download a parental tracking app like Findmykids and connect it to your child’s smartwatch. With fast and reliable global positioning, you will never have to question where your child is.

Some apps may even allow geofencing, a helpful feature that allows you to set geographical boundaries for your child. With geofencing, you will receive an instant alert anytime your child crosses that boundary, such as when they leave the house or are dismissed from school.

SOS Alerts

SOS capabilities may be one of the most important features of a smartphone watch. Should your child find themselves in a dangerous situation, they can push or hold a button that will send out an emergency alert to your phone (via the app) and will ring 3 or more programmed lines continuously until the call is answered. The peace of mind that the SOS alert brings is priceless and is absolutely necessary. Be sure to search for this valuable feature when selecting a GPS kids’ watch for your child.

Two-way Calling

best gps watch for kids


Say what you want, but two-way calling isn’t a prerequisite. In actuality, not all smartwatches are equipped with two-way calling. This feature allows your child to call you and various other pre-programmed numbers as well as receive calls from those same numbers. You will need to decide if you want your child to have access to this capability, or not.

In order for two-way calling to work, you will need to purchase a SIM card in most cases and subscribe to a mobile plan. Many parents opt for ‘SpeedTalk’ by T-Mobile since it works in almost any country.


Having a camera on a kid’s smartwatch is for entertainment purposes and has no safety benefits. However, most children will enjoy having a camera to play with, and it may make them more likely to remember to always wear their watch.


While safety is paramount, you also want a watch that can withstand heavy usage and possible damage, especially water damage. This water-resistant capability is an especially handy feature if your family spends a large amount of time at the beach, waterpark or pool.

If this feature is of value to you, look for a watch that has a waterproof rating of IP67 or higher.

Outside of water-resistant features, another feature that’s helpful to have in kids’ smart watches is a screen protector and access to good customer service. That way, you won’t have to worry about your child destroying the watch right off the bat!

Parent App

Does the watch you’re considering allow you to create a preset contact list for your kids, meaning they can only make text or video calls to people in the list of parent-approved contacts?

Is there an app that will let you monitor the daily activity on the kids’ smart watch? Limit access to fun games that, despite being fun, might be somewhat distracting. Screen time monitors? Limited email address access?

Look for all these features in a smartwatch for kids just as you would if you were looking at cell phones for kids. See if the information can be provided to your email address to help you keep tabs on things. This will go a long way in helping you keep your kids safe!

Tech Specs

Don’t forget to check the specifications of each device.

You want your kids’ watch to have a good battery capacity. Between 400 and 500 mAH is reasonable, higher is even better.

You’ll also want a reasonable amount of storage space (any device with more than 2GBs of RAM), and a good operating system.

You also need to make sure that the kids’ watch you choose is compatible with your existing cellular service plan. Choosing a stand-alone provider for a smartwatch for kids is going to likely be the most expensive option. Monthly plans are expensive enough as it is, so see if you can find a smartwatch for kids that can be added to your cellular plan.

So, when you’re looking for watches or phones for kids at an affordable price, you should make sure it can be bundled into your existing plan (ideally, without a costly activation fee).

Kids GPS Watch Features Summary

child safety gps tracker smart watch

Pavel Kobysh/

Some kids’ GPS watches have additional features like games, in-class mode, and even a flashlight. Of course, these features aren’t necessary, but they are certainly fun!

Below is a table that sorts the above information for your convenience:

Types of Watches Functions Main Features
Waterproof Watches Provides waterproofing to combat heavy usage
  • Rating of IP67 or better
Watches with a camera Includes a camera for entertainment
  • HD camera
  • Storage for saved images
Watches with emphasis on safety Focuses on keeping your child safe through important features
  • GPS Tracking
  • Geofencing
  • SOS Alerts
  • Screen Time Limits
Expensive watches Provides safety features and fun extras
  • GPS Tracking
  • Geofencing
  • SOS Alerts
  • Step Tracker
  • Camera
  • Waterproof
  • Games
  • Screen Time Limits
Watches on a budget Provides basic features to minimize costs
  • GPS Tracking
  • SOS Alerts

After analyzing these specifications, we’ve chosen the best watches for the job! Here are the best watches that you may want to consider, including both those at a more affordable price and even one or two more expensive options

Kids Tracking Watch High-Quality Brands

Best: Pingo Track 4G


Overview: Findmykids did an amazing job with the Pingo Track 4G. Its features undoubtedly make it one of the best kids’ GPS watches on the market. The basic features on this kids’ smart watch like a GPS tracker are well-rounded with premium additions like a couple of HD cameras.

