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Fun Outdoor Games and Activities for Kids

When the weather warms up and the kids are able to go outside without having to layer up, every parent wants them to have fun and be active. Once the kids are outside, you want to be able to keep them busy and interested. You have come to the right place. Keep reading to find out the best ways to keep the outdoor activities never-ending!


Best Classic Outdoor Games for Kids

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Kids love to run, laugh, and be included. A busy child is more likely to stay out of trouble. These classic games are always a hit.


Dodgeball is an activity that is so simple to learn. The object of the game is to not get hit by the opposing team’s ball. You have players on 2 sides and each can throw balls at each side. You can catch a ball thrown at you but if you are hit by one, then you are out.


Kickball is one of the most common and easiest games for kids of all ages. Kickball is similar to the rules of baseball except you use a rubber ball about the size of a soccer ball and kick it with your feet instead of using a bat.

This is an excellent outside activity and can be played in a school setting or a backyard neighborhood area. Kickball is a great game to start at a kid’s party too!

Water Balloons

On a hot day, water balloons can liven up any group of kids. The summer is by far one of the best times to throw a party and every good party when it’s hot outside should have water balloons ready to go at a moment’s notice.

You can use the balloons to play a game like a hot potato or just start handing them out and get ready to have some fun.

If you want to play a hot potato, take one balloon, gather in a circle and toss the balloon to each other while music plays. When the music stops, a player holding the balloon is eliminated.

Red Rover

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We can’t think of a better classic outdoor activity for kids than a game of red rover. Bring your group of kids together and separate them into 2 teams. The first team decides who from the other team they want on their side. The team calls out “red rover, red rover, let (name) come on over”!

The chosen player then runs towards the other team (who have their hands joined together in a line) and tries to breakthrough. If they can’t get between the two players they ran through, then they have to join that team.

Jump rope

Jumping rope is fun for one or all! You can have kids take turns jumping and counting each other’s jumps or have them join in with 2 jump ropes with their friends jumping in between.

This classic activity is always fun for everyone involved and can be done alone or in a group.

Chinese Jump rope


Chinese jump rope is a bit different than the original style of jump rope we are all used to, but it is still a classic.

This activity resembles hopscotch and uses various moves combined to create patterns while singing rhyming chants. It is truly a classic and so much fun! Two players meke a string around their ankles so that it is taut. The other player should jump to accomplish a series of difficult moves. There are some chants to say while playing:

  1. England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales inside, outside puppy dogs’ tails.
  2. Old Mrs Mason broke her basin on the way to London Station. How much did it cost?One, two, three, four.
  3. Charlie Chaplin sat on a pin. How many inches did it go in? One, two, three, four.


Hopscotch may have been the very first outside game we all learned as a child. It is very easy to play. First, you number rectangles that are in a pattern. The player tosses an object like a bean bag onto the pattern. Wherever it lands, the player must then hop or jump through all the spaces to retrieve the bean bag.

Hopscotch can be played alone or in groups. It is a very physical game that sharpens up cognitive skills.

Four Square

Four square is a game that is played on a square court. The court is divided into 4 equal quadrants. You need 4 players for this competitive outdoor activity.

The object of the game is to eliminate other players until you have reached the highest rank by bouncing a ball back and forth between the squares.

Outdoor Games for Toddlers, Preschool & Kindergarten

There are countless ideas for fun outdoor games for kids. No matter the age of the child you are trying to keep busy and active, there is a game or activity to choose from. For some games, you may need to purchase equipment and for others, you may not need a single item.

Outdoor Bowling

During most of the spring and summer months, you can go to any department store and find an outdoor bowling set for kids. The set is plastic and light and easy for any kid to play with. This kit is reasonably priced and will keep kids entertained for an extended time.

You need a flat surface such as a paved driveway, sidewalk, or inside a garage. Show your child and their friends how to set it up and play, and then simply walk away and enjoy hearing them have a ton of fun.


Grab a sandbox at your local store or look for one at a yard sale. Playing in the sand and building sandcastles or whatever the kids want to create is fun to watch.

This fun activity can keep them going for hours.

Water Table

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Water tables are becoming very popular. They are easy to find and set up a water table in your backyard is simple. A water table is a great idea because your child can stay focused while keeping cool.

Mud Pies

Have you ever made mud pies as a child? If you didn’t, you don’t know what you are missing, and you should make some with your kids now.

Take some water outside and let your kids pour it into some dirt (make sure it is a safe area first). Next, start cooking! Pretend it’s playdoh and whip up some pretend food.

We guarantee there will be plenty of laughs and memories being made. This is the best free activity you could ever plan for the kids in your life.

Play on a Swing Set

Many parents get a swing set for their yard. Having a swing set in your yard can save you the time of driving to the local park, and also make sure your kids have quick access to a way to burn off some pent-up energy.

