Top 11 Child Tracking Devices Parents Need to Know About

As per the study and news, in the US most of the kids are lost because they forget their path and run while playing. They are kids so its parents’ responsibility to take care of them. Working parents cannot spend their whole time with their kids so they stay stressed and worried about the child’s security. At this moment parents, sometimes parents may feel helpless because they can’t leave the kids alone and also cannot compromise with their jobs.

“Findmykids” is a child monitoring app which performs multiple functions at a time. With this application, you are allowed to get the current location of the kids, activities of their surroundings and can provide an emergency call option.

We are here with the solution to this common problem. In this post, we have mentioned a list of child tracking devices that can reduce 90% of your stress. We have kept your budget in mind and make a list of cheaper as well as expensive devices. With these devices, you can track the movements of your kids and do not need to worry about their safety. Also here we will discuss an alternate way, Findmykids, for securing your kids. Findmykids is an app that allows you to track the kid’s surrounding noise and activities. It also provides GPS watches so that kids can carry it with them most of the time. So without wasting much time, let’s go ahead…

1. Wonbo Kids Smart Watch Q50

Wonbo Kids Smart Watch Q50 helps parents to track the live location. You can access it from anywhere in the world. This watch can be used as a child monitoring device. You can get real-time location updates through its GPS feature.


  • Can be used for voice monitoring.
  • Keep working until you make it shut down.
  • Makes you eligible to call.
  • Records 15 seconds of the call.
  • Provides battery backup of 96 hours.


  • Get the real-time location of the kid.
  • Allows you to monitor kid’s activities remotely.
  • Can stop smartwatch from the app.
  • Excellent battery backup.
  • Has an anti-scratch screen.


  • Straps are not available with this smartwatch.

Best Price:

2. WJPILIS Touch Screen Smart Wrist Watch

This smartwatch is specially designed for the autistic child. It is a wearable watch and you can monitor their activities remotely for their security. You can turn this watch into a tracking and listening device.


  • You can track the movements of the differently-abled child.
  • Records the noises of kid’s surroundings.
  • You are notified with the live locations of the child.
  • Set the visiting area for kids.


  • You need to install an app to use this watch.
  • Low battery backup.

3. Trax Personal GPS Tracker

This kid tracking device can be carried in pockets or bags easily. It works on the internet and allows you to track the kid’s location. Trax Personal GPS Tracker is a small portable device that makes it more popular. You have to connect it with your smartphone for the live updates.


  1. Smaller in size.
  2. Free data roaming is given for 2 years.
  3. Need an app to be installed on the smartphone.
  4. Works on the Geo-fencing feature.
  5. Customize zones as per the requirements.
  6. Get alerts for the vehicle speed.


  1. Several errors are found in the app.
  2. Sometimes do not provide exact location.
  3. Low battery backup than expected

4. Lineable

Lineable is designed to secure the kids in a crowded area like fairs, malls, functions, etc. If we compare it with other devices, then it is a cheaper one with a battery back if around 1 year. It has an internal battery. But it works on Bluetooth which does not cover much range. Parents chose this device to reduce their fear of losing their kids.


  • User-friendly and simple to use.
  • Available at the lowest price.
  • Provides one-year battery backup.


  • Very little range of Bluetooth.
  • The battery is a non-rechargeable battery.
  • No screen is available.
  • Communication mode is not available.

 5. SkyNanny 2.0 GPS Child Tracker

This one is another smallest child tracking device which can be used easily by connecting it with the smartphone. You can access the data on your mobile. This device has a rechargeable battery so that it can be used for a long-term purpose.


  • Get real-time location through the map.
  • Emergency signal button.
  • Conversation can be done.
  • Small in size.


  • Only the Android version is available.

6. My Buddy Tag

As the name shows My Buddy Tag is a wearable device. It is a Bluetooth based device providing a good range. Here you are able to set safety areas for the kids. You will get an instant notification when this area is crossed. It also detects water and notifies the parents if a watch is submerged underwater for more than 5-10 seconds.


