There are many models of watches from different manufacturers on the market nowadays, but in most cases the standard application for gps watches has many drawbacks, ranging from low accuracy to location and ending with a usual authorization problem. For example, the chinese app SeTracker does not see the watch in 70% of cases, even after a successful connection and several days of use.

In this case, there is the only one way — download the smart watch app «Find My Kids» (get it in GooglePlay or AppStore).

However, it is worthwhile to understand that different watches from different manufacturers have their own peculiarities, and the app «Find my kids» can not support absolutely all existing watches for technical reasons.

These 5 specifications will help you to understand if the «Find My Kids» app supports your watch.


First of all, please, check whether there is a gps sensor in the watch. There are a lot of smart watches on sale that synchronize with the phone via Bluetooth and they are often confused with gps watches.

For example, the popular model DZ09 smartwatch does not have a built-in gps sensor, so tracking the child’s location with DZ09 is impossible.

The watch’s model

If you know the exact model of your watch, then it’s very easy to find out if they can be connected to the app «Find My Kids».

The application supports the following watch models:

Wonlex: Q50, Q60, Q80, Q90, GW100, GW100S, GW200S, GW200S, GW500S, GW500, GW500, GW500S, GW800, GW700, GW800, GW900, GW900S, GW1000, GW1000S, EW100, EW100S, EW200, Q360, Smart Pet Tracker, Smart Tracker S01.

Smart Baby Watch: Q50, Q60, Q80, Q90, G10, G100, W8, W9, W10, T100, T58, I8, D99, D100, D100S, S668.

Abardeen: KT01, KT04.

Titan Watch: Q50.

And also Safekeeper GW300, Tesla Nautilus Junior, Jetix DF50, Q75, Ginzzu GZ-507, Indee D26C, ZGPAX S668.

If you only think about buying kid’s GPS-watch, we recommend you to choose from the models above. The application for smart watches «Find My Kids» exactly supports them.

The app does NOT support such watch models:

Elari: FixiTime, Kid Phone.

Smart Baby Watch: DZ09, X10.

And also dokiWatch, Filip 2, JET Kid Smart, VTech KidiZoom DX, Gator Caref, HIPER, LG GizmoPal 2, Tinitell, Keelin, Ginzzu GZ-501.

The screen interface

If there are no «identification marks» on the watch’s box by which you can determine the model, please, look at the interface of the main screen of your watch. If the watch has a simplified interface, as in the picture, then most likely the application for kid’s watches «Find My Kids» supports them.

Recommended apps

Try to remember which application for kid’s GPS-watch was recommended to you by the seller. We definitely support the watches models, for which the seller recommends the following applications: SeTracker, SeTracker2 and Aibeile.


The most accurate way to understand that the watch will be connected to the app «Find My Kids» is to check the watch settings using SMS commands.

You need to send an SMS from your phone to the phone number of the SIM card that is installed in the watch. After that the watch should send a reply message to your number. Before sending SMS commands, please,check the balance of the SIM card in watch (it should be positive!).

The basic SMS command that requests the watch settings is the following:


123456 is the password from the watch. Sometimes, depending on the manufacturer, the password on the watch may be different from the standard, so we recommend sending more commands:



!!! SMS should be sent in the form as it is written above, without adding spaces and omitting any characters. Send messages in turn, please, and only if you do not receive a answer to the previous message.

The response message from the watch should look like this:











bat level:63;





If the response message has come, then your watch is accurately supported by the app. If the message does not come, while the SIM card is positive, that’s mean that the watch is not supported.

If you checked all 5 ways, but still can not determine if your watch is supported by the «Find My Kids» app, please, send a photo of your watch to Support specialists will consider your case and help you to understand if your watch can work with the app «Find My Kids».