Sound Around Child

No more worries about your kid’s safety!

  • use the app to find out what your child is up to

  • when the kid does not answer your the calls

  • when your son or daughter can’t talk right now

  • when they are in unknown places


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With Sound Around
in Findmykids app, you can:

  • listen to your kid’s phone surroundings in real time

  • connect the child’s microphone to your smartphone flawlessly

  • find out where and with whom your children are hanging out

  • make sure your kid is safe or reveal potentially dangerous situations as soon as possible

  • protect your children from bullying, bad associations

  • check the sound around to find lost kid’s smartphone

Avoid trust issues — the Findmykids app notifies kids when live listening is on

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    If your kid doesn't pick up the phone

    No more trying your patience and panicking when you hear endless dial tone instead of your kid’s voice! If you are not sure of their safety or ability to answer in school you can access their gadget’s microphone in a matter of a few seconds. Listen to your kid’s phone surroundings in real time – most likely, it will help you restore your peace of mind.

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    Hides the fact of bullying

    Have you noticed something unusual about your kid’s behavior? Have they started avoiding school or looking perplexed and worried? These might be the signs of bullying, but you don’t have to guess — open the Findmykids app and hear what is happening in school or other places that your child attends.

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    Contacted a bad company

    Unless you know your kids’ friends in person, it’s impossible to know for sure that they are safe and secure while hanging out with peers. Whenever in doubt, you can monitor phone surroundings and make sure that new acquaintances won’t hurt or negatively influence your child.

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    Located in a potentially dangerous place

    When our kids become independent and go to school or walk on their own, we cannot help worrying about their safety. If you suspect that your little one is in an unknown or dangerous place, don’t rush to panic — open the app and listen to what is happening around. In case of threats, you will be able to react proactively.

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    Ensure privacy without abusing the trust

    When you activate the Sound Around function, their kid receives a notification on the phone. Hence, you make sure that your little ones are okay without having to secretly spy on them. For teenagers, auto monitoring can be turned off. Please, have a conversation with your kids before using Sound Around – trust is really important.

Simple Steps to Set up


Download the Findmykids app on your smartphone


Install the Pingo app on your kid’s phone or buy a GPS watch


Keep tabs on your kid’s safety 24/7


  • Is there an app to hear conversations far away?arrow-down

    Yes, you can install apps that provide access to the microphone of the device where you install them. Some allow overhearing surroundings in stealth mode, while others (like Findmykids) notify cell phone users that they are being listened to in live mode.
  • Can your cell phone be used as a listening device?arrow-down

    You can use your smartphone as a listening device by installing the Findmykids app. To access your child’s phone microphone, you will need to install the Pingo app on their device and connect with the parent. Nobody can use your phone’s microphone through Findmykids app.
  • How can I listen to distant conversations?arrow-down

    You can do it in a few steps: 1) Install the Findmykids app on your smartphone 2) Install the Pingo app on your kid’s smartphone 3) Enable all required access settings 4) Tap the mic icon in the Findmykids app and launch the Live Sound Around function Five trial minutes will be available right after app installation.