The Pingo App is Launching a Christmas Advent Calendar for Children

On December 1st, the Christmas Advent calendar for children was launched. We have prepared 25 tasks for you and your children that will allow them to feel the spirit of the upcoming holiday season and have fun!

The Christmas advent calendar in the Pingo app was developed by the content team of the Findmykids app in a collaboration with teachers and educators. There will be one calendar issued per day. This will help the child to skip the long wait for their holidays and not to get bored.

Children will be invited to make themed crafts and interesting decorations for the Christmas tree and apartment, as well as to play traditional games on the street and draw up their wishes and plans for the next year in the form of a card. The child will always be busy during the festive season with this advent calendar. They will learn to be independent and organized, they will master the skills of time management, and will have a great time! You will want to join your child in this fun activity, as Christmas is a time of miracles and the favorite holiday of the inner child that lives in every adult.

The tasks are aimed at children aged 7–13 years old, but younger children would also be able to cope with many tasks with your help. There will be 1 week given to complete each task.

Parents will be able to find out which tasks have already been completed by the child and which ones are still to be done, in the tasks section of the Findmykids app on their smartphone.

Here are the Christmas Advent calendar tasks:

  • December 1st — Open your Christmas Advent Calendar
  • December 2nd — Decorate the Christmas tree with your parents
  • December 3rd — Make a Christmas Wreath
  • December 4th — Decorate your room for Christmas
  • December 5th — Read Christmas Stories
  • December 6th — Memorize a poem
  • December 7th — Come up with gift ideas for your family
  • December 8th — Test your brain with these winter riddles
  • December 9th — Visit a Christmas Market
  • December 10th — Send Christmas cards to your family and friends
  • December 11th — Play winter games outside
  • December 12th — Start a new, healthy habit
  • December 13th — Learn a Santa Joke
  • December 14th — Take a picture with Santa Claus
  • December 15th — Make a Magical Dream Collage
  • December 16th — Have a movie night
  • December 17th — Prepare games for the holiday
  • December 18th — Make Frost Bubbles
  • December 19th — Learn how to say “Merry Christmas” in a different language
  • December 20th — Write yourself a letter to open next year
  • December 21st — Bake gingerbread cookies
  • December 22nd — Help your parents clean the house
  • December 23rd — Go to church with your parents
  • December 24th — Celebrate Christmas with your family!
  • December 25th — Read about New Year in other countries

The Advent calendar will appear for all children who use the Pingo app. It will start on December 1st and end on December 25th. You will be able to connect to the advent calendar on any day by downloading the Pingo app to your child’s smartphone* or tablet.

Help your child to get into the holiday spirit! Download the Findmykids and Pingo apps!

*The Advent calendar is available for parents and children with Android smartphones.

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