You can find a swing set very affordable. They come in all sizes and price ranges to fit every budget.

Kiddie Pool

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Setting up a child/toddler-size pool in the yard is never a bad idea. The summer brings heat and sun, and kids love to be in it. They may run and play other games, but stop by the pool once in a while to cool off.


A trampoline would be a much-welcomed surprise for your child. This outside activity can help release energy, learn how to do flips, and let’s not forget you will be having a ton of fun! Jumping on a trampoline will put a smile on anyone’s face, even a parent.

Blowing Bubbles

Playing with bubbles is a very basic child outdoor activity that will never go out of style. Enjoy blowing bubbles for your toddler, preschooler, or kindergarten baby. Bubbles are fun, affordable, and easy to use. If you blow bubbles for your kids, you will see how much fun such a tiny thing can be.

Play with Chalk

If you have a safe area where your kids can draw chalk outside, then give them a box of colored chalk and watch the creativity flow. Chalk is basic but very fun and a child of any age would love to sit and doodle.

Outdoor Games For Teens

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Teenagers are a bit harder to please than smaller kids. Being outside may seem boring to this age group, but if you suggest something fun and challenging, you may be successful in keeping them off the sidelines and becoming active.


If you have a group of teenagers together, chances are they will jump at the opportunity to play a game of baseball.

Help them find an area big enough, set up a baseball diamond, and you will be surprised how much they all become interested.

Corn Hole

Corn hole has become very popular over the years. This type of activity for teens requires 2 corn hole boards made out of wood or plastic. Each board has a hole cutout on the top middle. This is where you aim the bean bag. You do need at least 2 players for this game.

Each side takes turns tossing the bean bag until one side reaches the highest score.


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Teenagers love competition. They love to be a part of a game that involves physical activity, and Spikeball definitely covers this.

Spikeball is a net sport. This game involves 2 teams. A player serves the ball down onto the net to spike it up at their opponents. The returning team has up to 3 hits to return the ball back to the net. This action is repeated until a team can’t get the ball back to the net.


A frisbee is a plastic disc that skims through the air and creates a fun-filled outside activity for teens. Tossing it back and forth in a yard, a park, the beach, or anywhere can be one of the most fun outdoor activities.

Bike Riding

One of the most classic ways for teens to get together and stay active is to go for a simple bike ride. This outdoor activity can be as fast-paced or as laid back as you want it to be. Go ahead and get a group of friends together and go bike riding, you won’t be disappointed.


KanJam is a sporty flying disc game. Each side is made up of two players who take turns tossing the disc between 2 plastic cans. A point is scored if the disc hits or is deflected into one of the cans.

The game is over when one side reaches the target score of 21. KanJam is so fun and interactive. Your kids and teens will love playing this outside activity.

Outdoor Games for Families

Families everywhere look for ways to get everyone involved. They want the entire family from the youngest to the oldest outside having fun, laughing, and enjoying outside activities. It is easy to find great games that will have everyone wanting to run outside.


Badminton is a racquet sport played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net. This game can involve 2 players and more. It is easy for a large group of kids and adults to spread out and play at the same time.


Beach balls and warm weather go hand in hand. You can play in the pool, poolside, or in the yard. Beach ball is fun and easy for the whole family to play.

Get everyone together and get 1 or even 2 beach balls and start hitting them up in the air and watch the smiles and laughter grow by the second.


Volleyball is the perfect outdoor activity to set up at your family reunion, backyard BBQ, or any outdoor party.

Volleyball is a game made up of two teams on opposite sides of a high net. The points are scored by making the ball reach the ground on the opposite side of the court.

Take a Walk

What better way to get the entire family out and engaged in the neighborhood than a walk around the block? A walk can get everyone outside and talking to each other. Talk about your day, your life, something fun that happened to you, or anything in between. Any time being spent outside with family is a great time!

Outdoor Games for Kids with No Equipment

Playing outside is one of the best highlights of childhood. All kids love to hear the word recess or any sentence that involves them going outside to play. Even though there are so many games to buy and set up, it’s sometimes necessary to come up with ways to keep the kiddos happy without any equipment. We have you covered with these games that don’t involve any equipment.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is one of the traditional games you can have kids play. The basic rules of hide and seek involve one child covering their eyes for an extended period while everyone else playing hides.

The seeker opens their eyes and begins to look for all the hiders. The first one to be found is the seeker during the next game.


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Kids love to run! Lining them up for some good old-fashioned races will surely be a hit. Pick an object in the yard and have them run to it and back while counting, and the first one to the object and back wins the race.

Freeze Tag

Freeze tag is a fun outdoor activity for kids that do not involve any equipment. A player is made “it” and chase to the other participants to freeze them. If “it” tags another player, they must stay still or “frozen” until an unfrozen player, who is not “it” tags them, which would allow them back into the game.

