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10-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas Suitable for Every Palate and Purse

Planning a memorable birthday celebration for your 10-year-old can be a fun and exciting endeavor. At this age, children are full of energy and enthusiasm, making it the perfect time to organize a party that they’ll cherish for years to come.

Whether you have a boy or a girl, finding the right balance between their interests and age-appropriate activities is key. In this article, we’ll explore a variety of creative and entertaining birthday party ideas that are sure to delight both boys and girls on their special day.


Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

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In this section, we’ve curated a selection of enchanting and creative birthday party ideas tailored specifically for girls. From magical tea parties to glamorous spa days, these ideas will ensure your daughter’s special day is filled with laughter and lasting memories.

A Tea Party Fit for a Birthday Princess


For some soon-to-be 10-year-olds, a tea party with friends would make for the ideal birthday celebration. Create a beautiful table, decorated with flowers, bunting, party favors, and pretty tableware, and serve cute sandwiches cut into triangles, macaroons, a selection of pastries, and—of course—birthday cake! This is a budget-friendly 10th birthday party idea, too, as many of the decorations, and even the favors themselves, can be hand-made.

Depending on the time of year and the weather, a tea party could even be held outside. Create a magical fairy bower with artificial vines and greenery, and hang bunches of multi-colored balloons from trees, fences, and garden furniture to make a birthday wonderland.

Fun Slumber Party


A cozy, super fun slumber birthday party could be a perfect way for your daughter to celebrate getting into double digits! Have the birthday girl invite a few close friends, lay on some classic slumber party snacks like pizza, potato chips, and ice cream, and prepare for a LOT of giggling.

Slumber parties could also involve some pampering—if your birthday girl loves putting on a face mask and fluffy robe, then why not put together some pamper packs for her guests? The kids will love changing into their cozy dressing gowns and having fun using all the treats.

Luxurious Spa Birthday Party


If budget isn’t an issue, then consider a spa party for your child’s big day. Organize a lunch out for your daughter and a couple of her friends, and then head to a spa to enjoy some serious birthday relaxing. Check carefully with the spa before booking first, however, to make sure that they admit children.

Many spas offer special celebration packages, which could include, for example, a welcome smoothie or cake, and a treatment for each attendee, such as a pedicure or a facial.

Throw a Karaoke Party


If your kid loves karaoke, how about throwing a karaoke birthday party for her tenth birthday? She and her friends will have so much fun singing and dancing to their favorite songs—plus, karaoke machines are relatively inexpensive to hire and easy to set up at home.

Be prepared that some children may feel nervous, or uncomfortable singing alone—offer plenty of opportunities for singing as a group, or simply enjoying watching others perform, without putting on any pressure. Make things even more exciting by theming the karaoke party around a popular kids’ movie, such as High School Musical. You could also bring some props on board, like inflatable electric guitars and saxophones, to really get the fun going—and create lots of perfect photo opportunities!

Consider a Camping Party


When it comes to amazing party ideas, a camping party definitely tops the list! Choose to either head to a nearby local campsite or opt for a backyard camping birthday experience for your daughter and a few of her friends. Although you’ll need to be prepared to closely supervise if you choose the former, this can still be a fairly inexpensive way to celebrate the big day.

Get set to roast some marshmallows around the fire, tell spooky stories once the sun’s gone down, and watch out for wildlife. Favors for a camping party could include books on regional animals and plants or pairs of kids’ binoculars.

Have Fun at a Kids’ Cooking Class

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Looking for unusual birthday party ideas for your soon-to-be ten-year-old? Then booking your child and some of her friends onto a kids’ cooking class could be the perfect solution! Kids’ classes tend to be fun and designed to keep kids engaged and give them the sort of cooking skills they can use in everyday life. And they’ll be able to sample the delicacies they create, too.

Classes could involve creating homemade pasta from scratch, cake-baking, or bread-making, so you can choose the session that’ll best appeal to the birthday girl’s taste—literally!

Make a Splash with a Pool Party


If your child enjoys being in the water, consider a swimming pool birthday party. Many swimming pools offer the facility to book out the whole pool for an hour or so, and some even have an onsite party room so you can head there for party food and cake once everyone’s dried off. This is one of the most popular kid’s birthday party ideas, and, as a bonus, is fairly simple to organize.

For parents on a tight budget, a summer birthday offers the opportunity to set up a paddling pool in the backyard, set out a table in the shade with lemonade and cupcakes, and add a basket of water balloons for extra fun.

