A Parent’s Guide: Is Imgur Safe for Kids to Share and View Images?

Imgur is one of the most popular image hosting and sharing websites. But is Imgur safe for kids? This guide will cover everything that parents and guardians need to know before letting their little ones or older kids make use of Imgur.


What Is Imgur?

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Imgur is a free image-sharing and hosting platform. In other words, it’s a website where people can upload photos, pictures, and GIFs to share with others. The unique feature of Imgur compared to other sites is that it lets users store their photos as long as they like, while other sites tend to automatically delete and remove them quite quickly.

There’s a big community of users on Imgur, and many people enjoy scrolling through the many images, sharing them with friends, or using Imgur to make memes and viral pictures, too. It’s one of the most popular sites of its kind, starting off back in 2009 and rapidly growing into the internet’s image-sharing site of choice.

Features and Content

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Imgur’s main features are image hosting and sharing. Anyone can set up an Imgur account in a matter of minutes and start uploading their pictures to the site’s servers. You can then choose to share your images with the whole community, or make them more private—although nothing is ever 100% private on Imgur, as anyone who has a photo link can access that photo.

The site also supports other key features like commenting and community interactions. Users can leave comments on photos they like and interact with other users, as well as share Imgur links via social media or instant messaging on other apps. Images on Imgur also have voting systems, with users able to upvote or downvote photos they like or dislike, respectively.

Is It Safe for Kids? Potential Risks and Concerns

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So, we’ve seen the basics of Imgur, but is it a safe site for kids to use? Well, not entirely. A good thing about Imgur is that it does have filters and content policies in place to control the kind of content that gets uploaded to it. It also has a strict no-tolerance towards adult content since 2023, although it previously hosted many explicit images.

Even ignoring pornographic images, Imgur can also host other images which may be of a mature nature and unsuitable for children, like images of violence or scary pictures. Plus, Imgur can be a platform for cyberbullying, as users can leave mean comments or make cruel pictures designed to hurt others.

As with other photo-focused sites, there’s also a risk of kids getting addicted to scrolling through Imgur and wasting many hours of the day on the site when they could be doing more educational or interesting things.

Does Imgur Have Any Parental Controls or Built-in Features for a Child’s Safety?

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In terms of parental controls and safety features, Imgur has a few key aspects that can help to keep young users safe. It has a “Safe for Work” mode that users can activate to filter out any mature content, for example, along with a Mature Content Warning which makes users confirm their age before viewing certain images.

In addition, as part of a big policy change in 2023, Imgur revealed that it would be deleting all explicit adult content from its servers, and getting rid of anonymously-updated content, too. This should help to reduce the risk of children seeing content they shouldn’t see, but there are still threats of bullying, addiction, and exposure to mature photos and images on the site.

Tips for Parents


Parents can take various steps to safeguard their kids when using sites like Imgur:

  • Education: Parents should educate their children on the risks and dangers of certain sites, explaining why some sites can be dangerous and teaching kids how to use the internet in a safe, responsible way.
  • Supervision: Moms and dads can also make sure to supervise their little ones whenever they’re using a site like Imgur. This will allow you to see exactly what kind of content your child accesses and take action if they see something mature or explicit.
  • Communication: Communicate regularly with children of all ages about the risks of the Internet. It’s up to parents to let kids know about the dangers, rather than letting them find out and deal with them on their own.
  • Apps and Tools: There are also various apps and tools that you can use on kids’ phones and other devices to control which sites they can access. Use parental control settings and tools as needed to keep your kids safe.

Stay Safe with Kids360

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Kids360 app

One of the best ways to keep kids safe and prevent excessive or unwanted use of image-sharing sites like Imgur is with the Kids360 app. This smart mobile app for parents allows you to control exactly how long your kids get to use certain apps each day.

With Kids360, parents can set reasonable screen time limits for their children, even setting specific limits for individual apps, like Imgur. Then, when the kids reach those limits, Kids360 locks access to the app until the next day. Or, you can simply block access to certain apps.

This is a helpful and convenient way to prevent kids from using apps that aren’t suitable for them and could contain explicit content or serve as a platform for cyberbullying. Download Kids360 today to any Android or iOS device.

Keep Your Kids Safe on Imgur

As we can see, Imgur has its uses and benefits, but also poses risks to children. Even with the removal of all adult content and changes to the site’s policies, there are still risks of adult and mature images being uploaded or cruel cyberbullying occurring on this app. Parents should be aware of the risks, take them into account, and consider the various methods and tools at their disposal to keep kids safe.


is it safe to use imgur


What is Imgur used for?

Imgur is primarily used for photo sharing. It’s essentially a big online community where users can upload, share, and view pictures and GIFs.

Is it safe to upload images to Imgur?

Not necessarily. Imgur does have some privacy settings and allows users to upload anonymously, but other people can still view and access anything you share if they get the link. So, if you upload a very personal photo, for example, countless other users could access it and download it or share it with others.

What type of app is Imgur?

Imgur is a photo-sharing app available for both Android and iOS devices.

What is happening with Imgur?

A recent announcement revealed that Imgur intends to remove all explicit or pornographic imagery on its website from May 2023. It also plans to delete everything that has been posted or shared anonymously. This should help to make the site and app safer, though risks will still exist.

What are the disadvantages of Imgur?

From a technical perspective, a downside to Imgur is that it has strict file size limits and won’t let you upload large files or numerous files in a short span of time. For parents, another disadvantage is that it can host adult content and may be a source of cyberbullying or addiction for kids.

Is Imgur free to use?

Yes, Imgur is a free-to-use site and app, although it does have premium subscriptions for those who are willing to pay a fee for extra benefits.

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