Loud Signal

Send a loud signal to your child's phone to reach them:

  • if your kid isn’t answering calls

  • if they can’t find their phone

  • if their phone is in their backpack and they didn’t hear it ring

  • if you can’t find your child in a noisy, crowded place


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million children are protected

5+ years

on the market helping millions of parents


Works in silent mode

Call even when your child can't hear the calls in silent mode

Helps you find lost phones

Activate the loud signal and hear the device anywhered

Attracts your child

Send a sound your kids will not ignore

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    Ensure they’ll stay in touch

    If your child is away and isn’t picking up the phone, it might be because the silent mode is activated. The Findmykids app allows parents to send a loud signal — it will ring regardless of the sound settings on the kid’s smartphone.

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    Catch your kid’s attention

    If your child’s phone is in their backpack, your calls might be ignored. The loud signal is more likely to be heard, even in a crowded, busy place like a school or shopping mall.

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    Find a lost phone

    There’s nothing more frustrating than losing a phone that’s in silent mode. If you don’t hear your kid’s phone ringing, activate the loud sound and find it in a few seconds.

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    Add all family members

    There are no limits on the number of kids and adults in Findmykids. The app allows you to add several kids: install the Pingo app on their smartphones or use GPS watches for your little ones. Also, all the members of your family can take care of your child — just connect elder siblings, partners, or grandparents with your kid’s app.

Simple Steps to Set up


Download the Findmykids app on your smartphone


Install the Pingo app on your kid’s phone or buy a GPS watch


Keep tabs on your kid’s safety 24/7


  • What devices are supported by the Findmykids App?arrow-down

    Findmykids can be installed on iOS and Android smartphones, and is also compatible with GPS watches for kids. Please note that parents can use the Findmykids app when children’s devices are connected to the family account after installing the Pingo app on their smartphones.
  • Do I need to jailbreak/root my child's phone to install the Pingo app?arrow-down

    No, the installation process does not require coding or sophisticated manipulations. You just need to follow the simple instructions — it’s a matter of a few minutes.