Arrange an Ice Skating Party


Interested in some fun birthday party ideas? Arranging an ice skating party for your new ten-year-old could make for an unforgettable celebration! Given the need for supervision, you may wish to ask the parents of your child’s friends, too, to help keep an eye on the action on the rink.

Once the skating fun is done, head to a local ice cream parlor to round off the wintry celebration—or opt for a cafe for hot chocolate and pastries to warm everyone up.

Throw a Roarsome Zoo Party


A great idea for a 10-year-old’s birthday party is a trip to the zoo with a few friends. As well as a memorable day out watching the antics of the animals, many zoos offer birthday packages that involve the use of a party room and the provision of finger food and party favors. Check out your nearest zoo’s website to get all the details you need, and get party planning!

Some zoos offer experience sessions, too, that could allow your child and their friends to, for example, meet the resident meerkats, or feed the penguins. This can make for an extra special celebration, which your kid is sure to never forget!

And…Action! Get Ready for a Cinema Party

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If your child loves a movie night, then a cinema party should be on your list of 10th birthday party ideas. Why not combine the trip with a dinner at your kid’s favorite restaurant for the ultimate celebration? Suggest your child craft their own party invitations, themed around the movie they’ve selected to see.

Other ideas to incorporate into a cinema party include asking attendees to dress up as a character from the movie to be shown or putting on a movie-themed quiz with prizes after the showing.

Ensure the safety of your 10-year-olds with the Findmykids app. Download now and keep an eye on your little one as they celebrate with friends!

Birthday Party Ideas for Boys


Is your young adventurer about to celebrate another trip around the sun? We’ve got you covered! We’ve gathered an array of thrilling and action-packed birthday party ideas designed especially for boys. From daring treasure hunts to exciting science experiments, these ideas are sure to make your son’s birthday an epic event.

Organize a Bowling Party for the Birthday Boy

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One of the most popular types of birthday celebrations is a bowling party—your child is sure to enjoy getting together with his friends and having fun trying to score a strike. Contact your chosen bowling alley ahead of time, as they’re likely to have birthday packages on offer which could include food and refreshments as well as a few rounds of bowling.

Bowling is a great activity for kids as the rules are easy, and it’s simple to play, so even kids who have never been bowling before will quickly get the hang of things.

A Thrilling Laser Tag Party


If you want to organize something exciting for your child’s birthday party then a trip to your local laser tag center could be in order! A low-impact laser tag party is a great idea if you have quite a few kids on the invite list, as children can play the game in teams to make things even more fun. Don’t forget to have some prizes on hand for the winning team!

Choosing a low-impact version of the game is an important way to ensure that kids don’t suffer any injuries, and can help children who are nervous about participating feel more comfortable. Most laser-tag centers offer this option, but get in touch with staff before booking, to be sure.

Score a Hole-in-One with a Mini Golf Party


Scratching your head for unusual 10th birthday party ideas? How about a mini golf party? This is a good option for inviting just a few of your kid’s friends and can be tied in with lunch or a picnic before the fun begins. Get in touch with the venue in good time before the party—they may be willing to make the session extra special by, for example, presenting each attendee with a small party favor or offering an extra round of golf free of charge.

There are loads of mini golf options, from indoor challenge golf to outdoor pitch-and-putt, meaning you can choose the option that your child will most enjoy. Indoor mini golf also ensures that a sudden turn for the worst, with regards to the weather, won’t put a damper on the celebration.

Up the Fun Factor with a Fear Factor Party


Kids love fear factor parties—and their DIY-ability and affordability make them a favorite of parents, too! Based on the Fear Factor TV show, these parties involve participants having to get to grips with ‘gross’ or challenging feats. These could involve food challenges (including, for example, sardines, seaweed, canned snails (escargot), and fun items like a melted chocolate bar labeled as ‘dirty diaper!) and creating your own obstacle course for the kids to take on.

Fear Factor parties offer lots of opportunities to customize the celebration to your child’s unique personality and preferences. Plus, they can get involved in creating bespoke invites and a schedule of events.

Have a Pizza Party

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An easy-to-organize party idea that won’t break the bank. Get in a stack of ready-made pizza bases, set out an array of toppings to suit all tastes, and let the birthday boy and his pals get stuck into creating a culinary masterpiece! Why not start the party with a few classic party games, and have a crowd-pleasing movie queued up ready for the kids to watch while they’re savoring their pizzas?

