How to Set Up a Kid’s Smartwatch: User’s Guide

A smartwatch is not only a trendy gadget anymore. The device will be useful both for kids and parents. In this article, we will cover how to set up a smartwatch for your kid and make the most of them.

All settings are carried out using the parent’s smartphone. The process includes 2 simple stages:

  • connecting smartwatch to smartphone;
  • setting up a smartwatch using an application.

Our step-by-step guide ‘How to connect and set up a kid’s smartwatch’ will help to smoothly go over them.

Prior to installing the native application, you should check the watch model in this article 5 ways to identify the compatibility of the Findmykids app with your GPS watch. If your gadget is compatible with the Findmykids app no need to use a native app. All settings should be done from this professional application.


Connecting Smartwatch to Application

You should complete the following steps to connect the smartwatch to your smartphone:

  • buy a proper SIM card and set it up;
  • figure out the device battery;
  • turn on the gadget;
  • find identifiers: ID and IMEI;
  • complete a coupling with a smartphone;
  • check the synchronization.

Let’s start with the first step.

Buying a SIM Card

Insert a SIM card in the Q50 model.

Unfortunately, not all SIM cards are suitable for children’s smartphones. Most models use a 4G internet connection, although you’ll still find 3G with some cellular providers. You need to buy a SIM card from a provider with at least 4G standards. Do not rely on what the salesmen in the stores say. In most cases, they are not competent enough in this issue. So, double-check in advance.

The fact that your mobile provider supports 4G in one region does not mean it operates a 4G standard in other regions. We recommend you to contact and visit the provider’s office and receive official confirmation of a 4G availability for your device in the specific region.

Before you insert a SIM card in the smartwatch, put it in your phone or smartphone, disable the PIN-code request and make sure the balance has sufficient funds. Make a phone call using this SIM card to be sure it is active.

We recommend you use a pre-paid calling plan with a fixed payment and unlimited traffic options. Never disconnect from your kid and his/her current location in the case of zero balance.

Kindly ask a staff member to turn off and disable all paid subscriptions. All providers activate fee-paying services without your prior approval. Just be safe in this situation!

Charging the Battery of a Gadget

There are various types of charging devices and cords. Today you have a huge variety to choose from. It can be a magnetized plug, a clothespin type, a platform for wireless charging, a docking station or a cradle type. Before putting a plug into the socket read carefully the manual and connect the charging device to the gadget properly.

Supply power. A charge indicator will be displayed.

Make sure the battery is 100% charged. Please, read the user’s manual to check on how to control the charge indicator of each specific model.

If you check the kids’ smartwatch manual or product description, you are likely to find information about the battery. Its strength is described as mAh – milliampere-hour. The higher the number, the longer the battery of the children’s smartwatch will last. We recommend at least 650mAh.

Occasionally you can find obsolete information in some sources on making your battery last longer. Some people believe that charging and discharging the battery several times is the way to go. No need to experiment like that with modern lithium batteries.

Insert a SIM card after completing the charging. Follow instructions for the specific watch model. Don’t force anything since there’s a proper and easy way to put a SIM card in a smartwatch—all you have to do is follow the manual.

How to Turn on a Smartwatch?

We strongly advise you to read the kids’ smartwatch instructions carefully. Some providers require resetting the device to factory settings as a part of the ‘how to set kids’ watch’ simple process. This usually involves consulting the smart watch Android manual and entering the right command. It should be simple enough and the process shouldn’t last more than a few minutes.

Once you are ready, feel free to turn on the smartwatch device. You will be able to flip through the screens and enter the commands only after turning it on. The process should be as simple as pressing the button on the device.

How to Change Time on a Smartwatch?

The smartwatch with a phone is an autonomous device. The date and time can be set up on display settings. It can be synchronized over the cellular network as well.

Some apps and providers simplify the process by allowing to set up a kid’s watch by adjusting time and other settings directly via the app. For example, the Findmykids app allows adjusting the time on compatible watches by picking the software’s main menu and entering settings. From there, pick the appropriate time zone and the time that the kid’s watch user sees will update automatically.

However, sometimes you may encounter issues with the time display on the smartwatch. Below, we will briefly describe some possible errors you may encounter and provide instructions and methods on how to adjust them.

