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The Yassification Trend: A Guide for Concerned Parents

When you see an extremely digitally altered selfie or portrait online, it has been yassified, meaning features are emboldened to unrealistic perfection. Keeping up with teen slang can overwhelm parents, so we’re diving into the meaning of yassification and how teens use it on social media.


What Does Yassification Mean?

As someone wanting to understand the nuances of modern-day slang, you’ve probably come across the term yassification and wondered what it entails.

The definition of yassification is about embracing a state of enhanced beauty and extravagant style that is often idealized in digital spheres.

Imagine digitally manipulated selfies with filters presenting perfectly contoured makeup, fuller lips, and immaculately smooth skin—that’s yassification at its finest. It’s when an individual or a thing is transformed into an upgraded, highly glamorous version that exudes an air of fabulousness.

When you hear your child use the term yassified, they’re likely referring to an image or object that has been embellished or altered to achieve a more glamorous and appealing visual effect.

Where Did the Term Come From?


Yassification of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Credit:

Yassification, or becoming ‘yassified,’ stems from the phrase ‘yass queen,’ originally popularized within LGBTQ+ communities.

Rooted in self-empowerment, it embodies a vibrant stance of celebration and validates the feminine beauty within us all, regardless of who we are.

The term yassification specifically highlights the pursuit of digital perfection, often seen in flawless selfies highlighting plumped lips, meticulously contoured makeup, and porcelain-smooth skin with a strong glow. It’s all about prominence, stepping up one’s game, and owning the spotlight, all while embracing one’s fabulousness.

Essentially, yassification is to edit someone or something in a photo to be unrecognizable with unrealistic beauty features and filters.

In popular culture, yassification has found its footing in various moments and memes. Whether it’s James Charles exclaiming “Yas queen” in his YouTube makeover tutorials or the Internet’s humorous yassification of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, it’s about enhancing the ordinary to extraordinary.

What is the Yassify Bot?

yassified meaning


Before yassification became an official trend amongst teenagers, it first started with apps such as FaceTune and FaceApp. These mobile applications allow users to apply several strong, unnatural features and filters to a picture of themselves or someone else.

They enhance the subject’s lips, eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, hair, chin, and skin with heavy and bold makeup using filters and photo editing tools. Essentially, it looks like a mask on the subject’s face.

as yassification took the internet by storm, the Instagram and Twitter account, YassifyBot, was created to share yassified images of celebrities, cartoons, artwork, and characters.

Celebrities such as Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian, and even characters such as Elsa and Shrek have been yassified on the account.

Is Yassification Problematic for Teens and Children?


The term yassification itself is not inherently problematic. This slang word, born out of the vibrant lingo of the LGBTQ communities, is simply a nod to enhancing one’s appearance to achieve a level of fabulosity.

It represents a celebration of individual style and a stamp of approval that says, “Yas queen, you look amazing!”

However, we must address the elephant in the room. The concept that yassification promotes can potentially cause some issues.

We’re talking about the portrayal of unrealistic beauty expectations. Becoming yassified often involves using photo editing tools, filters, and bold makeup techniques to create a look of digital perfection in selfies.

It glamorizes a certain aesthetic—plumped lips, flawlessly sculpted makeup, and impossibly smooth skin.

For impressionable young ones navigating their self-image, this could shape a misleading perception of beauty standards. Teens might start to feel pressured to match these TikTok-filtered faces, considering them as the yardstick of attractiveness.

This might even lead to feelings of self-consciousness if they can’t quite live up to what they perceive as ‘the expectation.’

While yassification isn’t a problem, it’s essential to educate our kids that such immaculate portrayals on social platforms aren’t the only ways to define beauty.

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Keeping Up with Teen Slang

what does yassified mean

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It’s important to keep up with slang typically used by teenagers and children online in order to protect them. Knowing what yassification means and seeing your children use it online can help you start conversations about unrealistic beauty standards.

Encourage your child not to compare themselves to what they see online, as it is mostly edited and fake.

If you learned something new in this article, share it with another parent so they can keep up with teen slang today!


What is the meaning of the word Yassification?

Yassification refers to enhancing one’s digital image or video to achieve perceived feminine perfection through cosmetic adjustments like exaggerated makeup and skin smoothing in photos, primarily in selfies.

What does Yassify mean in chat?

To yassify is to digitally enhance the beauty of a subject in an image, making it feminine. When someone uses “yassify” in a chat, they will enhance a photo in this way.

Where did the Yassify meme come from?

The Yassify meme started on Twitter from the account YassifyBot with a yassified photo of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in November 2021.

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