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Toys for Three-Year-Old Boys They Will Definitely Like

Have you ever wondered why some of the toys you pick for your three-year-old are always in their hands, yet others never leave the toy box? Let’s delve into what grabs a little boy’s attention and figure out the best investments in toys for three-year-old boys.


What Type of Toys Should Three-Year-Olds Play with?

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activity Tractor for Kids. Credit:

So, what type of toys should three-year-old boys play with, and what is interesting to this age group? They are just starting to become independent and don’t need Mom around all the time. However, they are not so big that they don’t need a watchful eye and some guidance. They are at an age where they want to participate in fun activities that can give them a little independence.

They can be kept amused without a big investment in materials. Costumes take encourage role-playing and board games that get a group interaction going will help develop social skills. They are also getting physically stronger and can manage faster toys such as scooters and trikes.

If your little boy has tons of energy and is curious about everything, finding a toy that can get and hold his attention is no easy feat. At three he is beginning to learn about socializing and exploring his world. Toys that encourage pretend play and stimulate the imagination will be popular.

Pacific Play Tents. Credit:

  1. Coloring books will keep kids occupied for ages and it is a good way for them to practice hand-eye coordination. The different colored crayons and the challenge of coloring inside the lines keep their interest.
  2. Play Dough: They can make whatever they want and spend time doing it.
  3. Glue Stick and Colored Paper: They are less messy than watercolors and the glue stick won’t leak like liquid glue. You can cut the paper into interesting shapes. This is a good exercise for developing motor skills.
  4. Stickers: Your little one can make a card that you can put on the refrigerator. Just show him how to peel the back off and give him a card to stick them to.
  5. Do a Dot Rainbow Markers.
  6. Welcome to Jazz Singing Children’s Book.
  7. A Play Tent.
  8. Hand Puppets.
  9. A Tricycle.
  10. Black and Decker Junior Power Tool Workshop.

Blocks shaped like numbers and letters are a good choice. Bear in mind that their attention span is limited and look for bright, colorful, and fun shapes. For actual toys, keep it simple.

Toys for Three-Year-Old Boys: Best Choice

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Toy Truck Transport Car Carrier. Credit:

They can get a lot of fun out of very basic toys such as:

Building Blocks

There is a Lego set called Build Me “Emotions” which has 16 facial expressions. They can learn about expressing emotions while they build figures with these brightly colored bricks, and it will help develop social and emotional skills.

Ideal for ages 3-5.

Toy Cars, Trucks, and Trains

best toys for 3 year olds

Monster Jam. Credit:

What little boy doesn’t like to play with cars? They love to see how the cars move and with a train set they can set it up in many ways. Get a larger truck or two and Dad can join in. See who can make the most noise and have the biggest crashes!

Puzzles, Lift-the-Flap Books, and Art Materials

These will help boys to develop dexterity and hand, eye coordination. Big puzzle pieces can also develop motor skills and hours of entertainment.

Stacking Peg Boards

best toys for 3 years olds

Wooden Shape Shorter Fish Game. Credit:

This colorful pegboard set teaches so many skills to a three-year-old boy. Stacking the pegs develops motor skills, and they can be arranged by numbers, shapes, or patterns enhancing counting and sorting skills. The pegs are big enough for toddlers to get a good grip on.

Three-year-old boys tend to have a ton of energy and curiosity. They want to get into everything and have a tactile experience. Apart from the usual cars and trucks, there are so many options now that are geared toward teaching and mental stimulation as well as entertainment.

Reeves Sandbox Digger

One cool invention we found is a Reeves Sandbox Digger. Any high-energy three-year-old will love it. They can dig in the sand at the beach, in the gravel, or excavate the backyard. It comes with a seat and a swivel crane and two handles. Your boy will be working on his motor skills as he digs. It is not cheap but long-lasting and is recommended to last until age 8.

