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What Does ‘Mid’ Mean? Defining TikTok’s Latest Slang Term

If you or your teen is on social media, then you’ve likely come across the newest popular slang term, “mid.” As parents, it’s important to stay on top of slang and understand what your teens are talking about. So, we’re answering the question, what does mid mean?


What Does Mid Mean in a Text or Social Media?

what does mid mean

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Urban Dictionary defines “mid” as something mediocre or of average or low quality. It is often used as an insult or to express a difference of opinion.

For example, someone may share that their favorite movie is Star Wars. To show their difference of opinion, they may describe the movie as mid, or in the middle of bad and good.

What’s the Origin of Mid?

The slang term mid comes from the prefix of “middle.”

However, the term was first used in the early 2000s to describe the quality of marijuana. If someone’s weed was described as mid, then it was middle-grade, mediocre, and low-quality.

During the 2010s, the word “mid” moved away from marijuana and was used to describe items and situations.

In the current decade, mid has gained popularity on TikTok and social media platforms to be used as insults or simply to describe things as mediocre.

How is Mid Used in Different Situations?

mid meaning

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While the definition of mid is to describe something as in the middle between bad and good or mediocre, it can also be used as an insult.

Example #1

“Did you hear Drake’s new album?”

“Yeah, it was mid, though. His earlier music is much more impressive.”

Example #2

“This salad is pretty mid. I should have gone with the burger.”

Are There Alternatives to Mid?

While there are no alternative slang terms to mid, one could use the following phrases in its place:

  • Boring
  • Mediocre
  • In the middle
  • Not great
  • Not bad

How to Talk to Your Teen About Slang and Online Safety

mid meaning slang

Kids360 app

The internet can be a scary place for teens and kids if they are not protected or adequately taught how to stay safe.

When talking to your teen about slang, it’s important to be aware of the slang words they’re using with their friends. Ask them if any new slang has come up recently. Listen to conversations between them and their friends when using slang terms.

It’s important to stay up to date with the slang your teen is using so you can gauge the topics your teen talks about. If a concerning topic comes up, it’s time to sit down and talk to them about it.

While your teen is online, you can protect them and supervise their online activity with the Kids360 app. You’ll have more control over their screen time and content consumption, and set alerts for risky behaviors.

Don’t Let Your Slang Knowledge Be Mid

what is mid


Your priority as a parent of teens is to keep them safe in an ever-changing digital world, which means staying up to date with slang words.

If you learned something new about today’s slang word “mid,” then share this with a fellow teen parent to help them keep up with their teen’s language.


What does mid mean in slang?

Mid means mediocre, boring, or in the middle of bad and good.

What is the full meaning of mid?

Mid comes from the full word “middle” and means that something is mediocre or low-quality.

What is mid Gen Z?

Gen Z uses “mid” to describe things that aren’t bad but aren’t good; it’s something in the middle.

What does the prefix mid mean?

The prefix mid means in the middle of something, such as a destination or time period.

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