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The Insider’s Guide to Quadrobics: Is This the New Fitness Trend For Your Kids?

You may have heard whispers of this latest entertainment-slash-fitness fad that’s got kids and teenagers double-taking and peers at school chatting.

When it comes to keeping our children active, finding new and engaging ways for them to enjoy physical activity is always a win. In a time where screen time often trumps playtime, a mixed reality trend is taking the world and your kids’ health by storm—Quadrobics.

So is Quadrobics just a fad, or is it here to stay? And most importantly, what exactly is it?

In this deep-dive guide, we’ll tackle everything you need to know about Quadrobics so you can make an informed decision for your own family.


What is Quadrobics?


You may have heard tidbits about Quadrobics in the carpool line or seen viral clips on social media. It seems a little bizarre—and perhaps a little fun. As a parent, you can’t help but wonder, “is this a phase—or could it be something more?”

Quadrobics, often referred to as “quading” or “quads”, is a physical activity that involves running, walking, trotting, crouching,and jumping on all four limbs (typically in the fashion of therians). The name, a play on the word ‘aerobics’, tells you two important things right off the bat: it’s about fitness, and it’s definitely unique.

While it sounds like something that might have been cooked up in an obscure gym, it actually germinated from the vast reaches of social media, where videos of people mimicking the movement and behavior of quadrupedal animals went viral not long ago with millions of views. It’s a trend that has caught on like wildfire, particularly among the younger generation.

Is Quadrobics a sport? While we don’t typically see Quadrobics as a traditionals sport like basketball or soccer, it can still be considered a recreational activity or fitness regiment that promotes physical activity and puts overall wellness at the forefront.

Here’s a video that shows exactly what it entails:

Is Quadrobics Good for Kids and Adults?

The answer, as is often the case, is “it depends.” On one hand, activities like Quadrobics can serve as an excellent workout for your kids. It focuses on core and chest strength and utilizes muscles in their arms and legs that might be somewhat neglected in traditional sports.

Not to mention, it’s incredibly fun for them—who doesn’t like channeling their inner animal every once in a while? Quadrobics allows your child to perform tricks in addition to walking, running, and trotting on all four limbs.

On the other hand, critics argue that it may reinforce sedentary or even unhealthy habits if not done in moderation (particularly if your child is more interested in watching TikToks of Quadrobics than actually doing it themselves).

There’s also the safety aspect to consider; if not performed properly, the risk of injury increases with any physical activity, especially when it’s as novel as this one.

Should I Worry if My Child Does Quadrobics?

Sergey Novikov/

Worry isn’t the right word, but caution is key. While the sight of kids doing Quadrobics may raise eyebrows, it’s not inherently dangerous.

What’s important is that they approach it with the right mindset, technique, and supervision. And like any physical activity, it should be balanced with other forms of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits and Risks of Quadrobics

Despite its unorthodox approach to exercise, Quadrobics does offer a basketful of physical benefits. It emphasizes agility, balance, and refined motor skills, all while providing a cardio workout that is somewhat reminiscent of high-intensity interval training. It can be a great exercise for the core muscles, as well as other muscles in the upper body and legs.

Partaking in Quadrobics could also be a boost for your child’s mental health. It encourages creative thinking and can be a form of self-expression, which is always a plus when dealing with the roller-coaster emotions of adolescence.

On the flip side, anything that trends among kids is bound to raise a few alarms. The most common concerns are related to the safety and ergonomics of the movement. Four-limbed locomotion is not the norm for humans, and as such, running around on all fours could pose a risk of injury if not done according to certain principles.

There’s also the aspect of socialization. While it’s great for kids to be engrossed in a healthy activity, it’s important to balance it with other forms of social interaction and team sports that foster a sense of community.

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How To Do Quadrobics

@forest_howlers Jump tut for all of you requesting it! &lt3 -Mars || #jumptutorial #quadrobicsjump #quadrobicsjumptutorial #quadrobics #therian #fyp #viral #therianthropy #foresthowlers #trending #therianpride ♬ Boys Will Be Bugs – Cavetown

If your kids are genuinely interested in Quadrobics, it’s worth your while to make sure they’re doing it right. This means starting slow, building up strength, and incorporating it into a balanced exercise routine. Watch a tutorial to get an idea of how to do the movements.

A proper technique is crucial. This involves keeping the back straight, bending the knees, and balancing the effort across all limbs. Professional guidance, whether through classes or supervised practice, can be tremendously beneficial in mastering the form.

Open the lines of communication with your child about their interest in Quadrobics. Ask them why they like it and what they hope to achieve. This could lead to a more informed and safer practice.

Conversations about physical boundaries are also essential. They should never push themselves to the point of pain or excessive fatigue. Remember, fitness should be about health and well-being, not about overdoing it.

What Equipment Do You Need for Quadrobics?


To get the most out of Quadrobics, there are a few pieces of equipment that can come in handy. A good pair of grippy gloves and shoes are paramount. They protect the hands and feet from abrasions and provide much-needed traction.

Some enthusiasts take it a step further with Quadrobics masks, which simulate the sensory experience of being an animal for an even more immersive workout.

While these may seem like a novelty, they should only be used once your child has more experience with Quadrobics and is comfortable with the movement and their surroundings.

Your Role as a Parent in the Quadrobic Evolution

It’s hard to predict if Quadrobics will stand the test of time or fade into obscurity like many trends before it. What is clear, however, is that it’s a reminder of the boundless creativity and energy of kids!

Whether it lasts or not, its spirit of fun and freedom of movement is something that can be channeled into any form of exercise.

The best piece of advice we can offer is to stay informed, keep the conversations flowing, and be involved. Your role isn’t to quash their interest in Quadrobics but to guide them in making healthy choices.

If they discover joy in this quirky trend, your job is to make sure it brings out the best in them. Hopefully, these tips can help you do just that!

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