What Happened to Zenly? Looking for the Best Alternative to the Popular App

If you’ve been using the Zenly app, there is an important update you need to be aware of. Snap, Zenly’s parent company, has made the decision to shut down the popular app. As the news spreads, users are beginning to look for alternative apps for location sharing.


What Is Zenly?


Zenly is a popular location-tracking app. For those unfamiliar with Zenly, this app was founded in 2011 in Paris, France. Its main feature is an interactive map where users can share their locations with one another in real-time.

When users opened the app, they could immediately pinpoint their friends’ locations and see which friends were together at any given time. Messaging was another primary feature of Zenly, and it allowed users to coordinate plans with one another or just send a greeting.

Why Is Zenly Shutting Down?

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Credit: Zenly

Unlike many other failing apps, Zenly isn’t closing up shop because of a lack of users. In fact, it was one of the most popular social apps on both iOS and Android. If it was so popular, then why is it shutting down?

Apparently, Snap is getting rid of it because it really isn’t making any money for the company. The developers never focused much on monetizing the app, and now, it’s coming back to haunt them.

Why not sell off the app? That’s another good question. Snap could have sold Zenly but decided not to, perhaps out of fear of competition from the buyers in the future. Instead, the app will be entirely discarded. Many companies made offers to purchase the app, but Snap declined them all. Whether that was a good or bad business decision remains to be seen.

Zenly Shutdown Date

Another question Zenly users have is the exact date the app is shutting down. There have been rumors that Zenly was shutting down for a while now. Until recently, though, there was no official shutdown date. We now know that Zenly will be shutting down for good on February 3, 2023.

Find My Kids: A New Alternative to Zenly

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Since Zenly is indeed shutting down in early 2023, users will need to find another location-sharing app to meet their needs. A good alternative for these former Zenly users is Find My Kids.

Find My Kids is an easy-to-use app designed for parents who need to keep tabs on their kids’ whereabouts. Once downloaded, the app allows moms and dads to pinpoint certain locations their kids frequent like home and school, for instance. Then, the app will automatically alert parents via notifications when their kids arrive or depart from one of these places.

Another great feature of Find My Kids is that it can be downloaded on the phone (either Apple or Android) or a GPS smartwatch. This is ideal if your child is too young to have a smartphone, but you still want to know where he or she is going throughout the day.

Real-Time Location Tracking

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Parents can use the app to see their child’s (or other relatives) precise location on a map in real-time. They can also view the child’s location history to see everywhere he or she has been that day. This eliminates many potential worries such as the kid’s route to school, whether they made it to an afterschool activity, or if they’re being upfront about their whereabouts.

Keep Track of Kids’ Screen Time

While Zenly was almost exclusively a location-tracking device, Find My Kids has many other useful features. Another part of its functionality is the screen time feature. With this tool, parents can see which apps their children are using on their smartphones and for how long.

Listen To Your Child’s Surroundings

Another function that Find My Kids has that Zenly did not have is the Sound Around function. When the app is connected to your child’s gadget, you can access it’s speaker and listen to what’s going on around your son or daughter. It’s almost like being there right beside them.

Battery Monitoring

Another feature that surpasses Zenly’s capabilities is the battery checker on the Find My Kids app. With this tool, parents can check the charge on their child’s phone remotely. That way, they can remind kids to charge the phone before it dies and they lose contact.

Pingo: The Companion App for Kids

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Unlike Zenly, Find My Kids also has a companion app. Called Pingo (the app is downloaded on a child’s gadget), this application provides a simple and fun interface for children and allows them to connect with parents throughout their day, no matter where they are. Kids can send messages and stickers to their parents, so moms and dads always know how their children are feeling, even when they’re apart.

While Pingo features whimsical stickers and animations, it also provides a very important function to keep your child safe. Pingo’s emergency SOS feature enables kids to send a loud signal to parents whenever they perceive danger nearby.

That way, kids will never be truly alone in a dangerous situation even when mom and dad aren’t around. They can navigate their world with confidence, knowing that they can get help from their parents whenever they need it.

As soon as parents receive an emergency signal from the Pingo app, it will immediately begin recording the child’s surroundings. This can provide important information about the child’s circumstances and can be particularly helpful if the child is injured or cannot communicate effectively for whatever reason.

Parents can also send a loud signal to their child’s phone. This can be helpful if the child’s phone is on silent or he or she is ignoring calls. It’s a way to get the child’s attention when apart from their parents.

For anyone looking for an alternative to Zenly, Find My Kids and its companion app Pingo are free to download. Plus, all new users get a seven-day free trial to explore all of the apps’ functions and tools. After the free trial is over, these features can be accessed at the cost of a subscription. Location sharing, however, is always free. There’s nothing to lose. Download the app right now!


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What is Zenly Used For?

Zenly is used to share location information with friends and family. Users can view an interactive map to find other users and track their comings and goings.

Is Zenly a Tracking App?

Yes. Zenly is used primarily for location tracking. There are other features to the app as well such as a chat function.

Is Snapchat Shutting Down?

No. Zenly is owned by the parent company Snap. This app is slotted to shut down in February of 2023.

Can I Still Register for Zenly in 2022?

Technically, yes. The app isn’t slated for a shutdown until February. After that, you won’t be able to register for Zenly or even download the app. We advise you to consider alternatives for location sharing.

What are Some Similar Apps Compared to Zenly?

For Zenly users who are looking for a replacement app, Find My Kids is a great alternative. Others include Life360, Glympse, and Mylo.

Life After Zenly

Zenly had a good run, but unfortunately, it’s time to say goodbye. Life goes on, and there are many other applications that provide the same functionality as Zenly and more. Find My Kids, for instance, goes well beyond location sharing and provides parents with a convenient and effective way to keep in touch with their kids on the go. Try the app today—what’s more important than your child’s safety?

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