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Тоp 20 Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

Your child prefers not to be called a kid anymore and that’s right. The first decade of their life has passed, now they begin new adventures.

Now that their 10th, 11th, 12th, or teenage birthday is fast-approaching, you know you owe them – something more than a gift – for scaling through childhood and blooming through the phase of adolescence.

Every teen wants to spend their teenage birthday with their friends. But every child’s desires are not the same. We’ve helped you brainstorm 20 birthday party ideas for teens+ 10-16 уear, girl, boy, small and large group that are worth giving a try.


Birthday Party Ideas for Teens 10-12th Year Old


The 10th birthday is a new era for every child while the 12th marks the end of the preteen age.

So it’s a really special age range if your child happens to fall within. Depending on what they like and what is trendy, you can see below a list of six birthday party ideas for a group of teens who are aged 10-12 years.

A home picnic party


A picnic is one of the coolest birthday party ideas for teens. The idea is about sitting socially on the floor in your garden, on a blanket with pillows. Take your time with the birthday boy or girl, while snacking on lots of different little treats.

Then you can combine the pleasant with the useful, or rather, the necessary with the extraordinary. Let’s face it, “without much effort” is a bit of window dressing.

A picnic is one of the best and most popular outdoor birthday party ideas for teens. Of course, for such a picnic, you must be prepared. Yes, you can also just set the table as usual, but on the floor. You can have the table in the form of large pallets and you’ll have that little bit of holiday feeling. So it will be well worth all the effort.

Now, what about the picnic treats? Here are a few ideas.

Easy pretzel hot dogs


Cherry tomato hearts

The banana gang

Homemade pancake with fresh banana tower


By making your research, you’ll find more cool food ideas for teens party online on YouTube, Pinterest, among others.

  • Location: This picnic can take place within your house, preferably in the garden, under the blue sky in the evening.
  • Festive attributes and decorations used: You’ll need blankets, pallets, pillows, candles for lighting, as well as treats and food servings.
  • Number of guests: Since it’s a home picnic which will involve the family members and a few people maybe, the number of guests can range between five and 10.

Painting party


Looking for unique birthday party ideas for teens? You want an activity whereby the kids can have fun and spend time together; then a painting party might be it.

But admit it; you sometimes shudder at the idea of having a painting workshop at home for teens or the kids! You are afraid of not controlling the situation and of finding color everywhere.

But when you follow the tips below, you’ll see that organizing a painting party at home isn’t a bad idea for preteens at all. The tutorial is the combo of a painting and ice cream idea.

  • Location: The party can take place on the ground, on a large fresco, in a large bathroom, the playroom, a large dining room, or in the backyard if you’re wary of paint stains.
  • Festive attributes and decorations used: Paint, painting jacket, painting canvas, sheets, cardboard, old rolls of tapestries, and more.
  • Number of guests: The number of guests depends on the location and the availability of painting resources. But 3 to 10 is a good number.

Treasure hunt/scavenger hunt party


Playing this game is a tradition! You can’t celebrate a birthday, or have a picnic with your company without playing treasure hunt. This game is a team game, so all participants come together even more as team spirit will be at its peak.

You can find the tasks for this game on the Internet or you can do the tasks yourself. The place where you can play treasure hunt is up to you to choose. This game is best played in the summer.

If it’s still a children’s birthday party theme, you can play even better with the motifs and decorate the treasure well. For example, if it’s a pirate-themed party, then the treasure will be hidden in a pirate chest.

  • Location: Indoors or outdoors in the yard or while camping.
  • Festive attributes and decorations used: Summertime, flowers, a chest, motifs, and more.
  • Number of guests: 2 to 6

Have a craft party


Everyone likes to do crafts and make new things. There are great teens’ birthday ideas on how to make the celebration even more interesting.

Plan everything you want the kids to do. Then you just need to buy things they’ll need and the tinkering can start. Here’s a tip on what you can craft.

Below are some of the crafts they can try out on their birthday:

  1. Pirate ship crafts
  2. Making a pirate hat
  3. Party hats
  4. Fingerprint flowerpots
  5. Palm tree crafts
  6. Crafting a small treasure chest
  • Location: Indoors in your home. Their playroom is nice for organizing a craft party or activity.
  • Festive attributes and decorations used: Cardboard, textile, pompoms, styrofoam balls, decorative paper, and more.
  • Number of guests: Between 2 to 10. Try to keep the number limited as this activity will require adult supervision.

A disco party


Children’s disco for a birthday party is a great idea. Maybe for girl celebrants, this will be a better option than for boys. But boys actually love to dance and come up with different choreographies too.