Pingo Track has one of the longest-lasting batteries we’ve seen among GPS watches for kids. With 800mAh, you won’t have to worry if the battery is going to die even if your children are active kids that spend the entire day outside.

The memory storage is 8GB, while the 1GB RAM ensures this is a fast-performing watch for kids with GPS. The high IP67 waterproof rating makes it resistant to splashes and dust.

These watches are compatible with the Findmykids app which ensures safety and reliability. You can also buy the kids’ watch on Amazon with a Family license FOR FREE.

The screen size is 1.4 inches, and the wrist girth goes from 5.5 to 8 inches. Pingo Track kids GPS watches are available in two colors—blue for boys, and pink for girls. All the features like a pedometer, changeable screensavers, and the dual camera will make the watch fun to use.

Many parents will appreciate the option of two-way video calling, along with voice calls to the parents’ cell phone devices. Safe zones are a convenient feature, and the GPS tracker for kids will even monitor the location history. Setting safe zones triggers alerts as soon as your kid leaves those areas, and SOS buttons are among the must-have safety features for a child’s smartwatch. With all these details, there’s no doubt this is a strong candidate for the best GPS watch for children out there.

For Ages: 5-12 years old


  • Waterproof
  • Longest-lasting battery
  • Two-way calling with video or phone
  • Free family license for the Findmykids appfor screen time tracking
  • 4G compatible
  • Reliable location tracking with the integrated GPS tracker
  • Packed full of safety features


  • No games

Lowest Price: $69.99 (up to $97.99)

Buy it here right now!

The Verizon GizmoWatch 2

Overview: The Verizon GizmoWatch 2 is a very high-tech watch that claims to prepare your child for their first smartphone. With 4GB of memory, a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2500 1.2GHz quad-core processor, and a battery capacity of 500mAH, this is one advanced watch. It’s surprisingly durable and has a waterproof rating of IPX7.

Parents can easily connect to the GizmoHub app available for Android and iOS. Thanks to the GPS locator, parents can also easily keep track of their children and even set GPS boundaries. Using Verizon’s 4G LTE network, two-way calling is easy.

For Ages: 8-17 years old


  • Reliable Verizon Network
  • 500mAH battery
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • Safety features like GPS tracking & geofencing


  • No SIM card included
  • Can only use with Verizon
  • LTE connectivity is $10 per month
  • No games

Lowest Price: $99.99

SPACETALK Adventurer 4G Kids Smart Watch Phone

Overview: The rectangular shape is the first thing you notice about the Spacetalk adventurer. Apart from looking great, it also features a top-quality OLED screen. You can pick between four models, making it easy to find one that your child likes.

Spacetalk Adventurer uses a GPS locator and is powered by Google Maps to set geofence zones. The watch has a powerful 5MP camera, which makes HD video calling possible. The school mode is convenient to ensure there are no distractions or unnecessary screen time while children are in the classroom.

You can communicate via SMS or voice calls with your child. The wrist strap is durable and the watch has an IP67 water resistance rating.

For Ages: 5-12 years old


  • Durable gorilla glass screen
  • 4G and BlueTooth support
  • HD camera and video calls
  • Fitness tracker is a convenient addition
  • IP67 waterproof;
  • GPS tracking available


  • Not compatible with Verizon or its services
  • Battery life isn’t great if you activate frequent location updates

Lowest Price: $99.00

TickTalk 4 Smart Watch with GPS Tracker

Overview: The TickTalk SmartWatch is one of the rising stars of the kid’s smartwatch world. Unlike previous versions, this model now comes with not just one but two 5MP cameras and an impressive 1000 mAH battery life! This watch offers parents multiple safety features and controls including 3-way smart location tracking, history routes, SOS calling, and a free parental control app.

TickTalk has all the basic features of a smartphone, allowing kids to make calls, send and receive preset text messages, and even participate in video calling. With a SIM card included, you can connect with a cell phone plan and use two-way calling easily.

For Ages: 3-10 years old.