Educational Toys for Three-Year-Old Boys

toys for boys

Dragons Love Tacos Book and Toy Set. Credit:

Three-year-olds learn through exploration and using their senses to understand the world. They also love to have stories read to them and now is a good time to introduce them to books. Kids start reading between 3 and 5. If you begin reading along with them from 3 you can really encourage them without giving actual reading lessons. Here are some favorites to start with:

  1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
  2. The Little Engine That Could: 90th Anniversary Edition.
  3. Dragons Love Tacos.
  4. Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go.
  5. The Wonderful Things You Will Be.

When looking for educational toys bear in mind the more they whistle and bounce and have bright vibrant colors, the more popular they will be.

  1. The Magnetic Fruit Cutting set is a great educational toy set. Your boy can cut
  2. Wooden City Blocks is a stacking, color, shape recognition, and problem-solving set that they can build their own little cities with.
  3. The Wooden Cleaning Cart teaches how to clean and sort trash. Not only does it encourage good habits, but it is also helping to develop motor skills and creativity. A great learning toy for three-year-olds.
  4. Pop and Spin Mower Toy. Would you like to introduce him to gardening? He could help Dad mow the lawn with this colorful singing mower. Ideal for kids 2-5 it has all the splutter and pops to keep them fascinated.
  5. The LeapFrog LeapPad is a 2.4 inches child’s handheld tablet. This is a great learning tool for kids 3 to 9 years. There are many fun educational activities that your boy can access with a touch.
  6. Early Learning Center Abacus Teaching Frame will start your boy counting and recognizing assorted colors. It is made of wood and fun to play with. Get a start on his math skills with this easy, tactile tool.

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Travel Toys for Three-Year-Old Boys

toys for 3 year old boys

My aBCs Ring Flash Cards. Credit:

Traveling with a three-year-old can have its difficulties. No longer a baby, they have a sense of independence, and every new experience can bring joy, or not. You will see the world anew as you get to see it through their eyes.

Whether it is taking a plane, train, or car, you will hear a running commentary on every new destination. At some point, they will need a little distraction and that is where a travel toy comes in.

  1. Gel window clings.
  2. Stickers and activity books.
  3. Water Wow Books.
  4. Snacks.
  5. Puzzles.
  6. Finger Puppets.
  7. Large Reusable Sticker Books.
  8. Playdough.

Traveling by car gives you more opportunities for stops and private interactions with your child. You can keep them entertained with audiobooks, and snacks, let them take pictures as you go, and do not forget the games.

The best travel toys are quiet so as not to bother the adults and simple so that you won’t lose them. They need to be something a child can safely manage. Here are a few easy traveling items to take with you:

  1. Reusable stickers are good for any travel option. They can go on and off any surface without leaving a residue. The pad can fit on your child’s lap, and they can decorate the windows as they go.
  2. Alphabet Ring Flashcards. The cards are attached to a ring so no losing them in the car. They have bright, attractive coloring and come in an assortment of animals, words, and letters.
  3. Travel Themed Magnets. Multiple magnets in a tin reflect the travel world of cars, trains, and planes so the child can be part of the travel experience.
  4. (set of 8) These books are small, lightweight, and make a crinkling sound. They feature colors, numbers, and animals. They can be enjoyed for years.

Fun Toys for Toddlers

cool toys for boys

Kid’s Garden Tool Toys Set. Credit:

Outdoor Toys

Outdoor play is very important for childhood development. Make sure they have the right toys for the job. Outdoor toys should be tough enough that they can be played with at any time of year. However, nothing beats summer for all-day outdoor activities. Stock up on swings, scooters, and water balloons for constant entertainment. A must-have is a kiddie pool and a bike with wheels for toddlers.

  1. Water Balloons.
  2. Little Tikes T-ball Set.
  3. Wooden Outdoor Playhouse.
  4. Kids Garden Tool Set.
  5. A Sturdy Tricycle.
  6. A Sandbox.
  7. A Trampoline.
  8. Roko Superhero Capes.
  9. A Splash Pad.
  10. A Push Car.
  11. A Mini Picnic Table.
  12. A Tree House With a Slide.

