How to Use SMS Commands to Set a Kid’s GPS Watch

This manual is relevant for the following watch brands: Smart Baby Watch, Titan Watch, Smart Pet tracker, Smart tracker, Wonlex, Tiroki, Wokka Lokka, iCooLive, Ereon, Pax+, CARCAM, LEMFO, GINZZU, DxRise, Woqoo, Tesla Nautilus Junior, Prolike, TipTop, Palmexx, YQT, Xenzy, Grea, EarnCore, Jesam, Synmila, RoverMate, Themoemoe, TKSTAR, GBD.

The Find My Kids application is compatible with all of the following watch models:

Wonlex: Q50, Q60, Q80, Q90, Q360, Q523, Q730, Q750, Q8, GW100, GW100S, GW200, GW200S, GW200S, GW300, GW300S, GW400E, GW400S, GW400X, GW500S, GW500, GW500, GW500S, GW600S, GW700, GW800, GW900, GW900S, GW1000, GW1000S, EW100, EW100S, EW200, Smart Pet Tracker, Smart Tracker S01 and A1.

Smart Baby Watch: Q50, Q60, Q80, Q90, Q200, Q360, Q523, Q730, Q750, Q8, G10, G100, S4, Y3, W8, W9, W10, T100, T58, I8, D99, D100, D100S, S668.

Abardeen: KT01, KT04.

Titan Watch: Q50.

Safekeeper: GW300 and G36.

ZDK: HW8 and ZDK DS18.

And also Tesla Nautilus Junior, Jetix DF50, Q75, K911, Ginzzu GZ-507, Indee D26C, ZGPAX S668, Tiroki Q50, CARCAM Q50, RoverMate Kid 05, Wise WG-KD03, Aimoto Sport, Wokka Watch Q360, UWatch HW8, Pax+, LEMFO, Noko V7K, Prolike, TipTop, Palmexx, YQT, iCooLive, Ereon, DxRise GPS Tracker and Gaming Watch, Woqoo, Xenzy, GreaSmart Pedometer and Smart Watch, EarnCore, Jesam, Synmila, Themoemoe, TKSTAR, GBD, Owl Cole.

In addition to standard services and applications offered by manufacturers, you can also use SMS commands for setting or checking the reliability of your watch. These commands are run by sending an SMS command to the phone number of the SIM card inserted in the watch. Here is a look at the principles of forming an SMS command for a watch by using the following example:


  1. The first step of the command is pw, which indicates that the next step will be the watch password, following the comma.
  2. Next, you see 123456, which is the password of the watch, set by the manufacturer. Unless you have already modified the password in Settings, this will be your password. Another well-known, default password set by some manufacturers by is 523681. If the first password does not work, try the second.
  3. The third step of the command is the command itself, which the watch will run. ts — request for the current watch settings

IMPORTANT! The SMS command should exclude spaces. It must begin with pw, end with the pound sign (#), and all of the characters must be lowercase.

ver:G36S_THREE_V1.00_ …
bat level:95;

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snimok-yekrana-2017-11-07-v-19-53-51 snimok-yekrana-2017-11-07-v-19-54-01

A detailed look at each point:

  • ver – the current firmware version of the watch
    ID – unique watch identifier used to integrate the watch with any service.
  • imei – imei devices, which are used instead of ID to integrate the watch.
  • ip_url and port parameters are some of the most used settings. This is server and port address, where the watch is currently transmitting data, including information on location. When you integrate the watch with any service, it sets the data of the server, and other services do not longer receive it. That’s why the watch can run only with one application. The information on these settings can be found below.
  • center and slave – phone numbers listed as «administrator» numbers. Only these numbers can call the watch and modify some settings. That is why your telephone number should be listed there.
  • sos1, sos2, sos3 – phone numbers, where the watch will call and send text messages when the necessary settings are enabled and SOS button is pressed.
  • bat level – the current battery level.
  • language – Language number set on the watch, possible options are: (English — 0, Chinese — 1, Portuguese — 3, Spanish — 4, German — 5, Turkish — 7, Vietnamese — 8, Russian — 9, French — 10).
  • zone – time zone of the watch. For example, «GMT-6: 00» will be designed as «-6.00», «GMT + 5: 30» will be designed as «5.5». You will need this information if you want to change it.
  • GPS – this parameter indicates the current availability of GPS satellites (their number appears in parentheses). Positioning is possible only if the watch finds at least three satellites, 9 maximum. The more satellites the watch finds, the more exact the location will be.
  • GPRS – the availability of the Internet. If you see «NO» here – the Internet is not available on the watch. This is one of the most common problems when working with them. We are going to take a look at how it is possible to set the Internet below.
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snimok-yekrana-2017-11-07-v-19-53-51 snimok-yekrana-2017-11-07-v-19-54-01

If your watch will not respond to a ts command, check that the watch is on and running. It’s may seem obvious, but many users overlook this important step.

Secondly, make sure that you have sent the command on the correct number registered to the SIM card inserted in the watch. The easiest way to check is to call the watch and make sure that it rings. However, this step requires that your number be set as the center or slave number. If the watch does not ring, you will need to get a SIM card inserted into the phone and call from it to find the correct number.
If the number is correct, it is possible that the SIM card is just out of funds to send or receive an SMS. Again, to check this, we recommend inserting the SIM card into the phone to check the balance and availability of the internet.
If the above steps do not help to get a response from the ts command, it is possible that you used an incorrect password, such as PASSWORD, instead of 123456. If this is the case, input a different password. If this still does not work, you may need to contact the service center.