  • 5MP Camera
  • 1000 mAH battery (100 hours standby time)
  • Matching accessories include headphones, charms, and a charging base
  • Waterproof (IP67 rating)
  • Free parental control app
  • Shock-proof and durable
  • Free streaming music for U.S. customers from iHeartRadio Family
  • Free SIM kit from Red Pocket for use on multiple carriers including T-Mobile and AT&T


  • Some parents may not want their kids to have access to 2-way calling and video chatting
  • Pricier than other watches on our list

Lowest Price: $199.99

XPLORA X5 Play Watch Phone for Children

Overview: The X5 Play smartwatch is a great choice for parents looking for an Android-compatible smartwatch for their child. Child safety features include voice calls, location tracking, safe zones and SOS calls. In fact, this innovative watch uses GPS, active Wi-Fi, and GSM triangulation to best pinpoint the location of your child. This watch is recommended to be used with the T-Mobile network for best use, although some features are available on Wi-Fi.

Users can download the Xplora app or other Android apps like the Findmykids app for GPS tracking and other safety features.

For Ages: 5-12 years old


  • IP68 Waterproof
  • 2MP Camera
  • GPS tracking
  • Runs on Android
  • Contactless magnetic charging
  • Parental controls
  • School mode disables all optional apps


  • SIM card required; not included
  • NOT compatible with Sprint, Verizon & US Cellular

Lowest Price: $149.99

Honorable Mention: Apple Watch SE

Overview: The Apple Watch SE is a great choice as a smartwatch for kids. Though not the most affordable price you’ll find, Apple Watch is a well-known brand and you’ll likely find that this smartwatch for kids is easy to use.

The Apple Watch SE is compatible with many existing standard cable attachments and cell phone plans. Designed for children’s daily adventures, the Apple Watch SE is an excellent choice for parents looking to integrate technology into their kids’ lives thoughtfully.

For Ages: 5+


  • Activity Tracking: The Apple Watch SE smartwatch for kids comes with an inbuilt activity tracker that can track their daily activity, step counts, and overall activity levels in a fun and engaging way.
  • Fun Games and Apps: The Apple Watch SE is equipped with a range of fun games that not only entertain but can also contribute to cognitive development.
  • Communication: With the ability to make video calls and send preset messages, keeping in touch is easy and safe with the Apple Watch SE. Parents can pre-approve contacts ensuring kids can communicate securely.
  • Safety Features: Location tracking and emergency features give parents peace of mind when their kids are away from home.


  • Battery Life: The Apple Watch SE will require charging more frequently than some other kids’ watches, necessitating a standard cable being on hand.
  • Price Point: While it’s positioned at an affordable price as far as Apple products go, it may still be a significant investment for a child’s gadget.

Lowest Price: $249

Best Smart Watch For Kids with GPS Under $50

best smart watch for young kids

EZ-Stock Studio/

The following watches are readily available on Amazon, or on other similar sites under varying names, and are very affordable at under $50 each. Because of their low price points and obtainability, you can easily own one of these great gadgets for your child.

SmartWatches with Camera and Games

Best: VTech KidiZoom® Smartwatch DX2

Overview: This VTech smartwatch is a good choice for educational fun. Meant to be used more as a toy than a tool, kids can have access to a camera on their wrists and play fun learning games. As a great budget-friendly option, this watch, unfortunately, has no GPS tracking, calling, or other safety capabilities.

It has decent battery life, with a standby time of two to three days. However, given the amount of usage your child is sure to dish out, you can expect the battery to last for no more than a day before it needs to be charged. This model is ‘splashproof’ for everyday play, but should not be submerged or used while showering and bathing.

For Ages: 4-12 years old


  • Tons of fun games and apps
  • Comes in 5 different colors
  • Customizable watch face
  • The dual camera captures photos and videos
  • Step-counter and other fitness tools
  • Connects to a PC with a micro-USB cable


  • No two-way calling
  • No GPS tracking
  • No wi-fi or Bluetooth
  • Short standby time

Lowest Price: $31.99

Prograce Kids Smartwatch

Overview: The Prograce Kids Smartwatch is a fun, camera-equipped watch that is great for kids learning how to use their first smartwatch. It is easy to use, comes with a music player, and even has the option of using headphones. Music can be downloaded onto a compatible (not included) memory card, played via Bluetooth, or from the watch’s built-in FM radio! Many games are included as well as handy tools such as a calculator, flashlight, preset messages, and stopwatch.