Do not worry about your little boy when he is playing outside without your supervision! See where he is right now and listen to the sound around to know what surrounds him with the Findmykids app.

Indoor Toys

best toys toddler

VTech Write and Learn Creative Center. Credit:

Kids are like sponges, always absorbing whatever comes their way. Solitary play is common at this age. Children may be absorbed in holding their toys, lifting, and studying objects. Indoor games can be played together with age-appropriate toys, such as balls, push me to pull you, and wheeled toy vehicles. The more they play, the more they are refining their motor skills.

  1. National Geographic Balance Steppingstones. The stones are designed at an angle and the kids must pay close attention when stepping. They work for balance.
  2.  Indoor Play Tent.
  3.  Hopscotch Rug.
  4. The Write & Learn Creative Center by Vtech.
  5. Assorted Mini Dinosaurs (60 pack).
  6. Car Carrier Vehicle Set by Green Toys (recycled plastic).
  7. Delux Kids Doctor Kit by Kidzlane.
  8. Hot Wheels-9-Car Gift Pack.
  9. Kinetic Dand-2lb Bag Non-Toxic, moldable into any shape.

Bath Toys for Three-Year-Old Boys

learning toys for 3 year olds

Boat Bath Toys for Toddlers with 4 Cars Toys and 4 Bath Boats Squirters. Credit:

Some kids are more inclined to enjoy bath time than others. If for some reason your three-year-old decides baths are not his thing, try introducing a new toy or activity. Let them know that this special toy is for bath time only and can only be used once they are in the tub. Choose the best learning toys, and they will have time to play with them. Make the water foamy and bubbly.

Also, as they get older they have their priorities, dancing, blowing bubbles, and playing with the dog. They don’t want their routing interrupted by boring old bath time. You need eye-catching toys that they can only play with when they get in the bath.

A good trick to get them into the tub is to put them in when the tub is still empty. Let them cooperate in turning the water on and let them be the judge of how much water they want. They will let it fill more as they get used to the idea. But have those colorful toys waiting for them as an added lure.

Toddler suction bath toys stimulate a child’s imagination and aid in the development of motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and concentration. Kids can be creative and visual. Bath time in the evenings will help everyone involved get to bed more restfully and cheerfully. Just be sure to add lots of toys.

  1. Floating Toy Boat.
  2. Car Squirter Toys.
  3. Suction Cup Toys, Silicone Animal Sucker Toys.
  4. Larah Octopus Bath Toy for Bubble Bath (plays 12 Children’s Songs).
  5. Green Toys Submarine in Yellow and Blue.
  6. Fun Little Toys Toy Boat Bath Toys with 4 Cars.
  7. Pop Ball It Fidget Bath Toys Popper Sensory Toy.
  8. Wonder Wheels by Battat-Large Ferry Boat-Floating Bath Boat.
  9. Rub A Dub Water Flutes.
  10. Ocean Sea Animal Set.

Car Toys for Three-Year-Old Boys

toddler boy toys

12V Electric Kids Ride on Car Truck Toys. Credit:

It’s funny how hard-wired boys are from an early age in their love affair with cars. If your three-year-old is at all typical, he would love to have a car too. It will need to be battery-powered as a remote-control device would be too complicated at that age. It’s better to look for big, bright, and sturdy ones that will take some abuse and keep on rolling.

How about a Monster Truck for Boys-Friction Powered? It comes in Purple, Red, or Orange. This is an easy one for little kids. They just pull it back and let it go. It will run on any sort of terrain including sand, grass, mud, and rocky trails—splash-proof and weatherproof. Sounds like a winner. Available from the CozyBombB store on Amazon.

