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10 Tips To Help Single Parents Make Their Homes More Child Friendly

Are you a single parent, facing the challenge of your child’s many needs? Your home must be a center of calm for your child, a place where they feel the most secure, and always loved.

You may have recently gone through a separation. Or, perhaps you have been a single parent for many years. Whatever the case, you know that the most important factor in your life is now your child and their happiness. You can show your love and care by investing time in making your home welcoming and child-friendly.

Even if you are a busy parent working from home, the details you focus on when designing your home setup make a difference for the children. If you want to exude love, happiness, and coziness, follow these ten tips. Even if you do not do them all, incorporate a couple to enhance your home’s warm and child-friendly vibe.

1. Emphasize and nurture your child’s artistic talent

Does your home have a crafting corner for your child to enjoy? If you have noticed that they are calmer when engaging in certain activities such as arts and crafts, you should encourage this. It is easy to make a space that they feel is their creative corner. Simply dedicate a craft table and chair with good lighting and art supplies provided. This is will give them a sense that you appreciate their budding artsy talent. If your child is old enough to use most art supplies, clear even more space and create storage boxes for scissors, glue, scotch tape, and colored paper. Let them enjoy crafting whatever they like!

2. Encourage young gardeners


You don’t need a whole outside garden to nurture this side of their creativity. A few pots in your living room will make a good place to plant seeds and learn responsibility. When a child feels lonely, learning to care for another living thing can do wonders for their little heart. Supply them with their watering can, teach them to water the plants, and watch the little sprouts grow — slowly but surely!

Starting to do gardening together might just work wonders for your soul. The great part about gardening together is learning all about nurture with your child. Appreciating the earth and soil, planting seeds, and finally watching them grow and blossom.

3. Create an art exhibit with your child

If you have bare walls, what better way to spruce them up than with their own art? Make sure to teach them to sign their name on all their art pieces and paintings. This fosters self-confidence and a healthy pride in their talents.

If you want to set your wall up like a real art exhibit, take some time to name each masterpiece together and label its art. This also teaches them to care about the art they make, to take pride in their creations, and keep their creative mind active. You could even invite friends over to admire your child’s “art gallery”. This will boost their self-confidence and show them that you care about their artistic hobbies.

4. Focus on Warm and Friendly Color Schemes


If you want your home to be calmer, it can help to avoid bright lights and loud colors in your child’s bedroom. You want to help your child relax as much as possible, so think about tones that encourage winding down, dreaming, and relaxation. Bright and loud colors tend to stimulate their brain. While this has its time and place, your goal is to make their play area a relaxing space where they never feel anxious or overstimulated. For this, neutral tones work well and can have the ideal calming effect. Just don’t do colors such as all-black or grey, as this might make them more melancholy.

5. An Electronics-Free Zone

What can you put in a room that will help your child calm down and relax? You may think that it’s a good idea to set up phones and tablets or even computers in their bedroom. But other options can create a quiet and calm environment. Books, for starters, are a great alternative to electronics. Books that support their hobbies can also help them creatively. For example, if your child enjoys coding or creating a design on their computers then a book about coding could be awesome for their development. They learn to find other avenues of learning besides digital devices. And, they just might have fun, too! If you must play some audio to settle them before bedtime, try Seep Story Apps or other relaxing music.

6. Beds and Beddings Matter


Your child will spend a lot of time in his or her bedroom so concentrate on making this place a beautiful and relaxing space that they will want to spend time in. The centerpiece of their private space is, of course, their bed. If your child is growing into their adolescent years, this may be a good time to change their bedroom to reflect their personality. Showing you care enough to create an ambiance they love will also build their self-worth. However, always ask their opinion before switching their favorite bedsheets and throwing pillows! Your growing kids will appreciate that you considered their opinions.

7. Memories Corner

You could think about dedicating a space in your home to the people you are close to outside their immediate family. Children of single parents sometimes feel closer to an individual who may not be an immediate relative. This is completely normal. With the friend and your child’s permission, you could also frame pictures of their best friend, or hang photo memories of fun times. Showing that you value the other people in their life is an important gesture as a parent and will make them feel secure in your unconditional love. Just make sure that the memories you choose never trigger any sad feelings, or feelings of loss. You want to keep the happy vibe flowing through your home.

8. Cozy Up


A child-friendly space is a safe and comfy space. Think throw pillows, plushy blankets, warm house slippers, and fluffy bathrobes. Look into replacing any cold and hard furniture with pieces that are soft and comfortable. Add modular sofas in your living room. A good lamp can also make a bedroom feel warmer and cozier. Play around with lighting, texture, and color to find the perfect solution for your child. Another cozy place to spruce up could be the bathtub. Make sure it is child-friendly — no slippery, wet surfaces, and stock it with aromatic scents and soaps. A few unlit candles placed decoratively can help the bath have a spa-like feel.

9. Characters They Can Relate To

Does your child have a favorite movie or storybook character? Then you can make this character a theme in their bedroom. Movie posters, collectibles, and framed scenes from films (easy with Google and a home printer) can help you bring these characters to life for them. Being a good parent means having an open and inclusive attitude — even if the folks your kid seems to get along with best are fantasy characters!

10. Healthy Eating Habits


Is your child a sweet tooth? You may be tempted to shower them with chocolates and sweets, but remember that a happy child is a healthy one. Encourage good health habits by always keeping them re-hydrated with water and switching up confectionery sweets for healthy fruit options. Your kitchen and dining room area can also be kid-friendly spaces if they encourage healthy eating habits and an optimally balanced lifestyle. Have a basket of fruits always set on the table so that your child will not be tempted by the cookie box instead.

Get Help with More Parenting Tips for Your Home

When you decide to go on the single-parent journey, there will be a lot of adjustments and time spent creating your own comfort zone. But just because you’re starting over, doesn’t mean you have to start bare.

Give your home new life on a budget with these simple tips. Set aside time to plan how you can spruce up your living space to suit your situation.

Remember that it doesn’t matter how big or how small your home may be. The important thing is that your child feels loved and welcome every time he or she steps inside your doors.

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