On the Map, Off the Grid: Troubleshooting the ‘No Location Found’ Error on iPhones

One of the most attractive features of the iPhone is the ability to find your phone when it has been stolen or misplaced and to find devices that belong to family and friends. Millions use the Find My feature to ensure their loved ones are safe. It makes sense then that users who experience the ‘No location’ on the iPhone issue would become worried.


What Does ‘No Location Found’ Mean On iPhone?

You might encounter the ‘No location found’ error for several reasons. If you’re looking for a friend or loved one and the ‘No location found’ error shows up, it could mean that their phone is offline or that they turned location services off on their device. You might also encounter the ‘No location found’ error if you place your phone in Airplane Mode or if the device you are looking for has been disconnected from its iCloud account.

It is always better to use a specialized application, such as the Findmykids app, to avoid technical issues and ensure the safety of children.

Why Does It Say ‘No Location Found’?

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The ‘No location found’ error on iPhones indicates a technical error. It means the device sending a signal failed to transmit it to a receiving device. When this happens, the error message will be displayed.

Here are a few reasons why your phone may send the ‘No location found’ error message.

Location Services Disabled

Location services need to be enabled for apps that track locations. When the location services are not enabled, the phone cannot send a GPS when it is tracked.

No or Poor Internet Connection

For any location data to be transmitted, the device needs to be able to send a GPS signal, this can only happen when the internet connection is stable. If the device is in airplane mode, it cannot send a GPS signal to the app.

Wrong Time and Date Settings

Technical abnormalities in the settings, such as the incorrect date and time, cause problems with the device’s ability to send location transmissions.

Privacy Settings

what does it mean when it says no location found on find my iphone

The privacy of iPhone users is a priority, and users have complete control over many aspects of their data sharing, including location information. Restricted privacy settings such as location will return the location not available error message. It is important always to ask someone if you can track their device.

Device Off or Battery Depleted

When the person’s device you are tracking has turned off their phone or their battery is low, the device cannot send its GPS location to the app. If the device you are trying to track.

Application or Device Problems

Occasionally, technical glitches on the device or app occur, which might prevent the device from sending a GPS signal or hinder the app sign-in process. Always check to see if your device is running optimally.

‘No Location Found’ vs ‘Location Not Available’

what does it mean when find my iphone says no location found


The Find My app is a popular tool for locating misplaced devices and tracking the locations of friends and family members. Users might find messages such as ‘No location found’ or ‘Location not available’ challenging. Knowing the differences between the two messages is essential for understanding location information.

  • ‘Location not available’: When a device you are trying to track returns the ‘Location not available’ error message, it means that the person you are attempting to locate has stopped sharing their location with you.
  • ‘No location found’: The device is either not connected to the internet or has been turned off and cannot send a location. A device with disabled location services also cannot send its location on the app. The device might not be lost or even stolen; it may just be unable to send the needed signal to the app.

How to Fix No Location on iPhone

There are several ways to fix the ‘No location found’ error messages. Some fixes may resolve bot location not found and location not available error messages. Users must ensure they find the right solution that suits them best.

Fix 1 – System Status Page

The System Status Page by Apple is a great place to start if you want to fix the ‘No location found’ error message. The page on Apple’s website features the most up-to-date information about all Apple products, including iOS and MacOS, and the latest updates for all issues encountered.

Fix 2 – Network Connections

There is no need to head straight into the most challenging solution fix you can find. Sometimes the more straightforward fixes work the best. Doing something as simple as changing the network connections can force the device to refresh its network setting and re-establish a GPS connection. To do this, switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data and back again or disconnect from one Wi-Fi source and connect to another.

Fix 3 – Airplane Mode

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When Airplane Mode is enabled, you will not connect to Bluetooth, mobile data or Wi-Fi. This also means that your phone cannot send GPS signals and cannot send or receive location data. To disable Airplane Mode, head over to settings and top Airplane Mode, then simply turn it off.

Fix 4 – Setting Date and Time

As we have discovered, your iPhone must have the correct date and time. Often your date and time differ from the date and time on the Apple server, which can result in the ‘No location found’ iPhone error. Changing your device’s date and time settings is the only way to get around this.

To reset the date and time on your device, you need to head over to ‘Settings’ and open the General tab. Then select ‘Date & Time’ and select the option to set it automatically. You need to make sure the set automatically option is turned off. Next, manually input the time zone, date, and time and press done to save the settings.

Fix 5 – Restart the Device

For the location services on the iPhone to work correctly, there must be cohesion between mobile data, GPS, and Wi-Fi. When one or more of these systems fail, the others will try to compensate. An easy way for the device to reset the connection between the three is to restart the device. This will force the systems to reset, and you should be back to normal.

Fix 6 – Enabling Location Services

If your location services are turned off, the iPhone cannot send a GPS signal to track the device. To turn on the location setting, open the settings tab on the device. Scroll down to the privacy tab and open it. Then, open the location services and tap the slider to enable. You will know it is enabled when the slider turns green.

Always Know Your Child’s Location with the Findmykids App

The safety and security of our children is a high priority. Daily digital advancements mean that society is fast-paced. Among those advancements are potent tools parents can use to ensure their children are safe. One of these tools is the Findmykids app which provides comprehensive parental control and location tracking.

The app provides a valuable combination of control tools for parents. One of the most notable features is the real-time location tracking which allows parents to use GPS technology to locate their child on a map. This is valuable when you want to find out where your child is and helpful in emergencies. Findmykids is trusted by millions of parents in over 150 countries.

Key features of the app

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The Findmykids app

  • Real-time location tracking — this can be used when your child does not answer their phone, while they are walking alone, when they haven’t arrived at a destination, and when they start driving.
  • Loud Signal — this feature allows parent to send a loud signal to their child’s device when they are not answering calls or you cannot find them in a crowded area.
  • App Usage Stats — this feature allows parents to monitor which apps their children are using and for how long to prevent them from using unsafe apps.
  • SOS Button — when your child presses the panic button, their device is instantly connected to yours. Pressing the panic button sends an accurate GPS location to show you where your child is. This is perfect for any emergency.

Download the Findmykids app right now to try it for free!

Knowing where to find someone you love is essential. It can, therefore, be frustrating when you’re given a location-found error when tracking your device on your iPhone. These errors show up for a variety of reasons. The good news is that several quick fixes will get around the error message.

The even better news for parents is that other applications are available to help track the whereabouts of their children. Findmykids is a powerful tool for parents looking for a solution to track their child’s location and activity online, especially between December and April during school hours. The app features are updated regularly.


no location found on find my iphone


Why does someone’s location say ‘no location found’?

The ‘No location found’ error means a technical error in sending the GPS signal to your device. The person you are tracking has stopped sharing their location or lost connection. This could’ve been because they encountered technical issues such as connectivity.

How do you know if someone has turned off their location?

The no location available error message on the Find My app means that the person you are tracking has stopped sharing their location. To regain access, you need to re-request access to track their device.

Why would an iPhone not show a location?

Your location services may not be enabled if you cannot see a location. If your location services are turned off, the iPhone cannot send a GPS signal to track the device.

To turn on the location settings

  1. Open the settings tab on the device.
  2. Scroll down to the privacy tab and open it.
  3. Open the location services and tap the slider to enable.
  4. You will know it is enabled when the slider turns green.

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