Music: For a disco party you need more space for the podium where the children can dance. Also a good playlist should not be missing either. It would be best if you get a DJ. Of course, this does not have to be a real, professional DJ. Call your neighbor or any friend to make a playlist for the kids with kids’ disco music.

Decoration: another thing to look out for is the decoration. A disco party must have many lights and a disco ball. Make a real disco atmosphere. It would be best to have this kind of party when it is almost dark outside. 6 pm would be a perfect time. So the lights and the disco atmosphere can be well taken care of.

Cocktails: Make more cocktails (non-alcoholic of course). So that the children can feel like they are in a real disco. Take a nice cocktail glass, put in the disco straws, and maybe a small umbrella. Kids will love this.

  • Location: A disco party can be organized in your home or outdoors in the garden on a summer evening.
  • Festive attributes and decorations used: Music, cocktails, disco atmosphere, choreographies, disco ball, and more.
  • Number of guests: This is a disco party and you need the number to make things lively. Between 8 to 20 guests are moderate.

A Sleepover Party


What could be better and cozier than a slumber party! 10-12 year-olds can play and have fun themselves. That means less work for the parents.

All you have to do to organize this children’s birthday party is prepare the sleeping places and the food. The kids can do everything else on their own.

You can organize a cinema night at a sleepover party or even a treasure hunt outside when it’s dark and the weather permits. This will be an absolute hit with children.

  • Location: In your home. The playroom or a bigger bedroom can be improvised for the event.
  • Festive attributes and decorations used: Balloons, beds, pillows, and other bedding accessories, pink theme for girls’ party, treats and foods for the guests.
  • Number of guests: Three to seven is ideal. Having more than this is a crowd.

Play miniature golf


Almost every larger park has a mini-golf section. Each player plays for himself. But how do you play mini-golf? Very easily!

There are several holes in the mini-golf. You can hit up to 6 times in one lane. From the tee box, you hit the small ball through many obstacles that are there. The ball must go through the obstacles on the prescribed path.

If you fail to pot the ball on the first shot, play from where the ball left off.

  • Location: Outdoors in a mini-golf course.
  • Festive attributes and decorations used: Golf course, green grass, golf balls, and golf accessories.
  • Number of guests: Between 3 to 20.

Cool Birthday Party Ideas for Teens 13-14th Year Old


The first teenage experience for kids marks the beginning of taking themed items and activities seriously. So, you can have a themed party for your child.

Children love costumes and make-up. Of course, a themed party doesn’t work without cool clothes and lots of make-up. On the invitation, specify the theme of the party and how the guests should come dressed. And here are examples of what you should be looking at.

Star Wars Themed Party


On a Star Wars-themed evening, you can organize a redo of the most legendary Star Wars fights in a game between friends.

A Star Wars evening is above all an opportunity to organize an animation of lightsaber fights between good Jedi and bad Sith.

You can also tell the kids they’re going to have to go through a training course to become a Jedi! The best way to set up this Star Wars game is to have “stations” where kids have to pass and complete a task.

Children can be asked to crawl under some chairs, climb a small ladder, descend a slide, and also jump through some tires or hoops.

You can provide a Jedi sword or lightsaber and kids have to hit small ping pong balls a certain distance. They can also be asked to keep a balloon in the air for 20 seconds.

At the end of this training, you can tell the kids they have officially become a Jedi by giving them a “Jedi ID Card” and a certificate.

  • Location: A play hall, in the home, or outdoors in the garden.
  • Festive attributes and decorations used: Star Wars-themed costumes, Jedi swords, Jedi Identification Card, balloons ping pongs, and more.
  • Number of guests: 4 to 10 teens are enough.

Rock Star-themed Party


Who hasn’t dreamed of becoming a real rock star, just for one night? The spotlights turn on and the countdown begins. 10, 9, 8, 7… The adrenaline is about to explode in the room. The audience applauds wildly and you prepare for your stage debut as a real rock star!

You descend the stairs and walk towards the spotlight-lit stage. You take a deep breath and – oh my! it was just a beautiful dream!

But you can become a real rock star and organize a theme party on the rocks! You can turn your simple room into a rock star’s paradise on your birthday. Your guests will be delighted and will talk about this unforgettable evening for a very long time.

The AC/DC, Queen, and all the other rock bands are must-haves in your musical library. So if you want to feel like your idols even once in your life, plan a party on the theme of famous rock stars!

All you need for that are decorations, musical equipment, and costumes.

