Real-time location tracking

Make sure your kid is safe and secure

  • when your child isn’t answering calls

  • when they are walking alone and you’re worried about their whereabouts

  • when they haven’t arrived at school or back home on time

  • when your teen starts driving

  • when you want to check what places they visited during the day

  • when your kid can’t find their smartphone


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With Real-time Location Tracking in the Findmykids app, you can:

  • see your kid’s accurate real-time location on the map

  • make sure they arrive at and stay in the place where they are supposed to be

  • find your children quickly if they get lost or are in danger

  • check their routes and ensure they’re safe

  • track where they were to find a lost phone

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    Check your kid’s accurate location

    The real-time location tracking feature by Findmykids allows you to see your kid’s whereabouts with a precision of up to 12 meters. No matter how far your children go, you can always rest assured that they won’t be lost as long as their smartphone or device is on.

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    Create safe zones and track your child's routes

    Create safe zones in the places where your kids can spend time and move around like school, home, or the playground or create danger zones for them to avoid. Mark as many areas as you need. The Findmykids app will track your child’s movements and notify you if they go beyond the saved places or when they have arrived there, so you can manage their schedule and react proactively to make sure they are not under threat. See where your kids are going, where they make stops, and whether pre-defined routes are followed.

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    Use with smartphones or GPS watches

    You can activate real-time location tracking on GPS watches and smartphones. Don’t worry about compatibility – Findmykids can be installed on iPhone and Android smartphones.

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    Rest assured about the safety of your data

    The Findmykids app guarantees the privacy and confidentiality of the information that’s obtained from kids’ devices. Only parents can monitor a child's location, and can rest assured that this sensitive data won’t leak.

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    Add an unlimited number of family members

    The Findmykids app allows you to track several kids: just install the Pingo app on their smartphones or use GPS watches for little ones . Mom, dad, grandparents – let all the members of your family take care of your child’s safety. There are no restrictions on the number of kids and adults.

Simple Steps to Set up


Download the Findmykids app on your smartphone


Install the Pingo app on your kid’s phone or buy a GPS watch


Keep tabs on your kid’s safety 24/7


  • What is real-time location tracking?arrow-down

    Findmykids allows parents to define their kid’s location by connecting to their device (smartphone or GPS watch) and see it on the map in the app. Plus, you can check the history of your child’s movements, routes and stops.
  • How can I track the exact location of my kid's mobile?arrow-down

    You can start tracking your kid in a few steps. Install the Findmykids app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Connect the app to your kid's GPS watch. If your child has a smartphone, install the Pingo app on it and see their real-time location on the map.