Best Family Tracking Apps Free in 2024

Find the ideal family tracking app free, balancing functionality, reliability, and affordability with our guide to the best free options available.

Tech companies today all strive to be the best. To find the best tracking apps for your family, you will want to look at the features and price of each one before you find what will be the best for you and your family. Both Android and iPhone users will find the best apps for their individual needs.

All of our family members have busy lives and we are all constantly on the go. We may wake up and go to bed in the same house but during all the hours in between, we are torn into opposite directions.

Tracking apps give a parent or family member the peace of mind we all search for. There are a few top picks when it comes to tracking apps. Findmykids, Life 360, Gpswox Family Locator, and Family Link for Google are all excellent choices. We will get into the details and features specifically of them all in this article.


How Do Family Trackers Work?

best family tracking app free


A tracking device works by using multilateration of mobile radio signals. The device can emit an idle signal and it will contact nearby antennas or radio towers. This can be done easily in today’s world where more cellphone towers are always being added to networks.

This app allows the parent or guardian to see the exact location of their child on the map using such technologies as GPS, Wi-Fi, or LBS (depending on the app and network capabilities). Parents are also able to set safe and unsafe zones on the app. They will get notified when their child leaves or enters any of the zones set in place.

The best of the applications (for example, Findmykids) also provide such functions as Sound Around, SOS signal, mobile app usage statistics, and movement history for several days.

Tracking children elderly, teens, spouses, and more can help the most anxious person calm down and relax. You want your family to be safe and seeing that your child has arrived at school or that your spouse arrived in a different state safely can take a huge weight off someone’s shoulders. Whether you’re concerned about your kids or elderly parents, a tracking app can give you the peace of mind you crave.

Why Should a Parent Want to Track Their Child?

best free child tracking app for android


All parents want their children to be where they say. Parents are protectors by nature and we want what is best for our kids. Not only parents but tracking an elderly parent or family member with dementia is always a great way to keep your parents protected.

Tracking devices were created with safety in mind and they have helped many parents and family members keep track of their loved ones.

Android and iPhone users can gain access to the best tracking apps rather easily and there are several options to choose from.

Top Picks

Name OS Rating
Findmykids iOS 9 & newer, Android 4.2 & newer 10/10
Life 360 Android 8 & up, Apple/iOS 10/10
GpsWox Family Locator iOS, Apple, Android and Windows 10/10
Family Link from Google Android devices 7.0 & up 9/10
Fami Safe Wondershare Android 4.4 -10, iOS 9 – iOS 15 8/10
Sprint Family Locator Android 4.4 & up 7/10
Sygic Family Locator Android 4.4 & up 7/10

And now let’s look at the functionality, capabilities and, possibly, disadvantages of each application in detail.

12 Best Tracking Apps for Family for Android and iOS

Everyone should do their research and make a decision based on their needs. The features available today and the ways to track loved ones are always changing. Stay up to date and informed on every aspect of the tracking app you decide on.


family tracking app


This tracking app will allow you to receive notifications, track location history and even listen to your child’s surroundings (this feature is not available on iPhone). Your child is also able to send an SOS signal if they feel they are in danger.


  • many functions besides tracking are available: real-time listening, SOS button, application usage statistics, child movement history and more;
  • free trial;
  • automatical notifications when a child has left or arrived at a “safe zone”;
  • 24/7 real-time specialist support;
  • compatible with GPS watches for kids.
find my kids family app



  • need to download a separate application for a children’s smartphonePingo;
  • some features are limited in the free version (however, paid rates are very budget-friendly).

Download the Findmykids app right now and be sure your children are safe! You will need only 3-5 minutes, the child’s phone or the GPS watch.


Google Play Store

Life360 offers location sharing, location alerts, directions and will also send out a driver’s report if you are worried about your teen being behind the wheel. You want to help keep your teen safe even when they feel they don’t need protection, and this 24/7 real-time location tracking app is a great tool to help do so.


  • easy communication by using text messages;
  • ability to share information on individual people including their precise location within a circle that you save;
  • includes a social media monitoring feature.


  • adding devices you want to track only possible with invitations;
  • high battery consumption.


Google Play Store

The Verizon tracker app allows a parent to set data limits which can set positive habits when it comes to using electronic devices. A parent can block certain contacts to prevent anyone unsafe from contacting them along with tracking your child’s or loved one’s location when needed.


  • it stores the location history of each family member for seven days;
  • easy to install the family tracking app;
  • using the virtual map allows you to get familiar with any known locations.


  • a free trial exists, but you have to pay a monthly subscription since there’s no free version;
  • no compatibility outside of the Verizon network.

Gpswox Family Locator

Google Play Store

This tracker can follow your child or loved one in real time. You are also able to look at the history and get alerts when your child goes to locations or zones you do not want them to be in.

