Findmykids GPS Child Tracking App: Features & Benefits

Technology has come such a long way in the last ten to fifteen years ago. Even just a decade ago, parents were forced to believe their child’s word, else they act as inquisitive mother hens to know exactly where they were going, and when they were coming and going. Today, modern technologies help parents keep a watchful eye over their children, without all the pressure and pestering.

Of course, a GPS tracking app to monitor your child won’t put their hat straight when it’s cold outside, nor will it sing them a lullaby when parents are late from work. However, due to the wide functionality of Findmykids, you will always be aware of the latest movements of your child and be able to protect them from danger.

The tracking app is not just about highly accurate and reliable GPS tracking. Once you familiarize yourself with its various features and work performances, you will be able to use all of them for your own benefits.

How Does the Findmykids App Work?

Findmykids is a child tracking app for Android and iOS that pinpoints a child’s location by triangulating the phone’s position every 15 minutes to within a few meters. This is done using a GPS sensor built into a smartphone and Internet communication systems — WiFi and mobile internet. But this is not the only function of the application, it also:

  • Creates a history of the child’s location
  • Sends notifications to a parent’s phone if the child leaves a designated area
  • If necessary, records sound around a child’s phone (for Android devices)
  • Defines the settings of a device which prevent the normal functioning of the app and helps to fix them
  • Monitors the child’s phone battery and the usage of apps on the child’s phone.

Benefits of Findmykids

The key advantages of the Findmykids app over its competitors are its following features:

  • Accurate and fast pinpointing of the child’s location with a maximum deviation is up to 12 meters and a locating speed of five seconds
  • Intuitive interface, which can be easily navigated for nearly anyone who has ever used a smartphone or PC
  • Minimum impact on device autonomy
  • Only parents have admin rights
  • Capability to add an unlimited number of devices to keep track of children or loved ones.

It should also be noted that the installation of the Findmykids child tracking app doesn’t require root access. This increases the security of your smartphone, as a smartphone with root access is much more susceptible to viruses and third-party intervention.

What do I need to use the application?

  • iOS or Android smartphone. This gadget is a must-have for parents. Today, one can hardly find a person who doesn’t have such a device with a large screen and constant internet access.
  • Another smartphone or GPS watch. Your child, or any other person who you are going to keep a watch on through the app, must have the second device. Not all parents entrust expensive tablets to their small children, because not only do they not understand the responsibility of owning such an expensive piece of equipment, but they may also attract unwelcome attention from thieves. With that in mind, we feel that the best option will always be a small child watch firmly attached to a child’s wrist.

When you are ready to take your child’s safety into your own hands, you can download the Findmykids app from the GooglePlay store or AppStore. Install the app on your phone and the Pingo app on your child’s device, and then synchronize them to ensure that they work. To start, you can use the default settings, but it’s better to fully customize the application to fit your needs.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

There are just five simple steps to take to start using the Findmykids app:

  1. Use GooglePlay or the AppStore to install Findmykids on a parent’s smartphone to monitor your child’s activity.
  2. Get a special code to identify the child’s phone.
  3. Install Pingo on the phone of your child.
  4. Enter the code obtained in step 3 into the child’s phone.
  5. Register your child/Create your child’s account by specifying his/her name and adding a photo. This information will be visible only to you.

Once installed, the app will show you how to change the phone’s settings to accurately track your child’s location. The installation is completed and the Findmykids app is ready for use.

You can check the child’s location both by viewing the location history and making a request to locate the position here and now. You can also set up certain areas where you think your child will be safe, and if they go beyond its boundaries, a message will be sent to the parent’s phone stating that the child has left a safe zone.

In addition, other functions are available, such as recording sounds around a child on request, remote configuration, battery status monitoring, and many other useful options.

There are many reasons why parents may need to know where their child is — from simple curiosity to very serious concerns for his or her safety. The Findmykids app for tracking children has exactly this function for pinpointing the location of a child’s phone on a map in real-time.

Findmykids app awarded the kidSAFE+ COPPA-CERTIFIED Seal. This certification allows parents to fully put their trust into our app and know that we will continue to bring families the highest quality of protection and services. The kidSafe Seal Program has certified that the Findmykids and the Pingo apps “meet the standards of online safety and privacy.”

The kidSafe Seal Program is known for testing and independently reviewing websites, apps, services and devices to determine what is safe for children.

Take Action!

Do you want to stop worrying once and for all about your child because you don’t know where they are? Don’t hesitate. Install the Findmykids child tracking app for iOS and Android now, and be vigilant with your child’s safety, even when you can’t be there physically.


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