Findmykids Receives Prestigious kidSAFE+COPPA Certification

Findmykids have received, for the fourth year in a row, certification from the well-recognized KidSAFE Seal Program. This designation formally approves the app as a child-safe service and acknowledges the impact it can have for parents everywhere.

The kidSAFE+ COPPA Certified Seal is a program that the Federal Trade Commission approves. This seal is rapidly becoming the most well-known global directory of kid-friendly mobile apps, websites, and other technologies.

The kidSAFE Seal Program aims to make the Internet and digital environment safer and more enjoyable for kids worldwide. Founded in 2010, the organization works with companies of all sizes and stages to ensure that the apps and technologies they’ve created with kids in mind are safe and comply with all privacy laws.

This isn’t the first time that Findmykids has received this honor. It was first awarded the designation following an audit conducted by kidSAFE that looked at a variety of factors, including features, accessibility, and parental controls.

This status is a testament to Findmykids’ continued commitment to ensuring the highest possible safety and privacy standards for kid-friendly tech.

Findmykids offers a variety of programs that aim to keep families safe and give them peace of mind no matter where in the world they might be. The Findmykids app is meant to be used with kids ages six and up.

We always put children’s interests first. This is visible in many aspects: the children’s control over the functionality available to their parents, our commitment to rigorous data protection practices, including never selling user data to third parties, and the way we constantly look for impartial external validation of our efforts. Being certified by kidSAFE is another testament to this approach.
Мария Шапошникова психолог
Vadikh Giniatulin,
CEO of Findmykids

Though companies like Meta are becoming increasingly aware of the influence their products may have on children—products that are not targeted at an underage audience often end up in the hands of children regardless—it has been vital for businesses to ensure that their services protect a child’s development and privacy alike.

The founder and president of kidSAFE, Shai Samet, has acknowledged that the company has always had a vested interest in ‘doing the right thing’ when it comes to user privacy—while also making sure that parents have the tools they need to keep their kids protected while online. It can be a hard balance to achieve, but the creators at Findmykids are constantly seeking out new ways to make this integration possible.

Findmykids continues to uphold the values that the kidSAFE Seal holds close to heart, and has every intention of maintaining this certification as long as possible. The company plans to unveil several new safety features to the app and subscription service in the coming months.

If you haven’t tried the app yet, we recommend installing Findmykids for free right now to test the features in practice. It can be installed on a GPS watch or a smartphone so a parent can keep tabs on their child’s location and activities. More than 3 million parents in 170 countries are already using it!

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