  • Available for an affordable price.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Variety of colors is available.
  • Battery backup of a year.


  • The interface is old and is not updated.
  • Provides good but limited range for indoor and outdoor.
  • You cannot track your kid on a map.
  • No communication mode is available.
  • Non-rechargeable battery.

7. Zytree Mini A8 Tracking Device

It is a small child monitoring device to protect the kids. Parents use this device to get the live location updates through GPS. Zytree Mini A8 Tracking also provides you calling feature in case of emergency.


  • SOS feature is available for emergency calls.
  • It also has a call back function.


  • It looks like an old fashioned device.
  • It can be linked with fewer mobiles as compared to others. It allows only 4 numbers.

8. Tinitell

Tinitell is another child monitoring device in our list and has a single button. Its working is based on both Bluetooth and GPS for location tracking. It is available for both Android and IOS. It can be used easily by a non-technical person also as it is providing a simple interface.

You are allowed to make a call through this device on just a single click. Also, it has a feature of saving contacts.


  • It has a simple and classy look.
  • Can make a call on a single press of a button.
  • It has an app to monitor
  • You can save 12 contacts on it.
  • It has a battery backup of almost 1 week.
  • It is a waterproof device.


  • It is expensive as compared to others.
  • It does not have any display.
  • It needs a cellular connection which is also expensive.

9. Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker

Here comes another portable child monitoring device names as Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker. You can get an idea of its features from its name. It provides a real-time location with the help of a GPS tracker along with good battery life. And also, it can be carried easily because of its small size.


  • Provide live location updates via notifications.
  • It is based on GPS.
  • Battery life is for 2 weeks.
  • It notifies you through email or text message.
  • You can get the record up to 1 year of visited locations.


  • Design is not user-friendly.
  • Quite difficult to navigate the things.
  • Provides GPS updates of 2 minutes late.

10. NEW VERSION TickTalk

You can use this new version TickTalk as a wristwatch. It provides services like real-time location updates via GPS and can be worn as a bracelet. It works on a mobile phone. It provides continuous updates of location and you can customize it as per your needs.


  • Can be used as necklaces, wristwatch, or can simply keep it in your pocket and bag.
  • Several colors and designs are available.
  • It is multi-tasking which means you can convert it into the phone, watch or a tracker.


  • It is a new company and products do not test much.
  • It is a little bit more expensive than the others.

11. Spy Spot Investigations Real Time Live Mini Micro GPS Tracker


This mini child tracking device can run for two weeks and is based on GPS service. You are provided with the live locations updates using the GPS feature. It is monitored by an app which is easy to use.


  • You can stop using it anytime you want as it has no contract.
  • The battery runs for 2 weeks.


  • Customization of internal updates is not allowed.
  • Quite expensive than others.

Findmykids – Alternate Way to Protect Kids

We have discussed 11 child tracking devices which are counted as best devices. But here in this section, we will discuss an alternative to these devices. Findmykids is a child monitoring app which performs multiple functions at a time. With this application, you are allowed to get the current location of the kids, activities of their surroundings and can provide an emergency call option. GPS based smartwatches are also available which makes it more popular among the parents.

How It Protects Your Kids?

  • You can set a limit for their visiting areas like home to school or park.
  • Get updates when they reach or left that particular place.
  • Protect kids from kidnapping or bad companies.
  • It has a button for emergency. On click
  •  of this button, you will receive an immediate notification with kid’s location and the noise in his surrounding gets recorded.
  • It can be linked with the smart-watch.
  • If the child crosses the bounded area then also you will get a notification message.
  • It provides the statistics type report of their full day activities which can be accessed anytime and from anywhere.
  • It also records the path they chose to reach the destination.

It works on GPS service and provides accurate location updates. It is available for both platforms – Android and IOS. Also, it provides a free service.



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