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What to get on St Valentine’s Day: ideas of best gifts for your loved ones

Valentine’s Day is one of the most loved holidays after Christmas in the US and in Europe. Some people do not celebrate Valentine’s Day as they consider it not to be a part of their traditions which originated in the Catholic church. Others, on the contrary, are impatiently waiting for this romantic holiday to convey their feelings or even to go ahead with a marriage proposal. In any case, gifts for February 14th will put on a smile even on a skeptics’ face. This is of course under the condition that you choose what the other person would definitely enjoy.

If your loved one does not wish to celebrate the holiday, referring to its Catholic roots, or if relatives and friends refuse to accept gifts on this day, simply tell them that for more than 50 years now, neither Valentine’s Day nor even Valentine himself has anything to do with the Catholic Church.


The history of the celebration: on what day is Valentine’s day celebrated and why


Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the same day every year, on February 14th, no matter the day of the week. The holiday is mostly non-national in countries all over the world.

According to the tale, it was on the 14th of February that St. Valentine was executed, secretly performing an engagement ceremony on lovers whose marriage could not happen due to circumstances. However, historians are sure that the beautiful legend has in fact nothing to do with reality.

A brief history of the celebration

The emergence of the holiday associated with love between two people dates back to the times of ancient Rome. The celebration was at the time called Lupercalia and had a purely rational nature, without even a hint of romance: on February 14th, men whipped women with leather belts, as it was believed that this ritual had a beneficial effect on female fertility.

With the emergence of Christianity, Lupercalia, like other pagan holidays, was replaced by a religious festivity. February 14th would fall on the day of the memory of St. Valentine, who presumably was the martyr who refused to betray Christ for which he got executed in 1260. The martyr was not associated with either fertility nor secret weddings, however, the two events gradually got merged into one, and in the era of the development of romantic literature in the XIV century, the date of February 14th became the day of lovers.

In 1969, the Roman Catholic Church removed the holiday from the calendar. Since then, Valentine’s Day has become a very well known social event. The holiday is still celebrated all over the world, even in some Muslim countries, for instance, in Iran and Pakistan.

Valentine’s Day in the US


Americans have been celebrating Valentine’s Day since the 19th century, however, this day has gained widespread popularity, especially in schools amongst the nation, in the 20th century.

Up until today, Valentine’s Day remains a big celebration, in particular, for teenagers and young adults in schools and colleges. In elementary schools, children even bring their Valentine’s boxes from home and their classmates place their cards and letters in these boxes.

Valentine’s Day parties are being hosted across the nation on this day, often both in schools and at the workplace. The festive table is most likely to have heart-shaped cookies, red velvet cupcakes, and Conversation Hearts on February 14th.

These Conversation Hearts are the ultimate Valentine’s Day sweets in the US, forming part of this celebration’s traditions. The little candy hearts have cute messages such as “Kiss me”, “Be Kind”, “My baby” written on them, they are always served to make the atmosphere even more romantic and warm.

Interesting fact: there is ought to be more than one St Valentine, and hence, there is some confusion around which one is exactly being honored on that day. According to historians, the savior of lovers could have both been the Roman priest Valentine which was illegally marrying couples in third-century Rome, or the person helping Christians escape Roman prison, whilst sending letters signed as “from your Valentine”.

Gifts on February 14th: how to make the right decision


Now, on February 14, it is customary for people to congratulate not only their partners but also their friends, parents, brothers, sisters and other relatives. Regardless of the relationship you are with the person, try not to make a mistake with your choice of the present by taking some tips below into account:

  1. “The best gift is one that is made with your own hands”, as they say. This is in part because stores did not boast of a wide choice of gifts in the past, thus forcing people to prepare presents on their own. Nowadays, the choice, on the contrary, is too large, and a gift created with your own hands acquires a special value: when a person has dedicated their time and effort to please their loved one or their friend, it is always a pleasure to receive such a gift. With your own hands, you can bake a cake, draw a portrait, knit a scarf, and do much more. However, if you are very far from the DIY spirit, you can attach a hand-made postcard to your gift. Most likely, it would not be as good-looking as the store-bought one, but most importantly, it would allow you to show your love to the other person.
  2. Opt for a gift that can come in handy. For example, sports equipment for an athlete, a sewing kit for a woman who enjoys DIY, car accessories for people passionate about driving, and other similar gifts.
  3. It is twice as pleasant to receive a beautifully wrapped gift. Ask the sales assistance to wrap the gift, or to make your own gift wrapping from pretty paper and fancy ribbon.
  4. You can have the gift presented in an original way, for example, by organizing a quest to find it. You can organize it on your own or with the help of a special events company.
  5. A good gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Very romantic individuals will be happy with a bunch of balloons in the shape of hearts or with posters with declarations of love no less than with flowers, sweets, or other typical surprises.

On this day, get yourself a gift for your sense of peace of mind that would allow you to stop worrying about your children or elderly relatives. Always know where they are, listen to what is happening around them, and be able to get in touch with them quickly, even if the phone is in silent mode, by using the Findmykids app.