Incorrect Time Zone

If the time on your child’s smartwatch seems incorrect, it might be due to an incorrect time zone setting. To adjust the time zone, navigate to the settings menu on the smartwatch and look for the “Time” or “Date & Time” option to manually set it up. From there, set the appropriate time zone based on your location.

Correct Time Zone

In some cases, the smartwatch may display a wrong time even with the correct time zone set. To fix this, ensure that the smartwatch is connected to a reliable internet source or synced with a smartphone. By syncing the smartwatch with a smartphone or connecting it to a Wi-Fi network, it will automatically update the time to match the local time.

Automatic Date

If the smartwatch does not display the correct date, check if the automatic time zone setting is enabled. This feature allows the smartwatch to automatically update the date based on the current time.

To enable automatic date, go to the time settings menu on the smartwatch (find the “Date & Time” or “Time” option). Look for the setting that enables automatic date and ensure it is turned on.

Finding the Identifiers

Watch’s IMEI Number


Smartwatch is a kind of cell phone too. It has a unique number (IMEI) that is used to identify the mobile device.

IMEI is usually printed on a strip of paper and stuck to a watch box or back cover of the watch. In addition, IMEI can be found on the information screen of the watch. Please, write it down and keep it for an emergency. We hope you will never get into a situation when you use IMEI to locate your kid. In case if GPS fails the approximate location of the watch can be determined by the mobile operator base stations. And you will need IMEI for that.

Watch’s ID

Another identifier to use is ID. It is a unique gadget number in the app.

All records are kept in cloud-based app storage. If you lose or replace your smartphone all your settings will be saved. The kid’s smartphone can be connected to several smartphones (dad’s, mum’s, granny’s).

If your watch is brand-new take a photo of all stickers on the box and place them in the cloud. They can be easily accessed later from any device and location.

In case stickers and photos were lost, we offer 2 options for you:

  1. Extract ID from IMEI. The users noticed that manufacturers don’t generate a new ID but use a part of the IMEI number for that starting with the 5th digit and ending with the second to last. For example, for IMEI 0987654321098765 ID will look like 65432109876.
  2. Send SMS commands from your phone. The number and text for each model can be found via search queries. Model Q90 (Q100) will require the following SMS commands for ID and IMEI respectively:
    • PW,123456,ts#
    • PW,123456,tt#

You will need those identifiers to activate a watch or connect to the application.

How Do You Set Up a Kid’s Watch to Sync?

Use a native application for hardware settings. Its name and link in the form of a QR code are available in the manual. The same code can be produced on the screen of the watch.

  1. Download and install the watch app on the parent’s phone. Turn Bluetooth on the phone.
  2. Launch the installed application. Usually, such apps require registration. Register in the app and get access to the interface.
  3. Find an option to add a gadget and select a GPS watch there. Connect it with a simple tap. Probably the app will require you to enter the watch’s ID. Enter ID.

After connection, the watch will synchronize the date and time as set on the phone. The user will get access to the watch’s settings. In particular, some watch models can only be disconnected from the native app.

Using a professional app like Findmykids is convenient. You don’t have to learn how to change/set time on a smartwatch or other details. Instead, you syn the watch and the app and it does the tough part for you. The best part is that the Findmykids app works with all operating systems.

Connecting the Watch to the Findmykids App

  1. Make a call to the watch. If it goes through, it is okay to connect. If not, please take some time until the watch will be registered in a cellular network.
  2. Next, install an application from Google Play or Apple Store. It is highly recommended to install Findmykids in your native language as the top app in The best apps for parents rating.
  3. Register in the app. The registration process is extremely easy. We won’t go into details here.
  4. On the screen of adding a child’s device press ‘Connect GPS-watch’. Read carefully the smartwatch’s instructions on the next screen and check all items. Press ‘Continue’. Enter the phone number and press ‘Continue’.
  5. Then the app will ask to send 3 SMS messages. It’s a standard part of the smartwatch instructions, and you’ll need a bit of patience after sending the texts. The application has a timer set for 5 mins maximum.