To Change the Service Address of Your GPS Watch

To work with the server «Find my kids», the following parameters must be set: ip_url:, port: 8001. They are set automatically when you integrate the watch via the application. If your watch shows other parameters, it most likely means that you tested another service previously, and that service changed the settings in the watch. It may also mean that the settings were not properly set during the watch integration. You can send the following SMS command to your watch phone number to set them:


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snimok-yekrana-2017-11-07-v-19-53-51 snimok-yekrana-2017-11-07-v-19-54-01

How to return to SeTracker

SeTracker does not send SMS commands automatically when being used. To return to SeTracker, you will need to set the address manually using the command:


If the SIM Card Has Internet Access, but the Watch Will Not Run

If you have made sure that the internet is available when a SIM card is inserted into the phone, but the watch still does not run, you may need to set the correct APN from the operator. Usually, it is provided by the operator automatically, but not for all SIM cards and operators. To set the APN, send the command:


for example for Beeline: pw,123456,apn,, beeline,beeline#. You can easily find APN parameters for your operator using Google and looking for «APN settings for operator …».

Other GPS watch settings

Most of the watch settings are much easier to choose from the interface of the application «Find my children». We do not recommend using SMS commands without the special need to avoid mistakes when adding settings manually, but we mention the list of commands for reference purposes.

Turning Off the GPS Watch


* Lifehack — turning off the watch using buttons: [5 times #SOS] + [#1] + [#2]

Searching for Watch Indoors


Changing the Time Setting

There are two ways to change the time settings:

  1. Using accurate online time-servers. (NTP server): pw,PASSWORD,timecali#
  2. Via SMS from your phone.


pw,PASS,time,hour.minute. second,date,

Example — setting of time 08:46:40 and date 09.11.2001: pw,PASS,time,8.46.40,date,2001.09.11#

Setting the Main/Additional Admin Number

Using this number, you can send SMS commands without specifying a password and restore it as “PASSWORD” in the case of loss of the old one.
Main administrator number. SMS format:


Additional administrator number. SMS format:


Delete all settings:

pw,PASSWORD,center,# or pw,PASSWORD,slave,#

Change Password

Using administrator number («center» number). Format:

Important! If you forget that you send SMS command from the administrator number and specify before the command pw,A_COMMAND, you may set a new PASSWORD = A_COMMAND

From a random number. Format:

Important! If you accidentally insert a space after the comma/before NEW_PASSWORD, you can set up the password, which includes the «space» character. Enter NEW_PASSWORD attentively!

Sending SMS on All Defined SOS Numbers by Pressing SOS Button With Watch Coordinates





Setting SOS numbers


pw,PASSWORD,sos1,telephone number#, or pw,PASSWORD,sos2,telephone number# or pw,PASSWORD,sos3,telephone number#

All 3 numbers:


To delete SOS telephone numbers:


pw,PASSWORD,sos1# or pw,PASSWORD,sos2# or pw,PASSWORD,sos3#

All 3 numbers:


Sending a voice message from the watch to client program by long press «power» button





Directory settings

Display of the directory by briefly pressing button #2.
If the directory is hidden, outgoing calls are possible only on the numbers programmed for buttons SOS, #1 and #2.
Scrolling contacts up/down by briefly pressing 1/2 respectively. Call selected contacts by long press #2





The watch can store up to 10 contacts. The control method is specific and is performed using two lists with 5 numbers each — phb and phb2.

Each list is set up using a separate command. Numbers are defined by the list and in the order, specified in the command.

Set voice monitor phone

for example: monitor,667062#
and the reply will be like: Monitor number:667062. Set OK

Set GPRS tracking interval

for example: upload,300#
and the reply will be like: upload300s;ok!

Naming of call recipients and message typing is performed in the encoding UTF-16

SMS format:
list №1

pw,PASSWORD,phb,number_1,name_1, number_2,name_2,…#

list №2

pw,PASSWORD,phb2,number_1,name_1, number_2,name_2,…#

On-line converter of text messages in UTF-16 format:

Delete All Contacts

list №1


list №2


Delete some contacts from list №1:

list №1

pw,PASSWORD,phb,number_1,name_1, number_2,name_2,,,,,number_5,name_5#

Setting «White List» — the list of fixed dialing numbers for incoming calls

Maximum 10 «white» numbers.

Numbers are stored in two lists — whitelist1 and whitelist2.

SMS format:

list №1

pw,PASSWORD,whitelist1,num_1,num_2, … ,num_5#

list №2

pw,PASSWORD,whitelist2,num_1,num_2, … ,num_5#

Delete white list №1:


Delete part of the white list №1:

pw,PASSWORD,whitelist1,number_1, number_2,,,number_5#

Send Hearts


Automatically Answering Incoming Calls





Setting the Thickness of Watch Digital Symbols





Forced Outgoing Call from Watch on a Specified Number

SMS format:


Forced SMS from Watch on a Specified Number

SMS format:


* Any font, including Cyrillic letters, is possible.

pw,PASSWORD,sms,+79520000000,123ABC everybody good#

Setting Intervals of Data Transfer to Server

The interval is set in seconds. If disabled = 0. Minimum = 10.
SMS format:


Example: pw,PASSWORD,upload,300#

Forced Wake-up for GPS Module

This command forcibly «wakes up» GPS module for a time period sufficient to find the current position in the open air.

The 3 minute period of communication with the server (upload) is reduced to 20 seconds.


Check Google URL

url#(working with platform)
The reply will be like

Restart Device

To restart GPS:


Reset Factory Settings

To Reset GPS to the factory settings:


Change Language/Timzone

  • where x: language (English — 0, Chinese — 1, Portuguese — 3, Spanish — 4, German — 5, Turkish — 7, Vietnamese — 8, Russian — 9, French — 10).
  • y: time zone (East time zone: «+» is needed, west time zone: «-»).


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