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Christmas Gift Baskets: Unwrapping Joy and Festivity for Every Family

It’s that time of year again when we’re racking our brains for unusual and meaningful gifts for friends and family members. Christmas gift baskets could be the ideal solution and—best of all, you can even put these gifts together yourself.

Below, you’ll find our pick of the best Christmas gift baskets for everyone, including kids, and options you can DIY in the run-up to the festive season.


Our Top Picks

Best for Kids Best for Women Best for Men
Outta This World Fun Gift Basket


Luxury Cupcake and Wine Gift Basket


Man Cave Gift Basket


Great for curious kids Gorgeous gourmet cupcakes Fun, unusual gift
Unusual items included Luxury option Range of high-quality snacks
Suitable for boys and girls Pretty pink theme Value for money

Best DIY Christmas Gift Baskets for Family

Sumptuous Selection of Food Gift Baskets

This YouTube video is a masterclass in creating food gift baskets for Christmas. You’ll also find details on how to put together a range of other filled baskets. So whether you want to gift chocolate, wine, or small items of clothing, you’ll find this easy-to-follow guide invaluable.

And if you’re organized enough to start planning your Christmas gifting in October or November, you’ll have time to try all thirteen options!

Perfect Gourmet Italian Gift Basket

Looking for a DIY gift basket with a difference? Then how about a gourmet Italian option? In this YouTube video, you’ll find out exactly how to create a gourmet Italian gift basket that looks as good as it tastes! Customize the treats you include to the recipient’s preferences, and take note of the tips to make your basket as beautifully dressed for the holiday season as possible!

Wonderful Wine Gift Baskets

Looking for Christmas gift baskets for friends who appreciate fine wine? Then why not make your own, using this masterclass video from YouTube? All of the materials needed to create this basket are easily obtained, and the finished product looks truly stunning—and is sure to be appreciated throughout the festive period.

Gorgeous Natural Soap Gift Baskets

Sometimes, the best Christmas gift baskets are the simplest. If you’ve made your own homemade natural soap or have bought bars ready-made, they can make a beautiful present when some love is put into their wrapping. This video will show you how to make a pretty gift basket to fill with a selection of natural soap, for a fantastically fragrant Christmas!

Easy DIY Christmas Gift Baskets for a Quick Make

And if you need a last-minute gift? Try one of these five DIY gift baskets that are super easy to make, and yet look gorgeous. Whoever you need a present for, whether it be a child or your grandma, this helpful YouTube video has you covered.

Christmas Gift Baskets for Kids

And if you have kids to buy for this year? No worries, a gift basket will make for a heartfelt present that you can ensure is tailored to the likes and preferences of the child. Use the ideas below to inspire you this December.

Outta This World Fun Kids Gift Basket, $59.16

Credit: amazon

Send this gift basket to a kid with a curious mind and they’ll be in heaven. It includes a box containing everything the recipient will need to make a paper airplane squadron, a pack of Strechimals, a blob ball a set of stunt cycles, and more.

Girls Cute Pink Gift Box, $68.70

Credit: amazon

This cute pink gift box is jam-packed with goodies like hair accessories, a unicorn eye mask, stickers, sweets, and play cosmetics, perfect for a little girl aged three to seven. Plus, you can choose a personalized message to send to the recipient that’ll be included in the gift basket.

Outdoor Adventure Kit Gift Basket, $18.99

best gift baskets for christmas

Credit: amazon

Need to shop for a young intrepid explorer? Then this ready-made adventure kit is a great choice! The pack contains a pair of binoculars, a compass, a magnifying glass, and a flashlight—along with a bag to carry it all in. You can choose the set in either orange or green, to set your little adventurer.

Kids Art Gift Basket, $91.96

Credit: amazon

A gift basket full of all the supplies any budding artist needs, including a selection of coloring pencils, felt tips, paints, and coloring-in books, all beautifully wrapped in a handy bucket that can be personalized with the recipient’s name. Handpicked and designed to inspire young imaginations, this gift will help everyone enjoy a stress-free holiday period.

Baking Gift Basket, $39.99

christmas gift baskets for families

Credit: amazon

A DIY baking kit that includes the pre-measured dry ingredients needed to make a batch of beautiful unicorn cookies! To add to the fun, if the recipient (or their parent) scans the QR code on the packaging, they’ll be able to access the bake-along-with video to watch as they create their tasty masterpiece.

Christmas Kinder Chocolate and Gifts Set, $12.95

Credit: amazon

When it comes to gift baskets for Christmas for kids, this one is sure to be a winner. Inside the basket, the recipient will find a range of Kinder treats along with a mini nail varnish, popper keychain, and three bead bracelets in a pouch. You can add a personalized gift note, too.

