Meet Pingo Track: The Best GPS Smartwatch for Kids

A smartwatch for kids can be more than simply a means to connect your child to the digital world. The best options offer advanced yet easy-to-use features that help keep your family safe and secure. This is exactly the proposition of the Pingo Track from Findmykids—keep reading for our full review of this smartwatch, including how to get started using the integrated app.




Brand Findmykids
Model name Pingo Track
Size 3.35 x 3.35 x 3.27 inches
Weight 6.7 ounces
Color Available in blue or pink
Age range 5–12 years
Screen size 1.4 inches
Special features Bluetooth, GPS, touchscreen
Shape Square
Compatible devices Smartphone
Main features
  • Video Call (2-Way)
  • Phone Call (2-Way)
  • Movement history
  • Locating
  • Safe zones
  • Audio messages
  • Sound around
  • Family Chat
  • SMS
  • Safe Kids certificates
  • Reject Unknown Calls (whitelist)
  • 1-year warranty
  • Dual cameras
  • Water Resistant
  • Сhangeable screensavers
  • SOS button
  • Pedometer
  • Alarm Clock


The Pingo Track is available in either blue or pink and features a robust square screen with a touchscreen function. Its wide, adjustable strap makes it comfortable enough for all-day wear and allows it to grow with your child!

Functions and Features

The Pingo Track smartwatch excels in its range of safety features, all designed to keep your child secure and give you peace of mind:

  1. The GEO-tracking function makes parents assured of where their kids are at all times.
  2. Tracker incorporates safe-zone options and also features a locator, SOS button, and calling mode, meaning if there’s an emergency, you can get in touch with your child even when they’re with friends or at school.
  3. As well as audio calling, the Pingo Track supports SMS, voice chat, and SMS and boasts two HD cameras.
  4. Kids can also use it to take remote photos and activate location audio, which is a great way to help locate them if they’ve gotten lost.
  5. You can even check route history if you want to be sure, for example, kids headed directly to their friend’s house as they assured you they were going to do—rather than take a detour to the store or somewhere else you’d rather they not visit.

As well as its advanced safety features, what makes this option the best kids’ smartwatch is that it’s been designed by parents and is focused on creating a distraction-free zone, crucial when your child is at school or getting on with their homework. To this end, you won’t find games, social media, or advertising on the Pingo Track.

The Pingo Track is waterproof and built to withstand roughhousing, a vital feature in any kids’ smartwatch. Its interface is highly kid-friendly, it’s lightweight, and it has an inbuilt pedometer to support healthy living.

Battery Life and Connections

The Pingo Track battery (an inbuilt lithium polymer battery) is long-life, meaning you won’t need to charge it too frequently—in active mode, the smartwatch has an operating time of around twenty-four hours.

This smartwatch only supports AT&T and T-Mobile Nano SIM cards with prepaid mobile phone plans to connect to the internet (not for wearable devices). The incorporated video call function works without wifi; meaning it will work out on the street, for example, where there is a good signal.

Where to Buy the Pingo Track Smartwatch?

You can buy the Pingo Track smartwatch direct from the Findmykids online store or head to Amazon, where you’ll also find this item listed. On Amazon, you can choose between pink and blue depending on your kid’s preference.

What’s in the Box?

When you buy the Pingo Smartwatch, you’ll receive the smartwatch itself, as well as a cable and user manual. Plus, you’ll get a free family subscription allowing you to set up the Findmykids app for unlimited family members.

Using the app means that the watch can be connected to the Findmykids services and access all the functions for free. Once you connect the smartwatch, the subscription will automatically activate.

Buy a Pingo Track smartwatch right now and get a Findmykids family license for FREE. Rest assured that your child is safe wherever they are!

Setting Up


To get started, you’ll need to purchase a SIM card for the Pingo Track. It’s important to note that not all SIM cards are suitable for use with kids’ smartwatches, so check carefully that the SIM card is compatible before purchase. You’ll need a SIM card from a provider with at least 4G standards.

Next, simply turn on the Pingo Track, and you can flip through the screens, pressing buttons as necessary to activate and set various functions and features. You can head to the display settings to set the time, which can be done automatically over the cellular network.

To sync the smartwatch to the parent’s phone, you need to simply download the app you’ve chosen to your phone. After launching and registering with this app, you can access the app’s interface.

In your phone’s settings, head to the add a device (or similar) menu, and select a GPS phone from the options. If requested, enter the smartwatch’s ID. The Pingo Track will now synchronize the date and time settings as set on your phone, and you will have access to the watch’s settings.

If you need more help, please read also How to Set Up a Kid’s Smartwatch: User’s Guide and SIM Card for Kids Smart watch

Connecting with the Findmykids App on a Smartphone

We highly recommend using the Findmykids app with the Pingo Track, for the most convenient set-up process plus access to the range of features this option offers.

Install the Findmykids app from the Apple or Google Play store and register within the app. When prompted simply select ‘Connect GPS-watch’, read the instructions carefully on the next screen, check all the items and press ‘Continue.’ Enter the smartwatch’s phone number and again hit ‘Continue.’

The app will now request to send three SMS messages to finish the configuration process.


The Pingo Track consistently receives excellent ratings and reviews from parents and is regularly ranked as the top smartwatch for kids with GPS tracking. Parents love the peace of mind that the Pingo Track offers, such as the receipt of notifications when their child leaves a designated safe area.

It’s also a great first ‘phone’ for younger kids and is perfect for children who are just getting to the age of wanting to roam further afield on their own or with friends. Perhaps they’ve gotten a new bike and are keen to head out on longer rides without a parent tagging along, or want to start walking to school on their own for the first time.

Parents also often mention how the Pingo Track has allowed their kids to have more independence without compromising their safety. Plus, the ability to locate lost children or teens that are late for their curfew via GPS tracking, location audio, and remote photo functions are major advantages.


What age is the Pingo Track smartwatch suitable for?

This smartwatch is best for boys and girls aged between five and twelve years.

How big is the Pingo Track smartwatch?

The dimensions are 3.35 x 3.35 x 3.27 inches, making it smaller (and more lightweight) than most of the competition for easy everyday wearing.

Will the watch overheat?

No, the watch is designed not to overheat, even when you’re child is active. It’s also robust and sturdy enough to withstand rough play.

Can my child play games on the Pingo Track smartwatch?

No, there are no games, social media, or advertising on this smartwatch, so there’s no need to be concerned that your child will be distracted at school, in clubs, or while doing homework.

Does the Pingo Track feature a camera?

This smartwatch incorporates both a front and side camera.

Does the Pingo Track use a whitelist?

Yes, only family members and friends are able to connect with your child via this smartwatch.

What support is available?

Plenty of support is available on a wide range of subjects, via the Find My Kips app.

How many people use the Findmykids app?

More than seven million parents worldwide use the Findmykids app.

If your child has reached an age where they’re keen to experience more independence, or you’d simply like additional peace of mind regarding a younger child, the Pingo Track smartwatch is an excellent choice.

Partnered with the Findmykids app, the Pingo Track offers a one-stop-shop solution to help safeguard your child, whether on a solo walk to school, while out playing with friends, or while on a sleepover.

You can check your child’s route history (to follow their route to school, for example), and have the assurance that both you and your child can connect with each other in an emergency.

Millions of parents around the globe are already using the Findmykids app in conjunction with a kids’ smartwatch. For us, the Pingo Track smartwatch is the best option to use with this app, both for its robust, child-friendly design, and the wide range of features and functions that are an effective means to keep your family safe and sound.

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