For Ages: 4-12 years old


  • Selfie-camera (90° rotatable)
  • Flashlight
  • Bluetooth or USB connectivity
  • Fitness tracker
  • Games
  • Music player


  • Not waterproof
  • No GPS tracking
  • No two-way calling
  • No wi-fi or Bluetooth
  • Memory card not included

Lowest Price: $29.99

Waterproof Watches

Best: iGeeKid Kids Smart Watch Phone

Overview: This budget-friendly watch is both fun and functional. Equipped with a camera, games, calculator, alarm, and two-way calling, the iGeeKid smartwatch is a great first watch for kids. Young children will enjoy all of the features of a smartwatch without the hefty price tag. In addition, this watch is waterproof for active kids.

While there is no GPS tracking, the ability to program 10 contacts will still bring parents peace of mind. And although a SIM card needs to be purchased (to be used with SpeedTalk by T-Mobile), the watch is a great value.

These watches are compatible with the Findmykids app which ensures safety and reliability.

For Ages: 3-14 years old


  • 450 mAH battery (2-3 days standby time)
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • 2-way voice calls;
  • Educational games included
  • Mini HD camera


  • SIM card not included
  • Works best on T-Mobile

Lowest Price: $33.99

The Simplest Watch

Best: JrTrack™ 2 SE Kids Smart Watch

Overview: Cosmo designed JrTrack as a powerful but simple device that’s a strong candidate for the best GPS watch for kids. With a COSMO membership, users of this kids’ smart watch can pick between three strap colors—pink, blue, and black—ensuring anyone will find their favorite.

Parental controls are available via a separate app. You can approve up to ten contacts for the child to exchange messages and calls with, adjust safe zones, and change other settings. An important safety feature is that the device blocks access to the internet or social media. And that’s not only about giving parents peace, but also ensuring that JRTrack 2 remains one of the safest kids’ watches with GPS out there.

For Ages: 5-12 years old


  • Three colors available
  • Reliable GPS tracker for kids
  • Up to 10 pre-approved contacts supported
  • SOS mode and 911 calling available
  • Integrated step counter
  • Front-facing camera


  • Cosmo membership is necessary to receive calls
  • Battery life isn’t as impressive as in some other watches

Lowest Price: $89.99

Round-Up Chart of Products

Best Smart Watches for Kids Price Age Battery Charge SOS Loud Signal
Pingo Track Findmykids $69.99 5-12 800mAh Yes
Verizon GizmoWatch 2 $99.99 8-17 500mAh No
Spacetalk Adventurer Smart Watch Phone $99 5-12 750mAh Yes
TickTalk 4 Smart Watch with GPS Tracker for kids $189.99 3-10 1000mAh Yes
XPLORA X5 Play Watch Phone $149.99 5-12 800mAh Yes
Prograce Kids Smartwatch $29.99 4-12 600mAh No
VTech KidiZoom® Smartwatch DX2 $31.99 4-12 N/A No
iGeeKid Kids Smart Watch Phone $33.99 3-14 450mAh Yes
JrTrack™ 2 SE Kids Smart Watch $89.99 5-12 720mAh Yes
Apple Watch (Apple Watch SE) $249 5+ 245 mAh Yes (Emergency Calls)

Why Your Child Needs a GPS Watch

little girl speaking on phone watch


There’s no doubt that smartphone watches can play a very important role in the lives of parents and children alike. In today’s world, you can’t be too careful.

Such is the case with a nine-year-old boy from Utah. With the help of his smartwatch, nine-year-old Aiden escaped the truck of a would-be kidnapper and used the SOS alert feature to call his stepfather for help. After his son was safely back home, Aiden’s stepdad urged all parents to buy smartwatches for their children. He said he was glad that his family bought one for Aiden and that Aiden kept it charged.

Cases like these aren’t extremely rare. Any child can be in potential danger at any given moment. Equipping them with the right devices to save themselves is the most important thing we can do. One woman claims that buying her ten-year-old daughter an Apple Watch is one of the smartest decisions she’s made, as her daughter often walks home from school alone.

We asked a Southern California woman about her experience with giving her child a smartwatch.

‘I bought a smartwatch with GPS tracking for my daughter when she went on a school trip. I was able to check in on her at any moment and it completely relieved my worries seeing and knowing she was safe and sound,’ she said. She explained that even though her daughter was chaperoned, it didn’t compare to ensuring her daughter’s safety for herself.

It’s important for us to remember that safety is never guaranteed. If we want to provide our children with the best chance of survival, buying a device like a smartwatch may be the best first step.


