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On the 1st day of school in a new state the school lost my son an put him on a bus he wasn’t suppose to be on and on top that there was a storm warning so I can’t find my son they shut they school down and on top of all of this my son is autistic so he not sure what’s going on just doing as told once I found him we ran straight to Walmart got him a phone and downloaded this app I love it and use it everyday when his is in school and I am at work and also with his autism he tells me how he is picked on or teachers are being mean I can get a good listening ear to see exactly what’s going on and it works like a charm!

My son is 12, and had wanted his own cell phone for some time. I was skeptical, having his own cell phone would open up a whole world of opportunity for him to do wrong. I was unsure if he was ready, and if he would be responsible enough with it. Thankfully, I found the Findmykids app. It allows me to see where he is at all times, and notifies me of any change in his location. I would have to say my absolute favorite feature so far is the fact that it allows me to see his battery level. He needs to be better about keeping his phone charged, so the fact that this app notifies me when his battery is low, is the best feature.

The Find my Kids app is serious a life saver, my 7 year old has type 1 diabetes. Being a mom that works full time and having a child that travels to and from school on the bus and to the YMCA. Having the app makes my life so much easier. There have been occasions that I have been able to locate her on her way to the Ymca. I was able to alert the staff that her blood sugar was dropping and they would be waiting for the bus to arrive with snacks in hand. I am very thankful for the app and wouldn’t be able to survive without it.

I am a single mother and we are in a new town with no family or close friends. I work 10 hours a day and find my kids has been great for my peace of mind. I use it to check on my 9 year old as she walks to her school bus and see that she made it to and from school safe. I am also able to communicate with her when i need to and thats only a couple of its features, I can create locations and get live notifications when she is on the move. I have recommended the app plenty of times since it has work wonders for us.

My son has a visual impairment, and one day after school decided to walk a girl home. (He didn’t want her walking on her own, so being the gentleman he is, he walked with her). But, once he had done that, he realised he didn’t know where he was to get home himself. Luckily, having the app I was able to track him and go and pick him up. Without the app he would have been in a state of panic, not knowing where he was, and I would have been in a state of panic not knowing either.

My son with a group of friends somehow climbed up on top of a high utility container shed that is used for heavy machinery. They couldn't get down and couldn't clearly explain where they were. I was home with two babies and couldn't find a way to get to him. Dad was on his way home from work and I was able to pinpoint and share my child's location with dad and he was able to find them and help them get down. Not only did the app help my child but his friends as well and their parents who didn't have the app at the time. Now they do after seeing what it can do.

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