  • Location: A hall, the garden, or the living room can be converted to a rock star-themed party location.
  • Festive attributes and decorations used: You can get some crazy AC/DC costumes, have a rock-themed table decoration, get vinyl records as wall decorations, and funny costumes to liven up the evening.
  • Number of guests: For a rock party, you’ll need around 10 to 25 teens. Don’t worry if you can’t get the numbers up to that.

Paris-themed party


If you are planning to invite teens to a theme party but are not sure which costume and colors to choose, know that the possibilities are endless with a Paris-themed party.

You will indeed find all kinds of costumes, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

A Paris-themed party is another of the party themes for teens where the details include a couple of super pretty and colorful giant letters.

A Paris party is very fun and amusing to organize. The favorite color here is black and pink, soft and chic, bold and bright. Then you’ll have models of popular places such as the Eiffel.

  • Location: A Paris-themed party doesn’t have to be held in the French capital. You could bring the City of Light to your home, which would make the party more unique.
  • Festive attributes and decorations used: Colors pink and black. Fabrics decorating the background of a very striking dessert table and lamps that remind a little of the glamor of Paris.
  • Number of guests: As always, the guest number can be between 8 to 20.

Harry Potter-themed party



To organize a Harry Potter evening, you can take inspiration from Hogwarts and its majestic premises, not forgetting to prepare a buffet worthy of the name.

If you want Hermione Granger, Ron Weasly, and Harry Potter to be present in the decoration of your party table, you can opt for a Harry Potter-themed tableware where these characters appear.

Do you remember Hedwig, Harry’s owl? With her help he received his first letter from Hogwarts. You can inflate white and gold balloons, and design them with permanent markers for balloons. Paint on it the silhouette of the face of an owl.

  • Location: Indoors in your home.
  • Festive attributes and decorations used: Some festive attributes include different colors of balloons, Harry Potter-themed tableware, candles, chandeliers, and more.
  • Number of guests: Choose the number of guests that will be able to go round the table, which is around 8 to 10.

A pool-themed party


A pool-themed party is perfect to be part of the list of parties for teenagers. Here, the fun will focus on decorating the poolside with balloons of bright colors and much more.

The teens will have something to do all day and there is no time for boredom. You can do a swimming competition or who can dive the best.

You can bring food and drinks into your kitchen and bring it away from home or order them at the pool. All the swimming pools have small restaurants and you can have a birthday meal there.

  • Location: Indoors or outdoors depending on the location of the pool to be used.
  • Festive attributes and decorations used: Balloons, lounge chairs, ribbons, clean blue swimming pool.
  • Number of guests: A pool party can accommodate a large number of teens. There’s no limit here. A good range is between 10 to 20 teens.

A game of bowling


Everyone has probably played this game before. There aren’t many rules in bowling.

If a player hits all of the pins in one throw, that’s a strike. The goal of this game is to hit all pins with the ball and get them down. It’s not that difficult.

Eating pizza while bowling is an interesting combo too. All teens around will enjoy this time and this birthday will be talked about for a long time.

  • Location: A bowling alley or a bowling arena. You can rent a small section out for a few hours.
  • Festive attributes and decorations used: Pizza servings, table decorations, bowling balls, and more.
  • Number of guests: Up to 12 teens can come in for this game.

Go karting and laser tag


Karting will delight boys and girls alike. This is something new to try and we’re sure they’ll like it once they get behind the wheel and hit the gas. Who knows, maybe there’s a little Schumacher hiding inside you or your teen, you won’t know until they try.

  • Location: A park is the most suitable place where you can find this activity. You’ll have to rent out carts each, depending on the number of guests.
  • Festive attributes and decorations used:
  • Number of guests: Three to seven guests are enough to keep the costs of renting the carts low.

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Teens 15-16th Year Old


15 to 16-year-olds are already big boys and girls and would no longer fancy themed parties and the likes. So, why not throw them a real party? Hawaiian party, barbecue party, cinema party… there’s a lot to think about!

Hawaiian party


The Hawaiian party is the most popular of the summer. The best thing is that you can celebrate it in a garden, terrace, house or the pool.

The first thing is to think about the decoration of the space. We recommend using decorations for the walls, colored paper, lanterns, torches, palm trees, and lots of fabric hibiscus flowers and if possible, a tiki bar to make the party more realistic.

You should also think about the food for your Hawaiian party. It is not necessary to throw a big banquet. Prepare fruit skewers such as pineapple and other tropical fruit. Drinks should be in abundance and can include cocktails, soft drinks, and, if possible, natural juices.

Make a list of music so that the guests can dance. If you have the budget, get a ukulele to play live. The costume is also important, so ensure your guests are in Hawaiian skirts and necklaces. You can also organize dances and typical games such as the hula hoop or the game of limbo.