Elizaveta Galitckaia/

So when it comes to deciding which device is perfect for your family, keep these things in mind:

1. Does it have GPS tracking?

GPS tracking is the most important feature of a smartwatch. Don’t waste your money on a device that is not equipped with it, especially not an expensive device like an Apple Watch. The Findmykids app is the best way to keep track of your children. So do yourself a favor by purchasing a device with GPS tracking and connecting it to Findmykids. You’ll never have to worry about where your kids are ever again.

2. Is it affordable?

You’ll want to purchase a device that is reasonably priced. If it has tons of features, it should cost a bit more, like the aforementioned Apple Watch. But at the same time, no one wants to shell out hundreds of dollars for a smartwatch that has basic functions. So compare prices and devices to choose the one that most puts your wallet and conscience at ease.

3. Does it have SOS Alerts?

Another important safety feature known as SOS alerting will let you know if your child is ever in any danger. It’s better to know than to constantly worry. Be sure this feature is present, and you won’t regret it.

4. Do I need extra features?

Extra features include fun apps and modes such as cameras, games, flashlights, do-not-disturb mode, etc. You may feel as if they are not necessary, or you may want your child to have a bit of fun with their device. There are plenty of bonus features out there to choose from —some smart watches even allow kids to earn virtual coins for doing chores! However, these features aren’t always totally necessary—the choice is yours.

Answering these questions will help you make a final decision on which device to get your child. We suggest taking a close look at the watches marked as best. These watches are compatible with the Findmykids app which ensures safety and reliability.

With Findmykids receiving a KidsSafe certification, you can rest assured that they meet the standards of online safety and privacy. These two watches offer the best features at reasonable prices. So if you want to keep your child safe, give them the gift of a smartwatch and never worry again.


Andrey Aboltin/


Which smartwatch is best for kids?

There’s no single best kids smart watch, but some of the best are those that allow them to make video calls, have a step counter and other fitness features, and can be added to an existing phone plan. A few examples are the Apple Watch SE and the IgeeKid Kids Smart Watch Phone,

Can a kid have a smartwatch without a phone?

Many kids’ smartwatches work without phones. Some options include the Xplora X6Play smartwatch and Garmin Bounce. Sometimes, the Apple Watch can also work without a phone.

What age should a child get a smart watch?

When determining the best kids’ ages to get a smartphone, the truth is that there’s no best answer on the ideal timeline for a smartwatch for kids. In general, you should focus more on developing healthy habits for activity and internet usage with your children rather than a particular age for an Apple Watch or other type of smart watch.

Are smartwatches worth it for kids?

If you want to help your kids keep track of their daily activity, have the ability to send preset messages or voice messages, make phone calls, or explore other additional features with their smartwatch, then a smartwatch for kids is a great idea. Despite the cost of an Apple Watch or any other smartwatch, kids’ smart watches can be a huge benefit.

What are the Smallest GPS Kids’ Watch?

iGeeKid Kids Smart Watch Phone is among the smallest kids’ smartwatches out there, making it suitable for kids as little as three. However, you also need to go with a smartwatch for kids that has an adjustable strap and can follow your child’s wrist growth. Pingo Track Findmykids supports wrist girth from 5.5 to eight inches, putting it among the top kids’ GPS watches for ages five to 12.

Are GPS Kids’ Watches Safe?

You shouldn’t worry about wearing a GPS watch being harmful to the child’s body, as long as you ensure it’s not too tight on their wrist. As for maximum safety benefits, the best smartwatches for kids don’t have optional apps, so there’s no option to use social media or the internet. Always stick to reputable brands to ensure you get all the features promised for the device.

Does GPS Tracking Require a Data Plan?

Yes, most devices, including the Apple Watch, will require activating a cellular data plan if you want to follow your kids with GPS technology. Many watches come with pre-installed SIM cards, and providers often offer tempting deals for voice-calling features and other options. For example, if you purchase the Pingo Track watch on Amazon, you get a Family License for free.

How Much Data Does a Kid’s GPS Watch Use?

The average use of a smartwatch for kids ranges between 20-40 MBs of data per month. That’s not too much data to make you worry about related costs. You can check the plan offered by your preferred provider (like your Apple Watch) to see if the data plan offered is likely to be sufficient to cover the smartwatch use.

Read also How to Use SMS Commands to Set a Kid’s GPS Watch? and How to Set Up a Kid’s Smartwatch: User’s Guide

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