Catching Lightning Bugs

When it starts to get darker during the summer months, the woodline glows with lightning bugs. Have the kids catch them and watch their hands glow, and they will be running and laughing and naming them in no time at all. Catching lightning bugs can easily bring fun into a warm night after a long summer day.

Listening to Birds

Many kids love to listen and try to guess things. If you have your kids sit outside and be very quiet, you can hear all kinds of wildlife. On a nice day, have them listen for birds and try to determine what kinds of birds are singing what tunes.

This outside activity is fun and educational. They will love it!


Sometimes one of the best things you can do for kids outside is let them run and do cartwheels, flips, handstands, backbends, and so much more. Running around in the grass and being free can really help kids bond and have fun.

Outdoor Social Distancing Games for Kids

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Outdoor activities for kids can be very helpful when it comes to keeping them happy and on the go during the summer months. During the last few years, many parents are looking for ways to keep their kids happy but also safe at the same time.

Social distancing can protect them from catching illnesses. There are outdoor activities that are fun but also allow for a safe way to keep distance from other kids.

Counting Stars

Counting stars is a great way to have your kids wind down after a long, hot, fun-filled day. Grab a comfy blanket, lay it in the yard, and have your kids stretch out and look at the sky and start counting and looking for patterns.

Reading and Listening to Music

Reading books while in the company of friends can be fun. You can have them read the same book or different books. Talk about them and have discussion groups. All of this can be done by sitting at a safe distance apart from each other.

You can have a group of kids in an open area and play music. They can dance along to silly songs, the hokey pokey, etc. The kids will love it!


Skateboarding is a way to have fun, stay active, and remain socially distanced while gliding down the street. Skateboarding is very popular and a fun way to get around the city.


Hiking is one of the best ways to get involved in nature, hang out with friends, and remain at a safe distance from each other. Hiking is fun and educational, all while providing exercise.

Outdoor Party Games for Groups of Children

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Childhood outdoor games and lawn games will keep children of all ages engaged and off the couch. Finding outdoor games is fun and easy.

Having a party during the beautiful summer months allows you the opportunity to set up some exceptional outdoor party games for kids.


Set up a pinata and watch the fun explode, literally! A pinata is a container filled with candy and smaller toys, stickers, or anything you want to put in it. You then hang it up and allow one child at a time to hit it with a stick or baseball bat.

After being hit a few times, the pinata will pop open, and then the kids can start grabbing all the candy that falls out. It really is a great time for everyone involved.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

One at a time, you blindfold a party goer. Spin them around and when done, they can try to pin the tail on the donkey. This is a hilarious game to watch unfold. Kids getting dizzy, laughing, and having fun is contagious and before long, everyone will be having a blast.

Bounce House

Set up a bounce house for an outdoor party and this way, even if it rains, you will still get to watch your little guests enjoy the fun of a bounce house.

Slip N Slide

A slip n slide is a plastic mat that goes in the yard and is hooked up to your hose. The hose makes it wet and your kids can run and jump on it and have a blast sliding all the way down. This outdoor activity is a hit on hot summer days.


Having a swimming party during the summer will make you one of the popular parents for sure. Kids will love swimming, playing sports in the water, beach ball, and any underwater activity they can think of.

To have a great party you can juggle outdoor and indoor activities. Read The Most Fun and Engaging Board Games for Kids in 2022 and make an unforgettable day for your kid!

Fun to Play Outside for One Child

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Every once in a while, you may have to come up with an outdoor activity for only one child to enjoy. Don’t worry, kids can still have fun outdoors alone.


Playing basketball alone is easy to do. Throwing a ball through the hoop is easy for one person to catch and rethrow with ease.


A traditional game of jacks outside on the sidewalk or porch is very easy to play with one person. Jacks are a classic game that will never go out of style.


Jumping up and down on a trampoline can be a very fun activity for a child to do by themselves. Practicing flips and jumping can make anyone laugh and also get out some stress and help to feel refreshed.

Sporty Outdoor Games for Kids

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  1. Golf.
  2. Passing Football.
  3. Playing with Nerf Guns.
  4. Paint Ball.
  5. Laser Tag.
  6. Wide River.
  7. Soccer.

Outdoor games are fun and will keep kids involved with their peers and out of trouble.

If you’re worried about your kids whereabouts during summertime, use Findmykids app. It will help you to calm down and be sure that your kids are safe.

Other Outside Activities for Kids

  1. Tye Dye Shirts.
  2. Bonfire.
  3. Pick Flowers.
  4. Amusement Parks/County Fairs.
  5. Plant a Garden.
  6. Paint Rocks.
  7. Roller Blade.

Outside activities are countless. There are things to do everywhere you look. The trick to finding the perfect outdoor games for the kids in your life is to think about the most fun you know your child will have and go from there.

Create outdoor activities that will keep them busy, happy, and wanting more! Don’t stay indoors when the weather is warm. Get out and have fun in the sun!

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