Best Ideas for Christmas Gifts Baskets for Friends and Close Ones

Ostanina Anna/

Unwrap the joy of giving with our curated selection of Christmas gift baskets, specially crafted to delight friends and those close to your heart. From festive treats to thoughtful surprises, find the perfect expression of holiday warmth.

Gift Baskets for Women

Overflowing with elegance and delightful surprises, these curated baskets are a perfect way to show appreciation and spread holiday cheer.

Body and Earth Bath and Body Gift Basket, $32.99

gift baskets for christmas

Credit: amazon

Give her the gift of pure relaxation and indulgence with this beautiful gift basket from Body and Earth. The luxury products contain super nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E and sunflower seed oil to moisturize and pamper the skin.

The Ultimate Cheeseboard Collection Gift Basket, $245

christmas gift baskets

Credit: amazon

If you have a special friend or family member who adores cheese, then this Christmas gift basket from Murray’s Cheese is a must. As well as an interesting gourmet selection of cheeses, the lucky recipient will receive a selection of fruit, flatbreads, and luxury crisps to enjoy with them for the most delicious Christmas ever.

Luxury Cupcake and Wine Gift Basket, $99.99

best christmas gift baskets

Credit: amazon

Cupcakes and wine, who would have thought? But it turns out these six jars of cupcakes (cupcakes! In a jar!) work beautifully with the bottle of rose and bottle of sparkling wine they come with. A gorgeous pink-themed gift basket that’ll have the recipient tickled pink, too.

Sweet Self-Care Gift Basket, $29.99

christmas gift baskets ideas

Credit: amazon

There’s plenty for her to enjoy in this gorgeous gift basket that contains everything she needs to relax. There’s a lavender candle, silk eye mask, scented candles, an aromatherapy bath bomb, a tumbler, a bracelet, and a lavender pillow and linen spray.

Birthflower Gift Basket, $20.20

Credit: amazon

She’ll be touched by this unique, custom gift basket themed around her birth flower. In it, she’ll find a carefully curated selection of items, including a personalized frosted glass tumbler, bath salts, natural rose water mist, a hand-poured soy candle, and a hair accessory.

Gift Baskets for Men

From gourmet delights to stylish essentials, these thoughtfully curated baskets redefine holiday giving for the men who matter most.

Bath Spa Gift Basket, $27.99

unique christmas gift baskets

Credit: amazon

A perfect Christmas gift for the special man in your life, this basket contains luxury bath salts, a facial scrub, bubble bath, shower gel, and more, as well as a sleek toiletries bag to store them in. The citrus aroma has been crafted to create a revitalized and renewed sensation that’ll have him feeling boosted all day.

Hygge Gift Box for Men, $33.66

family gift baskets for christmas

Credit: amazon

Give him the gift of coziness with this unusual hygge-themed collection. As well as a snug pair of socks, luxury coffee, and a cute plant, he’ll also find a snug blanket to curl up in on the sofa on chilly Christmas nights.

The Man Basket, $23.99

food gift baskets for christmas

Credit: amazon

For a more unusual gift basket option, consider this set that comprises a tumbler, a pair of sunglasses, funny socks, and a keychain, along with a gift card for you to tell the recipient how much he means to you.

Man Cave Gift Basket, $59.56

christmas gift baskets for women

Credit: amazon

What guy doesn’t need a gift basket full to the brim with unusual snacks? In the basket, he’ll find treats including hickory smoked bacon jerky, peppercorn smoked sausage, jerky sticks with cheese, Zigi marinated peanuts, and lots more.

Pocketwatch Gift Basket for Men, $50.00

christmas gift baskets for friends

Credit: amazon

A classy gift to show how much you care, your special man will open this gift basket to discover a pocketwatch (choose from black or silver), a ceramic mug, thick wool-blend socks a linen notebook, a pen, and a soy candle.

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A Christmas gift basket is a lovely way to let special people in your life know how much they mean to you. The beauty of a gift basket is that it can be personalized to the recipient, making for a truly memorable offering.

A DIY gift basket can be a cost-effective—and no less thoughtful—alternative, and one that the kids may enjoy putting together with you. Whichever Christmas basket you choose to gift, we wish you all the best for the festive season, and the new year ahead!


diy christmas gift baskets

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Who are Christmas gift baskets suitable for?

Due to the huge range of gift baskets available—not to mention the option to DIY your own, you’re sure to find the perfect basket to suit whoever you want to buy for.

Is it easy to DIY a Christmas gift?

Yes, making your own Christmas gift baskets is a fairly easy endeavor. Use the YouTube videos we’ve listed above to help you get started.

What types of Christmas gift baskets are best for kids?

You’ll find many gift baskets out there specifically designed for kids. Our top picks include adventure, unicorn, arts and crafts, and baking-themed baskets.

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