What to get a man on Saint Valentine’s day


A gift for a man on Valentine’s Day depends on the nature of your relationship: of course, with a varying degree of signs of attention. However, they will be appropriate for a beloved man, friend, and colleague. Here is what you can get for different men in your life for Valentine’s Day. Below is a list of win-win gift ideas:

Boyfriend Husband Father, brother, friend Colleague Classmate
Sweets in the shape of hearts, a box with love notes, gift set of tea or coffee. Warm bathrobe, heated slippers, tickets for an interesting event. Glasses, thermo cup, laptop accessory. Cufflinks, massage tool for the car, carwash certificate. Customized pen, t-shirt, DIY card.

Ideas for a boyfriend

A young man can be given a romantic or practical present, depending on their personal preferences. Here are some gift options for a guy on February 14th, which remain amongst the most popular year on year:

  • homemade or store-bought cakes, cookies, or other sweets. Given the main theme of the holiday, they can be in the shape of hearts;
  • a box with love notes, such as, “I love you because …”, “You are the best, because …”. An already decorated jar can be bought in a store or can be decorated by yourself;
  • a set of high-quality coffee or tea for lovers of these drinks;
  • creative surprises – a specially dedicated song, poem, or portrait of a loved one;
  • fashionable but not too specific accessories, such as an eyewear case, a belt, or an umbrella.

For a husband


A young woman can get her husband more personal – or, conversely, practical gifts for February 14th. All they would need to do is to ask their husband about their wishes in advance. Below are of a couple Valentine’s Day gift ideas for a husband:

  • warm bathrobe;
  • heated slippers – a convenient accessory for home or office, with a standard or a USB charger;
  • tickets to an event that is interesting to the person, such as for hockey or a football match or to the theater;
  • a portrait of a husband and wife;
  • bed linen with an erotic theme.

For a father, brother, or friend

What to get for relatives or male friends on that day:

  • mugs with a design or a customized engraving;
  • thermo mug with an unusual decor;
  • computer accessory, such as a mouse, a mouse pad, or a USB flash drive;
  • certificate for shopping, a haircut, or for an extreme sports experience, at the choice of a relative or a friend;
  • t-shirt with themed print, if you’re sure you can’t go wrong with the size.

For a colleague


The following neutral presents will be appropriate for male colleagues:

  • cufflinks, if possible, customized;
  • portable massage device for the car or other useful car accessories;
  • car wash certificate;
  • porcelain coffee cup;
  • beautiful ashtray.

For a classmate

A classmate could receive a friendly gift or a present with a display of affection, here are some examples:

  • customized pen, gift pencil, notebook, or other non-trivial stationary;
  • t-shirt with a print;
  • phone case;
  • self-made Valentine’s card;
  • heart-shaped cookies.

What to get a woman on February 14th


A Valentine’s Day gift for a woman can be both just a cute sign of attention and a really useful item. However, even if you decide to get the woman a set of kitchen pans, it would be good to add a pretty postcard or a box of chocolates to your gift.

Below are the ideas of popular gifts for young girls and women on Saint Valentine’s Day:

Girlfriend Wife Mother, sister, friend Colleague Classmate
Jewelry, photoshoot, a certificate for shopping or for a beauty salon. Jewelry, a warm blanket, tickets to an interesting event. Phone or laptop accessories, workshop, a set of decorative candles. A fruit basket, a teapot, or an anti-stress toy. Unusual stationery, photo frame, or a soft toy.

A gift for a girlfriend

If your relationship is quite long-term, ask the girl directly about what she would like to receive on this day. And if you started dating not so long ago, or the girl is too shy to let you know her gift preference, get her one of the most popular gifts on February 14th:

  • jewelry, for example, a bracelet, ring, or pendant;
  • joint or individual photoshoot for the couple or just the girlfriend;
  • gift certificate for makeup, perfume, jewelry, etc., or a beauty salon – depending on the girlfriend’s preferences;
  • plant in a beautiful flower pot;
  • cups decorated with hearts.

For a wife


What to get your wife on Valentine’s day:

  • jewelry;
  • a warm blanket, perhaps a model for two;
  • trip for two or the whole family to an event, such as the theater, the cinema, bowling, etc.;
  • scented massage oil;
  • bean bag chair for two in the shape of a heart.

For a mother, sister and friend

Examples of surprises for February 14th for relatives and female friends:

  • accessories for a computer or a phone: headphones, USB stick or a phone stand;
  • workshop related to the hobby of a relative or friend, e.g. for needlework, cooking, drawing, etc.;
  • set of decorative candles;
  • mug with the initials;
  • cute animal-shaped pajamas in the shape of a cat, bunny, or penguin.

For a colleague


Here is what could be given to a female colleague on this day:

  • fruit basket – a universal gift for both people with a sweet tooth or the ones who are keeping an eye on their weight;
  • teapot with an unusual design;
  • anti-stress toy;
  • gift sets of coffee or tea;
  • box of chocolate or sweets.

