Ten or fifteen years ago, parents had to believe their child’s word, or act as inquisitive mother hens to get to know where they are going to and where they will be. Today, modern technologies help people get really good and caring parents without too much effort.

Of course, a GPS tracking app to monitor your child won’t put his/her hat straight when it’s cold outside, nor will it sing him/her a lullaby when parents are late from work. However, due to the wide functionality of Find My Kids you will always be aware of the latest movements of your kid, and be able to protect him or her from many dangers.

The tracking app is not just about a highly accurate and reliable GPS tracking. If you have a closer look at its main features and work performance, you can use all of them for your own benefits.

What do I need to use the application?

  • iOS or Android smartphone. This gadget is a must-have for parents. Today one can hardly find a person who doesn’t have such a device with a large screen and constant Internet access.
  • Another smartphone or GPS-watch. A child or any other person who you are going to keep a watch on through the app must have the second device. Not all parents entrust expensive pads to their small children because not only do the kids not understand their responsibility, but they may also attract the unwelcome attention from thieves with the expensive toys. With that in mind, the best option will always be a small child watch firmly attached to a child’s hand.

When you have what it takes, you need to download the app Find My Kids, install it on your phone and on your child’s device, and then synchronize their work. For a start, you can use the default settings, but it’s better to go a little further into details and fully customize the application to fit your needs.

Operating principle of Find My Kids service

This parental control application will work accurately and efficiently only if the smartphone has an access to high quality mobile Internet or Wi-Fi. Every 15 minutes, the app receives a signal regarding the location of a child’s smartphone or watch. The position is pinpointed with an accuracy of up to one meter by means of a GPS-sensor built into the phone. The data is then processed and transmitted as a smart map to the parents’ smartphone.

When a mother or father creates a personal account in the Find My Kids app, they also make an account for their child. They can attach a photo and specify other important data in it. In addition, other functions are available, such as recording sounds around a child on request, remote configuration, battery status monitoring and many other useful options.