  • Location: You can celebrate it in the garden, terrace, or by the poolside.
  • Festive attributes and decorations used: A tiki bar, colored paper, lanterns, torches, palm trees, and lots of fabric hibiscus flowers.
  • Number of guests: Between 7 to 15 will be enough for a Hawaiian party.

Cinema party


We know that an outdoor movie night is a great idea for fall. However, you can also make your cinema party. Whatever the theme of the party might be, you can always find a related movie or TV show to watch. So everyone can relax. When you create a cinematic experience, watching a movie feels more like a party.

Hang a white sheet on a white wall. Borrow a projector to project a film onto the sheet for an inexpensive screen. Make the movie area cozy with lots of pillows and blankets. If you live in an area with mild winters, you can even watch the film outside, with lots of blankets and maybe a campfire.

Make popcorn and serve packaged candy just like in the movies. Tell everyone what movie you’re showing when you invite them to the party. Make a movie night out of it and watch all the movies in a row.

  • Location: In your garden, in the living room, or a cinema.
  • Festive attributes and decorations used: A projector, a popcorn-making machine, craft items.
  • Number of guests: Between 12 to 30 friends is a good range of number for cinema party guests.

Barbecue party for teens


You could look for recipes online, get the ingredients and preparations ready, and grill with your friends or the teen kids when they arrive in the evening.

Are you looking for original barbecue recipes, but you lack time and inspiration? You can also order special BBQ meal boxes and have them delivered to your home by refrigerated trucks on the day of your event.

The meats arrive seasoned, ready to be placed on the grill. The recipes are already prepared, all you have to do is warm and taste them!

  • Location: Outdoors for the barbecue and the barbecue tasting can be done in a picnic party outdoor too
  • Festive attributes and decorations used: A themed or decorated dinner table, a set barbecue corner with the grill, and marinated meat ready.
  • Number of guests: 5 to 15 teen friends are enough.

Teen SPA themed party


The teen spa-themed party turns out to be another of the teen party themes preferred by girls.

The date to celebrate a teenage birthday can be at a spa with VIP service for the celebrant and the guests.

  • Location: The dining room and the living room in the home.
  • Festive attributes and decorations used: Dinner table decorations.
  • Number of guests: Between 5 to 10 teen friends are ideal for an indoor themed party.

Bonfire party


A roaring fire is a great way to have an outdoor party, even in the winter. Choose a spot in your yard for a fire and place camping chairs around it for your guests. You can roast marshmallows and hot dogs in the fire.

Keep a stack of wood ready to refill during the party. If you don’t have enough blankets, ask guests to bring one for themselves.

If you know someone who plays guitar, ask them to bring their guitar so they can play songs by the fire.

  • Location: The campsite or the house yard.
  • Festive attributes and decorations used: Bonfire or campfire
  • Number of guests: Between 10 to 22 friends are ideal as can be seen from the picture above.

Play board games

Looking for cheap birthday party ideas for teens? Board games are a great option for any home party. They are inexpensive and provide hours of entertainment. You can even give out prizes to the winners.

You can organize playing classic board games like Monopoly, Ludo, etc. You can also choose more interactive board games such as Cranium.

When choosing board games, make sure you choose games that all guests can play at the same time, or create different play stations.

Check out the board game idea below for inspiration:

  • Location: In your home.
  • Festive attributes and decorations used: Not a lot of decoration is needed as we’re creating a budget activity here.
  • Number of guests: 3 to 6 guests.

Host a winter party at home


Even if you don’t want to go all out, a little decor can make your party feel festive and well thought out.

Pick a few colors to base your decorations around. For example, if you have a seasonal winter theme, silver, white, and blue are good colors to decorate with.

Get a tablecloth for the table you’ll be putting the food on and some balloons for the room where the party is essentially taking place. You can also hang streamers or tinsel.

Make a birthday banner using card stock, ribbon, and a marker. Before the party, it can be fun to invite one or two of your good friends over to help you decorate and set up. You can also spice up the IVs by checking online for some birthday party invitation ideas.

  • Location: Indoors with enough heating.
  • Festive attributes and decorations used: Christmas and winter-themed decoration.
  • Number of guests: Between 8 to 20 friends.

As we have shown, there is a bunch of cool and fun birthday party ideas for teens. But stay within your budget. Don’t feel compelled to invite people you don’t know well. You want your kid to feel comfortable and it’s okay to invite only best friends to the party.

Anything between 5 and 15 people is normal for a teenage birthday party, but the number is ultimately up to you. Maybe you’re comfortable with two best friends coming, or there are 20 people you really want to invite. Carry your child along to know what is okay with them.


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