Setting Menu and Basic Functions of a Kid’s Smartwatch

Findmykids is imperative for children’s safety because it allows kids to send SOS signals by pressing the alert button on the device. But you need to know how to set a kid’s watch to send the SOS signal to the desired numbers.

You’ll find a phone book in the Findmykids app, within the Watch Settings. It’s possible to enter up to 15 numbers, and it’s better to have more to increase the odds of a response. You’ll miss the basic function of the smartwatch without a phone book, so this is imperative. Check the alert button to assign numbers for sending an SOS signal.

Adjust settings for incoming and outgoing calls:

  • enable receiving calls only from the phone book or any call (White list);
  • set the time for Don’t disturb mode;
  • set up the alarm clock and sleep time;
  • perform other settings available via the application (language, time zone, coordinates refresh interval, pedometer, etc.).

The native apps are able to track the kid’s location. But such apps have worse localization, and inaccuracies in determining the location and they are not feature-rich. Besides, free Chinese apps do not have 24/7 support. Do not hesitate to remove the app if it is on your phone. Two applications will not work together, so it’s better to learn how to set a kid’s watch to work with the Findmykids app.

What to Do if the Watch Can’t be Connected?


You’ll find some suggestions in the sections below. Don’t hesitate to consult your children’s smartwatch quick start guide for more suggestions. 

If nothing of those ideas works, please contact our support team and send an email to Please, provide detailed information in your message with actions undertaken and attach all screenshots from the application.

There is another quick way to contact the support team. Our experienced operators in live app chat will assist you in resolving the issue. They are available 24/7.

Additionally, post a question in our community on Facebook. Our dedicated users will be glad to help you too.

A Restart of the Gadget

Sometimes you need to restart the watch. If the device does not work properly you will have to do that. It’s a suggestion you’ll surely find in the children’s smartwatch quick start guide.

Open the manual or just flip through the screens. Find the restart screen and initiate a process.

Turn off the Watches

If the watch does not have a restart option just turn it off and turn it on again. You can save the battery when you turn off the watch. For example, you are out camping for several days with the charger left at home. So, you can turn on a gadget when it is necessary and kids are out for a walk.

Turning off and restarting the watch can be easily done via the Findmykids application.

Reset to Factory Settings

If you have tried your best to solve the ongoing issues with your watch then resetting to factory settings is the last and only option. Read a manual on how to do it. A reset can be executed by completing a command from an app or just using the screen of the watch for that.

Setting Up a Smartwatch in the Application

When a watch is connected to the Findmykids app you can define geo-zones (or so-called geo-fences) for your kids, set up a phone book, save SOS numbers, and adjust interface settings (optional).


You can highlight places (zones) that are safe for your kid. For example, school, home, chess workshop, music school, dance school, etc.

The parents will be notified immediately if the kid crosses the border of the defined zone. They can react right away! For example, to turn on the sound around option, make a call, or send a text.


The app will inform the parents about the following events:

  • entering the location;
  • leaving the location;
  • low battery.

The app will provide moving records if you request. Moreover, you can send a loud signal so the child will hear the watch.

You can praise your kid for the quick response and send hearts as an alternative to likes.

A kid has also an alert button. When he/she presses the button, the signal will be sent to all connected smartphones.

Download the Findmykids app right now for free to be sure your child is safe!


The smartwatch for kids is not a luxury item nowadays. It is a device that guarantees safety in the modern world. The parents can remain calm and confident if they are connected constantly with their children. They will find peace of mind with our application and smartwatches.


How Do You Put a SIM Card in a Smartwatch?

The first thing to ensure is that you got the SIM card size right. It depends on the model, but it’s usually a micro or nano SIM. You should find an indicator on how to position the card. Alternatively, check the manual you received with the watch to learn about the proper direction.

What Should My APN be Set To?

The cellular provider should deliver APN settings for you to enter. Some smartwatches might already have APN parameters entered once you turn on the device. Others will require you to add a new access point. You can do this from Settings after starting the watch.

Why Can’t I Change APN Settings?

The most common reason is that you haven’t even connected the SIM card, so start by ensuring it’s properly placed. From there, you should be able to change APN settings and enter the correct configuration, which depends on your provider.

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