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30 questions to ask kid instead of «How was your day?»

Ask any kid «How was your day» and you’ll be met with an answer of indifference. Most leave it at that and ask the same question day after day, but this doesn’t really tell you anything about your child. It also leaves room for distance to form as impersonal interactions slowly become «normal».

The question itself is destined to fail. After all, it is the broadest and most uninspiring way to start a conversation. How is a child supposed to begin sharing anything meaningful when you haven’t shown any sincere interest in the first place? Here’s a selection of thirty questions to ask your child that’ll get you a better answer than «okay», a disinterested grunt, or some other blunt response.

Questions to kick up real conversation


Let’s take a look at some questions that’ll actually get you an answer from your child after a long day at school:

  1. Who did the most helpful thing for you today?
  2. What was the most helpful thing you did?
  3. Who had the hardest time staying out of trouble?
  4. Anyone end up in an embarrassing situation today?
  5. Did you play any games during recess?
  6. Are there any games that you’d like to play during recess this week?
  7. Which of your friends brought the tastiest looking lunch today?
  8. What or who annoyed you the most?
  9. Which teacher got the most annoyed?
  10. Which teacher was the most distracted?
  11. Tell me one thing that you learned about a friend or teacher today?
  12. Is there anything that you wanted to be better at in school this year?
  13. What would you change about your school-day?
  14. At what time did you start wishing school was over? Why?
  15. If you could swap one of today’s classes for another, which would it be?
  16. Which of your classmates is the most opposite to you?
  17. What part of school are you looking forward to tomorrow?
  18. Is there anything that you felt learning that wasn’t at school today?
  19. Who was your favorite teacher today, and why?
  20. Which of your teachers acts the least like a teacher? How so?
  21. Who made you laugh the hardest?
  22. What did you end up daydreaming about today?
  23. What was the craziest thing at school?
  24. If you could have skipped any class today, which would it be and why?
  25. Does any of your teachers remind you of anyone else? What do they share?
  26. What made you feel the proudest today?
  27. What was the most difficult part of your day?
  28. If any of your teachers had to get one free upgrade for their class, what would it be?
  29. If you were the teacher tomorrow, what would you teach?
  30. What was your favorite part of recess?

Channel those positive emotions


Each of these questions will let you help your child to open up. Remember to stick to subjects that you know they’re comfortable with. Never interrogate a child. There is no way to move from the point of resistance and evasiveness to an open conversation without first clearing the air. Discuss things that encourage a spirit of lightheartedness, and always show that you care. Once you and your loved one have come to a comfortable point of conversation, it will be much easier to motivate them to discuss difficult areas that matter openly.



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