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Dear parents and experts, share your personal experiences and knowledge or become a regular author for our parenting portal! Write to us with ideas and suggestions at

We are always looking for exclusive stories and skilled authors, so we are eager to collaborate with you!

About Us

The Findmykids blog is an informational and news portal for parents of children of different ages, created in 2016. The site publishes articles on parenting, psychology, development, health, and safety of the younger generation, as well as regular news from the fields of education, medicine, and society. The materials are created by editors, copywriters, and freelance journalists.

What Interests Us the Most

Children’s Safety

If you are an expert in child safety, including cybersecurity, you have a great chance of becoming our favorite author! As part of the Findmykids company, which developed the app of the same name for child safety, the Findmykids blog is especially attentive to this topic.

Additionally, if you are an active user of the Findmykids app and want to share your experience with using it, we would be happy to publish your story.

Gadgets, Technology, and Everything Related

If you are a technical copywriter who loves to review the latest innovations (gadgets, apps, other tech novelties), we await your email!

Personal Parenting Experience and Stories from Your Life or Your Close Ones

You can share your joys, and struggles, or raise topics that, in your opinion, deserve public attention. Upon the author’s request, the story can be published anonymously, with real names, places, and other facts changed.

You can also talk about your “parenting philosophy” (how you raise children and why) and share lifehacks that can make other parents’ lives easier.

Or share how the Findmykids app has helped you in real life. We highly value such stories!

Ability to Create Entertaining Tests/Quizzes and Other Interactive Content

If you have an excellent sense of humor, a sharp mind (and pen), and have experience in creating online tests like “What kind of couch are you today?” or “Which character from “Squid Game” are you?”, then you are definitely welcome! We strive not only to help parents and children by addressing important issues but also to ensure they have a great mood!

Send us your examples, ideas, and suggestions to the Editorial Team.

Author’s Materials from Experts in Their Field

If you work with children, parents, or families or are an expert in any field, you can create an author’s column in our blog. We are interested in anything that will be useful to our target audience – parents. Health, upbringing, education, psychology (child and developmental), entertainment, legal aspects, etc. Our mission is to help parents raise happy individuals, and our online journal aims to cover any topics that will be beneficial to families.

Journalistic Materials on Controversial Topics

Can you conduct interviews with interesting people, tell amazing stories, or compile several into a comprehensive study with expert comments? Send us your proposals on these topics!

Cooperation Proposals from Experienced Copywriters

If you have experience writing articles based on specifications with keywords and LSI words, and you are familiar with the theme of our portal, we would be delighted to receive your portfolio and discuss the details! You can suggest your topics or work on topics provided by the editor.

We especially welcome authors with expertise in the areas they write about: medical professionals on health, programmers on cybersecurity and digital literacy, experienced homemakers on the tastiest recipes, moms on issues in kindergartens, psychologists on trust-based relationships between partners, educators on secrets to successful learning, avid book or movie lovers on books and films, hand-made toy masters on crafts for children, and so on.

Feel free to reach out to us and introduce yourself as a professional or a parent. We would love to discuss potential opportunities and collaboration conditions. Alternatively, you can directly submit your text to our editor for review. We will definitely provide you with feedback!

You can also email the editorial team for the following:

  1. Ask questions to a child psychologist, and we will feature the answers in our blog.
  2. Share funny videos, pictures, and quotes from your children, which we will share on our social media platforms for some laughs!
  3. Inquire about commercial placements on our blog and explore partnership possibilities (relevant for brands and companies).
  4. Propose a barter arrangement or request an article for your platform, authored by our brand and experts.

Please note that our blog does not cover topics such as esotericism, politics, automotive, motorcycling, religion, construction, or show business.

Cooperation Terms

Cooperation terms can be discussed directly with the chief editor by email. Below, we will briefly describe what we offer to authors and what we expect from them:

  1. We welcome both one-time placements and ongoing collaboration on terms that are comfortable for both you and our editorial team. All conditions will be discussed individually, so feel free to openly share your ideas!
  2. Personal experience-based texts will not undergo fact-checking and do not require the author’s expertise or evidence-based content.
  3. If you are sharing your personal story with us, there are no formal requirements for the text. Write from the heart! The editor will refine the structure and style, while the proofreader will focus on grammar and spelling, resulting in excellent material.
  4. Texts intended for self-promotion or advertising of oneself as an expert/brand/company will not be accepted for publication. Such placements are possible only through partnership agreements or as per our MediaKit guidelines.
  5. If you wish to become our copywriter or create a personal column, you should have experience in writing texts—demonstrate proficiency in clear and coherent writing, maintaining style, logical flow, and structure.
  6. Texts from copywriters and experts must be evidence-based and contain only credible information on the topic, relying on their expertise or reliable sources (with links to research, articles, etc.).
  7. All texts (including personal stories and materials from copywriters and experts) must be unique, free from advertisements, profanity, misinformation, and must not contain any content, messages, or calls contradicting the law.
  8. If a text has been previously published on another platform (social media, other blogs, magazines, etc.), we will not consider it for publication. Once you write and publish a text with us, it cannot be placed on another platform. We value the uniqueness of our materials and request all current and potential authors to take this seriously.
  9. You can suggest topics independently or take ready-made assignments from our editor. You can also alternate between the two options as you prefer.
  10. Permanent authors will have an “Author Card” and “Author Page” on our blog. The “Author Card” allows you to present information about yourself and include links to personal resources (social media, blogs, websites), while the “Author Page” will feature a portfolio of your materials published on the Findmykids Blog.
  11. Materials published on the blog receive extensive promotion across all our platforms, reaching a sizable audience. We are present on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Flipboard and YouTube. Feel free to explore and subscribe!

After you submit your text, it will undergo review by the issuing editor. The editor may request additional details or adjustments, which is entirely normal. Additionally, the editor reserves the right to rewrite/change/adjust your texts in line with our editorial policy and Tone of Voice. Don’t worry about these revisions; our goal is to help you create a good text.

We always listen to the author’s preferences and offer comprehensive support. If you disagree with the revisions, you can and should discuss them with the editor. As they say, truth is born in the argument.

We are looking forward to receiving your stories, proposals, or portfolio via email at right now! Let’s not delay the start of our productive (and most importantly, audience-beneficial) collaboration. Together, we can write texts that will change families’ lives for the better!

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