Other activities you could include in this type of party include getting children to decorate their own pizza boxes and coming up with a creative name for the pizza they’ve created—such as Paul’s Pepperoni Perfection or The World’s Best Mushroom Mashup Pie!

Hire a Hall for a Big Party


If your kid wants to invite his whole class (and more) to his birthday party, then consider hiring a local hall to throw a big bash. All that space means you’re not limited when it comes to attendees, and there’s plenty of room for lots of fun party games and running around! Choose a party theme, to create, for example, a pirates, superheroes, or Harry Potter party, and select decorations, party favors, and a cake to match!

You’ll need to be super organized when throwing a big party. Keep a close eye on the number of attendees so you can figure out, for example, the size of the cake and the number of party favors required. It’s also a good idea to write down what each attendee brings for your child, so they can write thank you letters later without the risk of mixing up who gifted what.

Create an Exciting Treasure Hunt Party

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Looking for active party ideas, for a soon-to-be ten-year-old who loves being on the go? A scavenger hunt or treasure hunt party can, with a bit of planning and preparation, be DIYed, meaning it’s an affordable option that doesn’t compromise on the fun factor. Split kids into teams or have children hunt individually, depending on the number of party guests invited, and come up with plenty of clues that incorporate both mental and physical challenges.

Consider a themed treasure hunt, based on your child’s interests. This could be, for example, space, Ancient Egypt, pirates, or magical kingdoms. Theme the hunt’s clues and prizes around this subject, and decorate with this theme in mind, too.

The Challenge is on with an Escape Room Birthday Party


Make your kid’s birthday extra special by booking a session at an escape room for them and a bunch of friends on the big day. Escape rooms may be a slightly more costly option, but you get a lot of bang for your buck: your child and their team will have a set time limit to figure out a range of puzzles and make their escape.

Many escape room centers offer a range of themed rooms, with different difficulty levels, so you can pick the one that best suits your child. Be prepared with your camera for when the kids complete the challenge!

Arrange a Skate Park Party


If your child loves riding their skateboard or scooter, you could consider asking him to invite his friends to a party at the local skate park. You’ll need to ask kids to bring their own equipment but, luckily, most children will have a skateboard or scooter, or can borrow one from a sibling or friend. Many indoor skate parks offer private hire, so booking this facility for a couple of hours could be a great idea.

Depending on the weather and location, have a picnic prepared for after the action, or head to your kid’s favorite restaurant to round off the celebration.

A Summer Barbeque and Waterfight Party


Just about every kid on the planet likes a waterfight, so if your child has a summer birthday and an outdoor party is on the cards, why not put a barbeque and waterfight party on your list of top birthday ideas? Unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that perfect weather is guaranteed, it’s advisable to have a backup. Borrowing a marquee and cooking inside means your ten-year-old birthday party plans needn’t be too weather-contingent.

As well as sausages and burgers, don’t forget vegetarian and vegan options and some kid-friendly sides, like potato salad and corn on the cob.

10-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas at Home


Celebrating a decade of your child’s life with a fantastic birthday party doesn’t require leaving home. Discover a treasure trove of creative and entertaining ideas in this section, all designed to turn your living room or backyard into the perfect party venue.

Organize a Fun Game Night


Some of the best 10th birthday party ideas are the simplest: like arranging a fun game night for your kid and a group of their best friends. This inexpensive option doesn’t compromise on the laughs: provide a selection of board games, a range of snacks and treats, and a playlist of your child’s favorite tunes. As well as contemporary options, you could also throw in a classic game or two, like apple bobbing or pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, to mix things up a little.

Team quizzes, charades, and a backyard pinata could also all be put on the birthday party schedule—and don’t forget to have plenty of prizes on hand for winners.

Have a Harry Potter Party

The Harry Potter books and movies continue to cast their spell over kids of all ages. If you’ve got a soon-to-be ten-year-old superfan in the house, then consider arranging a Harry Potter party. When it comes to birthday party themes, this is one that allows you to go as low-key or all-in as you—and your budget—want. Have kids dress up as characters from the franchise, and serve up some Hogwart specialities, such as Mrs Weasley’s English Toffee, Chocolate Frogs, and Fizzing Whizbees (a mixture of sherbert and candy).

When it comes to party favors, you’re spoiled for choice. Harry Potter keyrings, stickers, badges, and stationery are all options for filling party bags.