Then there is the Huffy Rat Rod 6V Ride on Car for Kids. Huffy seems to be the go-to business for kid’s cars. Whatever a kid would want they have. This one is a battery-powered car with a 50s hot rod style that goes all of 2.5 miles an hour. It is designed for small children, kids 3 to 5. to have tons of fun. All of Huffy kid’s cars are available on eBay.

In fact, there is just no end to retail cars for boys, which just shows how popular they are. One that caught our eye was an electric SUV 12V 3 Speed Led Remote Control. This one would have to be operated by a parent for a three-year-old to ride. It is on eBay for a cool $169.99

Under $20 Cooperative Counting Games for 3-Year-Old

Count Your Chickens

toddler toys for boys

Count Your Chickens. Credit:

This counting game was $16 when it was first published. The cooperative board game requires the toddlers to work towards a common goal, instead of competing against each other.

At 3 years old, kids are learning to follow instructions, wait for their turns, and work as a group. Pre-schoolers and their parents are loving the Count Your Chickens board game, where the youngsters team up to return mother hen chicken back to the coop. The game is fast and simple—perfect for a 3-year-old attention span.

Once they become masters of reuniting mother and chicks, they can go on to the Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game, another cooperative board for that age group, or Go Away Monster, a goofy, enjoyable game we have in our recommendation guide to the

Do A Dot Art Supply

It’s hard to go wrong with these $17 Dot Making Rainbow Markers for your 3-year-old boy! The easy-to-grip sticks fit perfectly on their little fingers and the colors are bright, vibrant, and exciting even on cardboard boxes as well as regular paper. They have that special feeling of paint but with less mess and less effort! For an exciting 3-year-old gift, you could pair it with a ream of drawing paper and scissors and glue sticks.

Melissa & Doug 100ps Puzzle

3 year old boy toys

african Plains Safari Jumbo Jigsaw Floor Puzzle. Credit:

The $10 Safari Floor Puzzle was one of the big hits that kept preschoolers occupied during the lockdown and continue to be in heavy rotation, keeping the 3-year-old boys hooked! The Melissa and Doug 100 Piece Safari Floor Puzzle, with its large pieces is durable and hard to lose, and easy to use.

The exotic animal theme, with wild animals in the Savannah will keep the boys challenged, excited, and occupied for more than five minutes! Melissa and Doug also have 100 pieces under the sea floor puzzle that will keep your little one discovering sea creatures and corals!

If the 100 pieces are too intimidating, you can opt for the Melissa and Doug 48-piece solar system and dinosaur Floor Puzzle instead.

Toy Buying Guide for Three-Year-Old Boys

toys for toddler boys

african Plains Safari Jumbo Jigsaw Floor Puzzle. Credit:

At three years of age, children have advanced from babyhood and are becoming aware of their surroundings and how to navigate them. They are becoming vocal, can string together a simple sentence, and communicate their needs and wants.

Early-childhood experts agree that whatever toy you buy, should be one that you or someone else can use with the child. This is an important age for language development so verbal communication should be constant.

Your child is becoming a conscious person at this age. They can empathize with others, have beginning reading and writing skills, and have vivid imaginations. The child can use sentences of three to five words. All this means that toys should be educational and stimulating.

  1.  Make sure the toy is well constructed and can take a beating. When shopping online read the reviews.
  2. Will it stimulate the imagination? Can the kids use the toy in separate ways? They will have more fun with it if they can.
  3. Will it keep the child active mentally and physically?

Toys are for Enjoying When All is Said and Done

Parents tend to obsess about buying the absolute right toy to make sure that their child gets the right start in life. In fact, too much fussing over what they play with as three-year-olds may result in the dreaded helicopter parenting.

As studies have shown, hovering parents can inhibit a child’s spontaneity. Give the child a suitable toy and relax. They will develop despite you. Think of what our grandparents had for toys, found objects, and an old piece of rope. Do your research, get the most stimulating toys you can find, and let the kids do the rest.

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