The Gpswox will also help encourage step goals so you can challenge your family members to stay in shape. It will also alert you to a low battery.


  • real-time location tracking for the entire family;
  • location history available for 30 days;
  • speed alerts for anyone going over the limits;


  • the family tracker app has a bit of an outdated design;
  • a learning curve is necessary to understand all location tracking features.

Family Link from Google

Google Play Store

This tracker helps create positive digital habits by setting screen time limits on your mobile phone or other device. Find your family whenever you need to and also keep the anxiety away with the Family Link tracker. With this app, you’ll be able to see on Google Maps exactly where everyone is.  You will feel secure with Google keeping an eye on your loved ones.


  • Google Family Link is a completely free family locator app, allowing you to view family members’ locations on Google Maps;
  • you also get a parental control app with screen time limits and other features;
  • Family Link is easy to use and has reliable customer support.


  • Apple mobile device compatibility is only available from iOS11;
  • Google Family Link offers no advanced options like geofencing—a rather basic app.

Fami Safe Wondershare

Wondershare is a family location tracker app that will allow you to keep track of your kids, view their location history, and receive alerts that you set on the device. This tracking app can track in real-time as well.


  • you can count on live location to show accurate locations of your family members;
  • advanced features such as geofencing help you ensure the family member’s phone stays in the designated areas;
  • activity reports for your child’s phone and an app blocker available.


  • the app is occasionally buggy;
  • you need time to learn how to navigate around the dashboard and use the family locator feature.

Family Time App

The Family Time App can allow you to look at a map and see all of your family members and their current locations at once to get the best picture of where everyone is. This 24/7 real-time location tracking app can help parents to plan on who will pick up a child because they can see who is closer. The map is a great time saver for a busy family.


  • boasts an impressive list of features and is an all-around parental control, and not only a location tracking app;
  • location history logging is convenient and includes addresses;
  • various screen time features and an intuitive interface.


  • the free version doesn’t include location tracking—you have to go premium;
  • some features are only available on iOS or Android devices.

Family Locator

Google Play Store

With the Family Locator, you are able to receive notifications on your mobile phone when a family member is not where they are supposed to be. You can set safe zones to keep children away from a place you do not want them to be.


  • you can track location history with this app;
  • location sharing is a convenient option;
  • it’s possible to chat with your family via this tracking app.


  • live location updates aren’t reliable and can provide late information;
  • the free version is quite limited.


Google Play Store

Glympse can track location, mileage and help with following goals, screen time, and activity of family members. Glympse is also used by employers to help monitor their employees’ production. It is a great app for tracking teens in the same manner.


  • GPS location technology with a quick and simple sharing option;
  • easy to use with a minimal learning curve;
  • automatic expiration of shared updates for family safety.


  • no real-time location tracking—it’s necessary to manually share the whereabouts;
  • not primarily made to be used for family tracking.

Safe 365

Google Play Store

The Safe 365 tracker app can help track the location of your family members, set alerts to be notified when they leave specific safe zones, and more. Tracking with this app sets your mind at ease.


  • live location sharing is accurate and helpful;
  • a summary notification on driving habits after each ride;
  • location tracking alerts and ETA info.


  • a free version is somewhat limited;
  • the interface could be more intuitive.

Sygic Family Locator

Use this tracker to discover where your kids are in real-time, and set ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ zones for better peace of mind. You can also view comprehensive location history details, and the app boasts an in-flight mode.


  • see all your family member’s locations at once;
  • functions on both iOS and Android devices;
  • offers a 3D map, for easier, at-a-glance tracking.


  • features are somewhat limited;
  • to access the majority of features users need to upgrade to a premium plan.

Sprint Family Locator

App Store

The Sprint Family Locator app is a phone tracking tool that’s available to those subscribed to the Sprint network. This app offers real-time location tracking, and you’ll be able to easily view all your family members on an easy-to-view, interactive map.


  • allows you to track all your family’s devices at once;
  • easy-to-use location tracking and interactive map;
  • offers a 15-day free trial.


  • can only be used subscribed to the Sprint network;
  • has fewer functions than other family location trackers.

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How to Pick the Best Family Tracker App?

Which features should the best family locator apps have? Here’s a brief overview:

  • Real-time location tracking. Accurate information about the family members’ live location is a critical feature in this type of apps. GPS location technology is how the software gathers information on the user’s whereabouts.
  • Geofencing and creating safe zones. You can create certain zones like work or school and receive notifications once the tracked phone leaves that zone.
  • Instant alerts. These can be a vital safety feature when looking for the best family locator. You receive alerts as soon as the person leaves the designated safe zone or any other issue occurs.
  • Location history. Depending on the app, it could store location history for days, weeks, or months. Consider how many days of location history you want to be able to access when choosing a family tracking app.
  • Check-ins. It’s a convenient feature that allows users to notify you they arrived in a certain area.
  • Location sharing. This allows users to share their location with other family members from inside the app.

