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Teaching a Child an Emergency Keyword: Play “The Spies Game”

Imagine that you have gotten yourself into a difficult situation or unfamiliar or dangerous circumstances. You need to call someone close to you  and explain what happened as soon as possible. He or she must at once understand that you need help. How are you supposed to do that?

Even adults sometimes get stuck in unfamiliar situations. A child experiences a lot of stress when the situation seems menacing and often doesn’t know how to inform his parents about it. The family needs a codeword.

What should a codeword be?

  1. Simple and neutral, which you can say in any situation and arouse no suspicion.
  2. Short to text in a message easily
  3. Uncommon, so you won’t be afraid every time your child says it in his speech telling about where is he and what is he doing.

Everyone in a family should know about the codeword, so the child can ask for help from any relative. It’s not necessary to look for mother’s number in his phone — father, grandmother, as well as an elder brother will understand the call. Create a message template and reach an agreement as to when a child must use it.

You will need to coach this so that your child will remember how to react in a dangerous situation — a call (message) — a codeword

When making up a codeword state that it will be used only when needed. Discuss possible situations when it will be important to tell parents a codeword and the child’s current location. NEVER intimidate your child or describing terrifying conditions. Let it be a game of secret agents which will help him quickly and calmly react to real-life danger.

“Findmykids” advises

Without doubt a child must know safety regulations. However, in real life, trustful kids can find it difficult to orient themselves in unknown conditions and use their knowledge in practice. That is why it’s never too much to make sure that your child is able to reach you as soon as possible.

Purchase a GPS-watch with an SOS-button for your child. So he always will be able to make an emergency call with one click. Let’s agree, it’s way more convenient than taking out a phone, unlocking it, and sending a message.

Install the app Findmykids, which will help you find out the current location of the child in case of an emergency, so that you can go to the rescue of your child quickly if you get the SOS-signal or hear the codeword.

Install the app Findmykids

To check your child’s locations and be sure that everything is fine with your child!

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