Bring the Sparkle with a Magic Party


Lots of kids of this age adore magic, and will be thrilled at a magician turning up to their at-home party to show off a range of tricks and illusions. Those looking for birthday ideas for a celebration at home, but who are worried about keeping a group of kids occupied and out of mischief for an hour or two may find hiring a magician the perfect solution. While the children are being entertained, this leaves you free to prepare the party food—or simply enjoy the show.

You could also have a magic set to hand, designed to help kids to learn a few simple tricks. Decks of cards, invisible ink pens, and magic wands are all great ideas for party favors for this type of birthday party.

Get Outdoors for a Garden Party


Parents of summer-born children, who have plenty of outdoor space, could throw a garden party for their special birthday boy or girl. Decorate fences, trees, and garden furniture with balloons and banners, and set up outdoor seating and tables. You may even want to install a DIY ice cream bar in the corner of the garden, where children can create their own sweet treats and decorate them with sprinkles, chocolate balls, and more.

Outdoor party games could include musical statues, ring toss, or—if you’ve got a particularly large outdoor space—capture the flag. You could even put on an outdoor Olympic Games-type event, with a range of games and challenges that kids work their way around.

Throw an Outdoor Movie Night Party


If your child loves movies, then setting up a projector and screen in the garden for an outdoor movie night party is likely to be a hit. Put out lots of cushions, blankets, and throws, to up the coziness factor, and have your kid’s favorite movie lined up to show on the big screen. To make the celebration extra special, you could use a roll of red fabric to create a red carpet for guests to walk down as they arrive.

Why not kick things off with a popcorn-making session, or have children decorate their own bowl of ice cream with sprinkles, popping candy, and a selection of other sweet treats?

Arrange a Dance Party


Seeking 10th birthday party ideas that won’t break the bank and can be held at home? Add a dance party to your list of contenders! Replicate a mini disco by putting up glitter balls and creating a playlist of songs that your kid and their friends will love. Push back all the furniture (or even remove some of it to another room) to create a dancefloor, dim the lights, and get ready for some serious shape-throwing.

Got a bit more of a budget? Consider hiring a smoke machine to add to the ambiance, or even hire a DJ for an hour or two. Bear in mind, though, that if there will be strobe or flashing lights you’ll need to check with attendees’ parents to ensure that none of the kids has epilepsy or another condition that would make this problematic.

Put Together a Pink Party (or a Blue Party!)


Whatever your child’s favorite color, throw a themed at-home party with this shade as the focus. This is one of the simplest, but most effective and fun ideas of them all. Ask all attendees to come dressed in the color, decorate your house in this shade of balloons, and banners, and even serve up themed food. For example, for a pink party, you could put out plates of pink macaroons, chocolate-covered strawberries, triangles of salmon sandwiches, pink lemonade, and magenta-colored mocktails.

Continue the theme with invites, party bags, and favors, ensuring that everything included is in the chosen shade.

Have a Nerf War Party


Many kids love taking part in a Nerf war—if yours is one of them, then arrange a party where they can go into combat with their friends to seek victory! Ask invitees to bring their own Nerf guns and, for extra fun, throw a few water pistols into the mix, too. Enhance the theme further by making (or arranging to have made) a Nerf-themed birthday cake, and give out mini blasters or small items of Nerf merchandise as party favors.

Need some inspiration to kick off the action? Suggest kids play Nerf gun freeze tag, hold a Nerf target practice session, or have a capture the Nerf flag challenge.

Get Creative with an Arts and Crafts Party


One of the best 10th birthday party ideas for parents seeking a budget-friendly, at-home bash is an arts and crafts party. Get everything prepared beforehand, laying out all the supplies kids will need, and have some fan-favorite food, like hot dogs, pizza, carrot sticks, and potato chips on hand for when the crafting is done. The beauty of this type of party is that children get to take home the items they’ve made.

Ideas for craft parties include decorating jewelry boxes, making and decorating cupcakes, creating friendship bracelets, making a clay creation, or putting together a beautiful nature collage. For the latter, start the party with a local nature walk or trip to the park to gather ‘supplies’ like leaves, feathers, and twigs.

Throw a Joint Party


If your child shares a birthday week (or even fortnight or month) with one of their good friends, then throwing a joint celebration could be a great idea—and a cost-saving option, too! Choose either a theme that both kids will love, such as superheroes, Minecraft, or a favorite movie, or mash up the themes for your double ‘do!

Joint at-home parties mean that both the expense of the celebration is shared, as well as the work that needs to go into the set-up, preparation, and clearing away afterward, And, of course, there’s the potential for double the fun!

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