Kid’s Location Alerts

Always in the know, wherever they go

  • stay informed about your child’s whereabouts

  • receive notifications when your child arrives at school, home, or any other specified location

  • ensure that your child stays on schedule with their daily routine


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Track your child's whereabouts

Create safe zones in the places where your kids can spend time and move around. Mark as many areas as you need for notification

Safe and dangerous places on the map

Is your child going straight home after school or heading to music lessons? Keep an eye on them and get notified of their movements from one location to another


Time management

Make sure your child is on time for their activities and appointments

Real-time location alerts

Receive unlimited notifications when your child enters or leaves a specific location

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    Set up custom places

    By setting up the Places feature, you can rest easy knowing your child is secure. Mark the most-visited places on the map and get notified when they enter or leave the designated area. Safe zones can be customized to fit your family's unique needs and can include various locations such as school, home, and extracurricular activities. Let your kids be independent without worrying about their safety.

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    Know your child’s precise location

    As children grow up, it becomes increasingly important for parents to stay informed about their location. You can add an unlimited number of new locations and make sure your kids stay away from any dangerous places. Give your kids the space to grow and explore, while also keeping them safe and secure.

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    Get instant location alerts

    By receiving instant location-based push notifications, you can be aware of any changes in your child's location, such as if they are outside of the playground limits or leave school alone. This can help you check in with your child and take any necessary actions. The instant location alert feature provides peace of mind and a sense of security for both parents and children.

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    Make sure your kids are in the right place at the right time

    Once your child taps the panic button and sends the SOS signal, you will receive a loud sound alert on your phone. The Findmykids app will also let you see the current location of your child. If you think that it’s too dangerous to call them, you can listen to their surroundings using the Sound Around function, which can help you understand what type of emergency your kid is in.

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    Alert all family members

    You can add any number of family members to the Findmykids app. They will receive the emergency signal even if their phones are in silent mode, ensuring that someone is always available to assist in case of an emergency. The family member closest to your child will be able to provide faster assistance.

Simple Steps to Set up


Download the Findmykids app on your smartphone


Install the Pingo app on your kid’s phone or buy a GPS watch


Keep tabs on your kid’s safety 24/7


  • How do I monitor my child's location?arrow-down

    The Findmykids app uses GPS technology to track your child's location in real time. The app allows you to establish places where your child often moves around. You will receive automated alerts when your child enters or exits a zone
  • Can I track my child's location without them knowing?arrow-down

    No. The app needs permission to use your child’s phone’s geolocation and microphone. We do not recommend installing the app on their phone without their agreement. It’s always better to inform them about the app and its functions.
  • Does it alert me when my kid stops sharing their location?arrow-down

    Once installed on your child's phone, the app will work in background mode. The only way that you won't be able to know your child's location is if the app is deleted or if the phone is out of battery or Internet connection. Please note that if their phone is about to die, you and your child will get a low battery signal.