For a classmate

What to get a classmate for Valentine’s Day as a display of friendship or romantic sympathy:

  • unusual stationery: magnetic bookmarks with images, a fountain pen, a set of stickers;
  • magnetic photo frame;
  • soft toy – a separate medium-sized toy or a bunch of small soft toys;
  • jewelry case;
  • fortune cookies.

Ideas of inexpensive presents


Even if you do not have the opportunity to convey your feelings through an expensive present, make your loved ones happy with gifts that will fit into a modest budget. Here are some options for inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts:

  • matching keychains;
  • mug with a heart-shaped thermal sticker that changes color with the temperature of the liquid;
  • photo album;
  • flowers;
  • air balloons;
  • matching slippers;
  • mittens for couples;
  • gloves for using touchscreen devices outside;
  • box of the recipient’s favorite sweets;
  • knitted cup cover – can come with the cup.

In the event where there is no spare money at all, you can still certainly arrange a romantic walk along the memorable places of the city for both of you!

The most unusual options and DIY gifts


It is not so easy to make original gifts when most people already have everything they need. However, you can still try to surprise your loved one!

Here are the most unusual gifts on St Valentine’s day for a man:

  • beard care set;
  • small hammock;
  • mini breakfast table;
  • ride on a helicopter of skydiving;
  • bracelet that can be transformed into a strong cord for men who love extreme sports.

Unusual presents for women on the 14th of February:

  • an unusual piece of jewelry, for example, in the shape of an animal with which a girl is associated, or with an engraving of an important date for the couple;
  • a set of health sweets that will be particularly enjoyed by women who are on a diet: nuts, honey, or marshmallow;
  • collage of best photos together;
  • heart-shaped umbrella;
  • a heart-shaped USB stick on a pendant.

Those who want to impress their soulmate can choose a gift made with their own hands, allowing their loved one to receive a one-of-a-kind present. Below are some DIY gift options for February 14th:

Valentine cards

A DIY love card can be either the main gift or an addition to it. In any case, the recipient will be sure to keep the handmade note, while the store-bought card will be most likely stored somewhere far away. You can make a love note from scratch with materials such as paper, felt, wood, or others.

Here is a video that combines and gives instructions on 10 different versions of Valentine cards making:

The presented techniques involve paper folding, cutting, origami, and collage.

Cake or heart-shaped cookies

Even if you don’t possess very impressive culinary skills, making a cake for Valentine’s Day could be very simple. You can cut out hearts from ready-made cakes, brush them with something sweet, such as whipped cream, condensed milk, or jam, sprinkle them with grated chocolate, and here you have it!

Making heart-shaped cookies is also pretty simple, here is one of the recipes:

Handmade clothing: knitted sweater or scarf or a decorated jean jacket/t-shirt

The Internet is full of various DIY clothing ideas, so if you are a creative person, you would certainly be able to find something that works for you there.

Video gift

The video recorded on a camera or on a phone can be edited on the computer. It may involve you using photos, parts of your other videos, and other graphic support that would allow you to bring back good memories.


In order to remind your second half of your love on a daily basis, you could make them a lovely macrame yarn bracelet. The video below provides clear step-by-step instructions on how to make a red and white heart-shaped bracelet in the zig-zag technique. Your loved one will be sure to wear this beautiful gift on their wrist every day.

A sweet gift

Sweet gifts that can be given on February 14th to anyone: to your beloved ones, friends, relatives, and colleagues:

  • a bouquet made from candy;
  • heart-shaped cookies and other sweets;
  • gingerbreads;
  • heart-shaped cakes or cookies in the shape of flowers or strawberries;
  • poster with sweets – a whole story can be made out of them and placed on the poster strategically.

What should not be purchased as a gift for St Valentine’s:

Gifts that can embarrass the recipient or even cause an argument if their purchase has not been agreed upon in advance:

  • animals, including small ones, for example, fish: a person may not be ready for such responsibility;
  • clothes or underwear – it is easy to make a mistake with both size and style;
  • dishes and other kitchen devices for a woman;
  • a gift that the recipient is likely not to be delighted with, for example, a hockey ticket for a woman or a manicure certificate for a man;
  • personal hygiene products, perfume, makeup.

How to hand the present over and to spend Valentine’s day


The celebration of Valentine’s Day can be remembered by your soulmate more than expensive gifts, just use your imagination and make some effort!

How to spend the 14th of February— ideas and tips:

  • a girl can prepare a private dance for her beloved one by purchasing a costume in a specialized store;
  • a romantic walk on the roof, of course, if it is suitable for walking, will impress anyone, and fireworks will be a wonderful complement to the evening;
  • arrange a quest with adventures, special tasks, and a treasure hunt. You can organize the quest yourself or delegate it to a special company if you don’t have enough time;
  • spend the day in an unusual way: ride horses or a limousine, or just go to the nearest neighboring town to wander through unfamiliar streets and see some new places;
  • decorate the bedroom or the living room of your loved one with the help of balloons, posters with declarations of love and garlands.

Love and be loved every day. Let Valentine’s Day be another reminder of how important it is to please your loved ones!

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