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“He Rizzed Her Up!” What Does the New Slag Word “Rizz” Mean?

While browsing the web, you might have come across the term “rizz.” For most folks, that word is unknown, and they could only ask, “What does rizz mean?” Here’s detailed information on this fresh and catchy phrase you’ll often hear in young people’s conversations!


What Does Rizz Mean? Explanation and Examples

what does rizz mean

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Every era comes with new phrases, and today’s high-tech times often lead to catchy terms first appearing in online communication. A couple of decades ago, many people were surprised with the phrase LOL, which means laughing out loud. Over time, all generations started using it to describe when they find something sincerely funny.

If you look at the Merriam-Webster dictionary, you’ll find that “rizz” is a teen slang word. It refers to someone’s charm and appeal, especially in romantic endeavors. “Rizz” can be both a noun and a verb, and it usually describes the ability to be successful in romantic engagements.

Here are some examples that will help you understand better:

  1. I’m going to use my rizz on that girl to impress her and get her phone number.
  2. My brother is the master of rizz—his seduction skills are fantastic.
  3. I was at a party last night and rizzedup a few boys hanging out there.
  4. The way you were flirting with that girl was admirable—you really rizzed her up!

The Etymology of “Rizz”

Kai Cenat. Credit: Image via YouTube

Now that we’ve answered the “what does rizz mean” question, let’s discuss its etymology. The estimation is that the term originated around 2021. The first person to apply it was Kai Cenat, a famous streamer on Twitch and content creator on YouTube. It didn’t take long for fellow gamers and other influencers to recognize the potential of the new word and start using it.

The creator was a guest on a podcast, and that’s where he had the chance to explain the phrase. Cenat mentioned that it’s something you activate to dazzle those who you want to attract. The author says that you can talk friendly to someone or not express that much attention to a person. But once you activate your rizz, you put your game face on with the goal of impressing them.

What Does Having Rizz, or No Rizz, Mean?

what does rizz mean tiktok

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If you have rizz, that means you are successful in romantic engagements like flirting. For example, a person could be a true swagger—you could sense their confidence in the way they walk and talk. Some people have excellent verbal skills and use jokes and other conversational skills to impress the other party.

The approach employed doesn’t even have to be verbal. You can have charisma and be a pleasant company for other people. Perhaps you are in good physical shape and dress well. If there are people liking your charisma or style, that means you rizzed them. Whether it’s verbal or any other type, the odds are your rizz is a huge part of why you attract a potential love partner.

But what if one doesn’t have any rizz? The term’s meaning is that a person isn’t appealing to one or more parties they’d like to attract. Perhaps you can’t rizz up only a certain person, or you may be a shy and non-conversational type that doesn’t find romantic endeavors easy. The good news is that you can work on your rizz and improve your success. Kai Cenat even had a Rizz Academy, where his students could learn how to be better at rizzing up other people.

What Does Rizz Mean on TikTok?

what does w rizz mean


The creator first used the term to praise someone’s finesse in romantic engagements. But the phrase expanded beyond that he could even imagined. Once the rizz reached TikTok, it went beyond praising success in love endeavors. So, what does rizz mean on TikTok?

TikTok users started using rizz to discuss someone’s general appeal. If you have great charisma and viewers generally react well to you, that means you can easily rizz up your followers. TikTok users even discussed the rizz of fictional characters. The best example of a character from the Shrek franchise—the beloved Donkey. Voiced by Eddy Murphy, this animal is so charming that both the viewers and other in-movie characters love him. Some other fictional characters that can woo the audience and others in their world easily are Sherlock Holmes, Patrick Jane from The Mentalist, and Tyrion Lannister from The Game of Thrones.

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What Does Rizzed Her Up Mean?

In this situation, it means that someone was successful in flirting with the woman they were talking about. Rizzing her up means that the girl liked the conversation or non-verbal moves, and the entire engagement ended up on a positive note.

Who Invented the Word Rizz?

Kai Cenat is the person credited with creating this term. He first used it in his online streams to describe someone suave when talking to other people and a person who’s great at romantic endeavors.

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