If you’re still not sure which app to choose, consider those that offer a 7 or 30-day free trial, so that you can check out how well it fits your needs. At the end of a 30-day free trial, you should have a good idea if the app is the right one for you.

How to Put to Use a Family Locator App?

The actual process depends on the app, but the steps should be similar. We used Findmykids as an example in the steps listed below:

  1. Step 1. Download the Findmykids app for your iOS or Android device.
  2. Step 2. Take a family member’s phone and install the Pingo app.
  3. Step 3. Open the Findmykids app and click on Connect a Child’s Phone.
  4. Step 4. Enter the code on the child’s device and accept the terms of use.

Check and seedoes your family locator app work? That should be enough to get you ready to use the app!



What is The Best Free Family Locator App?

Many parents are looking for the best app to track their family but they also are on a budget and want the most bang for their buck. Looking around and comparing tracking apps is a very responsible way to go about getting an app.

There are several free family tracking apps available. The top 3 are Findmykids, Life 360, and Verizon Family Locator. All of these apps will allow you to have the peace of mind that comes along with installing a family tracking app on either your iOS or Android device.

Any device that you choose will be worth it. All parents want to keep their families safe. When a great family tracking app is paired with a free price, that is a great combination.

What’s the best free family tracking app?

When it comes to a free family location tracker app, Findmykids is our pick. Its tracking feature is consistent and precise, and you’ll receive a real-time notification when your child enters and leaves a geofenced area. On the whole, this app is a great way to keep your family secure and boasts a range of advanced features designed to keep your kids safe and give you peace of mind. Don’t forget to keep your eye on your child’s device’s battery life, to ensure it doesn’t shut down while they’re out of the house.

What is the best free app to see family locations?

The Life360 app is free to download and offers users a 7-day free trial, so you can find out how suited it is to your family’s needs. This app is popular due to the ability it gives users to see at a glance where every member of the family is. Plus, if you have kids old enough to drive, you’ll get a notification if they exceed the speed limit. It’s a great tool for planning, as well as helping to keep your loved ones safe.

What’s the best free app to track my child?

Findmykids app

The Findmykids app is the best choice to track your children. It incorporates a range of premium features, reliable real-time tracking, and gives you the ability to set a virtual boundary to help ensure your kids are secure all through the day. Checking your kids’ location with a family tracking app like this is a quick and effective means of knowing exactly where your children are at any time.

How to Use a Family Locator App?

Depending on the family tracking app you choose and what type of device you are installing it on, the process of using it will be different. The apps are all very easy to install and use. A locator app will send signals when requested.

You can press a button and find out exactly where your family member is. The signals from the device bounce off nearby cell phone towers in the area of the device you are tracking and will make for a very easy way to find out where a person is.

How can I find the best family tracking app for my needs?

You can find the top features to look for in the best family tracker app in our guide—they include real-time location tracking, instant alerts, and other features. Findmykids is an excellent choice if you don’t want to waste much time searching for location-tracking apps, but the Sygic Family Locator and others mentioned in our guide can be a decent choice.

When it comes to family location sharing, what are the top features to look for in an app?

The ease of use tops the list and the availability to share your location easily. A great family location app might also provide real-time updates and ETA to a particular location.

Are there any free family schedule apps that are worth using?

You can try Cozi Family Organizer, but another option is to go with family locator apps like Findmykids. They can inform you about the children’s whereabouts and use GPS location technology to inform you when they arrive or leave the safe zones you create. Those details help to create and follow the children’s schedule.

What are some of the unique features of the best family tracking apps for Android devices?

Live location tracking is a critical feature, especially when tracking a child’s device. Apart from knowing their whereabouts, the top tracking apps like Findmykids come with geofencing, compatibility with smartwatches, and other useful features.

Is Family360 the same as Life360?

No, they are totally separate. Both offer a family location tracker app with a location history feature, but many users of Life360 find this app to be more accurate and with a more consistent geofencing feature.

Which family tracking app offers the most user-friendly interface for iPhone users?

It’s hard to find a family tracker that’s easier to use than Findmykids, especially on iPhone and other Apple devices. The tracker offers an intuitive interface and loads of useful features that put it among the best family tracking apps for iOS.

Whether it comes down to cost, the features, or the type of operating system you have, the decision on which tracking app is best for your family has to be yours. You need to know how to use the system and feel comfortable with it. You don’t want to decide to learn how it works when you actually need it. Choose the tracking app based on how many features match exactly what you are wanting it for and what you need it to be able to do for you.

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